Monday, February 21, 2011

Democrats’ Wisconsin Fiasco

From: Western Representation PAC

“Dear Patriot,

Wisconsin has become a battleground for more than just a single piece of legislation. The coalition of unions and leftist politicians realize that if the state of Wisconsin is able to make significant cuts, then the fear tactics that they have used to bully Governments into unsustainable contracts will be a thing of the past. The liberal political machine has mobilized because they realize that if Wisconsin takes control of its employees, there is nothing stopping other states from taking similar action.

The left has unleashed everything in its arsenal to try and stem the tide of fiscal responsibility in Wisconsin before it can spread across the nation. Liberals have chosen Wisconsin as the place where they will take a stand, using all of their power to defend their failed ideas and policies. In their panic, they have taken their actions too far!

Schools have been forced to close because teachers have failed to show up so they could join the protest. (If I was on a school board, I WOULD NOT close the schools in the district even if administrators would have to take on the role of teacher! As a board member, I‘d come in and teach if necessary!—my addition) When Ronald Reagan faced an illegal strike by the air traffic controllers union, he offered them a choice—return to work immediately or be fired. Everyone who didn’t show up for work was immediately fired. Governor Walker should treat this illegal strike by the teachers union the exact same way. (Having been both a teacher in Illinois and a school board member in Arizona, I doubt that any governor has the authority to fire a teacher. I also doubt that most school boards have the power to fire a teacher for calling in sick when not sick. However, depending upon the contractual agreement [conservatives SHOULD ALWAYS follow the law even if the left does not], each teacher may be required to provide a doctor’s statement regarding said illness. If no statement is presented, it may be possible, depending upon the contract, to dock their pay for each day without a doctor’s statement. Also, depending upon the contact, the teacher may be disciplined and this incident along with other incidents could be grounds for dismissal. However, I doubt if any teacher with tenure could be fired because they called in sick and weren’t. The difference between Reagan’s situation and this is drastic including that this is NOT an illegal strike regardless of trying to define it as such. Talk of illegally firing teachers is NOT helpful to our cause. STOP IT!!!—my addition)

We are ready to play our part in mobilizing conservatives in Wisconsin by producing and running radio and television ads that pledge our support for the legislation that the unions are so afraid of. To get these ads produced we need to raise at least $10,000 over the weekend. We must match the efforts of the left and we can only make a difference if you make a generous contribution by clicking ---HERE---

This is more than a battle over a single piece of legislation in Wisconsin, this is a war to help our conservative agenda take hold across the nation. This is an opportunity to deal a crushing blow to corrupt unions and the Democrats that they own. This is an opportunity to advance our priorities, and we can help make history by providing cover to the courageous public servants who are being viciously smeared. Will you contribute $50, $100, $250, or even $500 to help us secure this critical victory. Donate by clicking this ---LINK---

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Dustin Stockton
Western Representation PAC

You can also mail your contributions to:

Western Representation PAC
PO Box 50655
Sparks, NV 89435”

From: Tea Party Nation

“The left versus America
Posted by Judson Phillips on February 18, 2011 at 7:11am in Tea Party Nation Forum

It is starting to get ugly. The left is losing power and they do not like it. In Wisconsin, Republican Governor Scott Walker is trying to do what a lot of Governors are trying to do. Make ends meet.

The economy is bad and government workers, particularly teachers in Wisconsin, have an incredibly generous employee pay and benefit package. As working Americans face layoffs and are bearing the brunt of this economic catastrophe, the state workers are complaining if they are asked to endure even the most minor cuts. Last year, when Milwaukee wanted to cut payments for Viagra and other erectile dysfunction medications from the teachers’ insurance plan, they sued. The teachers have an insurance plan that is on average, valued at about $22,000 per year and the teachers do not have to pay for any of it.

For those of us who work for a living (Teachers don’t work for a living? This statement is NOT helpful!—my addition), we do have to pay for at least some, if not all of our insurance.

For years, government employee unions have pushed for better pay and benefit packages. Now, government employees not only make more in salary than those in the private sector, but the benefits and time off are well beyond anything any private sector employer could offer. (I think it depends upon the State. It would be good if he gave some documentation on this instead of a blanket statement. Support your argument! Don’t be like the leftist agitators who just make things up!!!—my addition)

In the past, every time there has been an economic downturn, the unions have said, ‘No, do not cut our benefits; raise taxes.’ (As they said in Illinois last year!—my addition) Now the economy is so bad, raising taxes is not an option and most Americans are tired of Union antics. (It was in Illinois! However, it won‘t solve the problem!—my addition)

The Unions realize what is going on here. There is a battle brewing that could destroy public sector unions. In several states, legislation is being considered that would restrict the collective bargaining abilities of government unions. Wisconsin is the state where this has hit first.

