Monday, February 19, 2007


The following political commentary was in the Morton TimesNews on February 15, 2007, page A4. (It was “Distributed by DBR Media, Inc.” and gave the following website: It has four panels. The caricature in each panel appears to be that of Senator Edward Kennedy. If that was the intent, it seems appropriate.
The first panel has the individual declaring “Troop surge?! We need to leave Iraq immediately!” The second panel has a reporter asking “… And that will bring about an American victory?” The third panel has the individual not responding. The sentence bubble used in such drawings has only this—“ … ”. The fourth panel has the individual asking “ … Victory?”
What insight. The problem, of course, is that the mass media would not ask and has not asked “And that will bring about an American victory?” because the mass media does not seem to want an American victory. Unfortunately, neither do the libertine Democrats who are demanding an immediate withdrawal.
Many in the public as presented by the mass media (Who knows how many are actually involved—the mass media distorts the truth continually.), the mass media in general, and libertine Democrats do not have the will to fight against terrorists even though terrorists have continually attacked the United States and her interests including the 9/11 massacre of innocent men and women.
They don’t even seem to understand that we are at war. A war not of our choosing. However, that does not mean that we are not at war. No one can end a war by simply declaring that they are not going to participate because they don’t like the war. That simply emboldens the enemy. Yes, we have an enemy. It would be beneficial if we realized that simple fact.
They also don’t seem to recognize this fact. By keeping the enemy occupied in Iraq, miles from the U.S., the enemy has not been able to launch another attack on American soil. Do they actually believe that the enemy is finished attacking us and our interests? Do they actually believe that by declaring an end to the Iraq Conflict they can also declare an end to the war? Can they give just one historical example of one side declaring they will not fight and the other side also agreeing to the same when they have not yet been defeated? Do they have their heads buried in the sand like an ostrich? Are they an ostrich?
They are pathetic. They support the continual murder of unborn babies but are not willing to fight terrorists who have declared war on us and attacked our very shores. It is fortunate that they were not influencing policy during World War II. We would all be speaking German today (or Japanese).
Thank GOD for the courage and steadfastness of President Bush! War should not be waged by public opinion poll. If it were, we would have the United States of America and The Confederate States of America today. George Bush is more of a modern day Lincoln that any libertine Democrat from Illinois, contrary to what the mass media would have us believe!!!


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