Friday, March 18, 2011

A Poll and public service information—support Governor Scott Walker and smart phones used to track your children!

The Senate last night passed the Continuing Resolution extension for another three weeks until April 8, 2011. I have more to say about the budget. Until then:

I just received this e-mail yesterday. It’s a little late but I’m posting it for a specific reason. Read on!

Poll: support Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker?

“March 4, 2011

Help! The Wisconsin Tea Party Groups need our help by participating in the following poll .... please take a minute and do this.

Hi everyone. Can you please forward this poll information to your members ASAP so that we can get represented in this poll? I am tired of seeing the news show poll results that do not reflect what the average working man and woman in WI have been telling us.

Last week Thursday I saw both Representative Vos and Kerkman and they informed us that the left has been bogging them down with emails and phone calls ... outnumbering us 8:1. They know what we tell them when they see us, but when it comes down to what people are actually contacting them and saying ... it is very much weighted against the Budget Repair Bill and Governor Walker. We don’t want the legislators to let us down so we can’t afford to let them down either!



Vote in this poll ... the teachers union is getting all their members to vote ... we need balance. Send the link to your friends.

Click here:


“Do you approve of the job Governor Scott Walker is doing?

Posted: Wednesday, March 2, 2011 12:41 pm”

Results as of 3/17/2011, in the early morning

“Thank you for voting!

Strongly approve 40.27% (128,190 votes)

Approve 4.64% (14,774 votes)

Disapprove 2.14% (6,819 votes)

Strongly disapprove 52.95% (168,542 votes)

Total Votes: 318,325”

This poll is totally meaningless! It is not scientific, it allows people from outside of Wisconsin to vote, it has been going on for over two weeks. So, why am I posting it?

I’m posting it to demonstrate what I’ve been saying for years. The only poll that counts is the poll that occurs on election day. Scott Walker was elected less than five months ago. He is doing exactly what he said he would do when he campaigned. Do you think he pulled the wool over the eyes of the voters? Do you think the voters have buyers’ remorse? Do you think Democratic Senators ran from the State like cowards because they thought the people of Wisconsin would support them and their vote in the General Assembly?

There is a movement to recall the Governor and Republican Representatives. I don’t know the recall procedure in Wisconsin. Illinois just passed a recall procedure for recalling the governor which isn’t very good. In Arizona, a recall can’t occur until the elected official has been in office for two years, if he has a four year term. Regardless of the procedure, do you really think the recall is going to be successful? I don’t! All it will do is cost the State—a State that has money problems already—time and money.

All of this demonstrates how little respect many Democrats have for the democratic process. Scott Walker, as well as a majority of Republicans in both Houses of the General Assembly, won the last election. Rather than actually debate and vote on a bill they disapproved of, every single Democratic Senator fled the State. Every single one! People opposed to the bill called in sick, abandoned their obligations to their employers and in the case of teachers their obligations to their students, and occupied the capitol and its building. They bussed in supporters from other States. They used name calling as their modus operandi. They screamed, they shouted, they complained. And when they lost, as they knew they would, they threatened the lives of legislators (which, last time I knew, is against the law), began recall petitions, and filed court cases against the law. And they are the ones who claimed to be acting democratically in contrast to the “dictatorial” actions of Governor Scott Walker? Really!?

So, remember the results of this poll if there are recall elections. So, remember the results of this poll if Governor Walker runs for reelection. Does this unscientific poll truly reflect the will of the people of Wisconsin?

I also received this link yesterday. Watch the video!

“Smart phone DANGER!!!