The Unions are pulling out all of the stops to try and win here. Obama’s group Organizing for America, as well as out of state unions, such as the Illinois Education Association, have been helping push this controversy. Wisconsin teachers have even resorted to taking their students with them to the protests, though as shown on Fox News, most of the students were clueless as to why they were there. (Doing so may be illegal—my addition)

For Americans, this battle is of crucial importance and it is a battle Governor Scott Walker and Americans must win. In Europe, public sector unions have bankrupted most of the countries. They have lavish benefits that the working citizens of those countries must supply. Those unions have become so powerful, they can cripple a government when they do not like what is going on and cuts are now impossible. (Some nations have been cutting. When I was a member of a school board, our operational budget was about 65-75% salaries and benefits. We were told that was normal. I would imagine the same is true for State governments. I have already pointed out that the State of Illinois is the largest single employer in the State and that does NOT include teachers in the State who are employed by local school boards. In a democracy, a State should not be the largest employer! I am certain that if Wisconsin is going to balance its budget without raising taxes, public employee unions MUST give up something—either salary and/or benefits or jobs!—my addition)

If we do not win this battle, America’s public sector unions will become that powerful. This is, of course, what Obama and the hard left want. They want these unions to become more powerful and continue to have compulsory dues, which unions then use to fund liberal democratic candidates. (And that’s the difference between public and private unions! Private unions don’t select the leadership in the companies. Public unions have the ability to have a substantial impact on the leaders who make the decisions that impact union members. Furthermore, for the most part, governmental leaders are spending other peoples’ money and are not as concerned with balancing the budget let alone making a profit. The leadership in Illinois has not balanced the budget for several years even though Constitutionally required to do so. It’s a lot easier to spend other peoples’ money particularly when you are doing it to help assure that you are reelected! Public unions should not have the same privileges that private unions do. It can be and has been very detrimental to the State(s)!—my addition)

Wisconsin, along with a lot of other states, is broke. When businesses are broke, people take pay cuts or get laid off. (Or the business goes out of business. Unless they receive a federal bailout!—my addition) The public sector unions do not want either one of those.

They just want real Americans to keep paying even more.

They need to remember, when you work for the government, you are a public servant, not our public master.”

From: Tea Party Nation

"Ending the unholy alliance
Posted by Judson Phillips on February 18, 2011 at 1:46pm in Tea Party Nation Forum

There is an unholy alliance between public sector unions and liberal politicians. It is time for us to end this alliance.

There has been something of a social contract that existed between this country and those who worked in government service. The contract went something like this. You choose to work for the government. You are going to get less money than if you were in the private sector and you will not have to work nearly as hard. In exchange, you are going to get benefits, a pension and will not be as exposed to the harshness of the free market.

Over the years, this has changed. Public employee unions began representing more government workers. They channeled massive amounts of cash into the campaign coffers and perhaps even the pockets of liberals in state and local governments. When those liberals were in office, they then negotiated the new employment contracts with those unions. (I can say unequivocally, that the leadership of the National Education Association is much more liberal than most teachers! Some teachers are not members because of the policies of the NEA. I was a member of the NEA when I was a teacher because it was required if you were a member of the local association. I would NOT be a member of the NEA today and therefore not of the local association!—my addition)

The results? Higher and higher pay and benefits for government workers. Now, government workers make more than their opposite numbers in the private sector and they get a benefit package that the private sector cannot match. When the economy has turned south and government revenues fall, instead of taking cuts, like the people in the private sector who work for a living do, the unions have had one response. Don’t cut our benefits, raise taxes! (Illinois!—my addition)

Now, that cannot be done anymore. The public has had enough of being over taxed.

Unions are being told that public sector workers are going to have to start paying for parts of their pension and benefits. Sort of like people who work for a living do. Like those who are in the private sector.

The Unions have screamed about this. Don’t forget, even with these ‘cuts’, the average public sector union job will still have a benefit package that is much more attractive than in the private sector.

Across America, states like Wisconsin are broke. America is broke and this is a fight that is long over due. (Particularly at the federal level. The second largest employer in the State of Illinois—the federal government! Those people in Washington, D.C.!—my addition)

In Europe, public sector unions have become so powerful that they dictate to the government what it will and will not do. When there are ‘austerity’ measures, including cutting benefits, the government workers riot in the streets.

This is what the socialists want for America.

For Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, this could be his Reagan moment. He simply wants the Unions to be responsible and share the same pain the rest of America is feeling. Unfortunately, the unions feel like they are our public masters, not our public servants.

Governor Walker should fire every teacher that has called in sick the last three days (See my above comment! This statement is NOT helpful!—my addition). It is an illegal strike and the teachers are not allowed to strike. Firing the teachers could give him the opportunity to remake the Wisconsin educational system so that it actually educates the children, instead of existing by the union and for the union.

This battle is going to be fought across the country in the next year. If we are going to pull our country back from the edge of the fiscal brink, we are going to have to defeat the public sector unions and defeat the liberal politicians they put in office.” (The last statement is probably true or, at least, substantially reduce the power of public unions! We should certainly defeat liberal politicians! Again though, it depends upon the State. Why do so many teachers leave the profession? It’s not because they are overpaid! It’s not because their benefits are too good!—my addition)