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Three Petitions—Repeal the Death Tax, A Fair Mass Media, and Investigate Solyndra



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Petition—Repeal the Death Tax

“They say that in life two things are unavoidable, death and taxes. The federal government doesn’t care that an estate has already paid an unconscionable amount of taxes, when you die liberals believe that is one last opportunity to steal the wealth that you have earned throughout your life. Small business owners across the country have worked themselves to the bone in the hopes that they will be able to provide their children and grandchildren with more opportunity then they were blessed to have. The government has other ideas however, believing that upon the death of an American citizen the inept federal bureaucracy is entitled to more than half of everything that they failed to steal during life! This is blatant corruption and theft in its purist form and cannot stand in a free society.

Part of the American dream has always been the promise that if you work hard and take well-calculated risks, that you will be able to give your children and grandchildren a better chance then you had. This country has propelled the greatest advancement in the history of man because generations of Americans heroes have sacrificed their lives, treasure, and sacred honor to provide a better tomorrow for their posterity. The death tax seeks to destroy that ideal and should be permanently abolished NOW!

A bill in the House of Representatives seeks to end this un-American theft and has actually attracted bi-partisan support. Congress should pass this law immediately and force Obama to define his position. The right of a family to pass the benefits of their sacrifice on to their children is sacrosanct, I dare Obama to put his radical ideals above that basic human right! That is why we are joining with other conservative organizations including Eagle Forum, Americans for Tax Reform, 60+, and more than 50 other organizations to demand that Congress permanently end the injustice known as the Death Tax!

Our state-of-the-art petition system makes it quick, easy, and free to let your member of Congress know exactly how you expect them to represent you. Together we have sent literally MILLIONS of letters to our elected representatives and with your support we can make this our most effective petition yet! We know how busy each of you are and how valuable your time is, but if you will spare us just a couple of moments you can help pass another great piece of legislation! Sign the petition to end the death tax NOW!

You do not need to make a donation in order to use our system; we provide this service free-of-charge. While we depend on generous donations from patriots like you, these gifts are always voluntary.

Thank you,

Todd Cefaratti
Freedom Organizer

P.S. Our strength is in numbers. Please help our efforts by forwarding this message to a friend.


“Petition Obama & Congress Directly Now!

Please read the important information below before sending your petition. has invested in a state-of-the-art petition system where your voice is finally heard immediately by your representatives in Washington, DC. Every week, we will host a new petition. You, along with hundreds of thousands of other patriots, will be cutting through the red tape and getting your message to the President and Congress to stop all this madness—cut spending and restore this great country to what our founders envisioned. This new system will automatically send them emails and faxes with your name attached to it at the touch of a button! On the next page, you will enter your name, email address, and zip code and our state-of-the-art system will locate your specific State representative, and, immediately, your petition voicing your opinion will be on its way to him or her. You will have the chance to write your own words in that petition so your representative will know exactly how you feel.

We know this process is already working because just after petitions were sent from our system by thousands of patriots, we heard from our Washington liaison that Congress was seeing record numbers of petitions! They are already running scared as we have seen television ads start to pop up from special interest groups to combat the support our patriots have created. You are making a huge difference!

This amazing petition system and all the free tools we provide at are for Americans to use any time and they are always free. However, it is not free to us as we are investing over $100,000 every month to provide American patriots these free tools to save our beloved country. As a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, we are 100% funded each month by small, individual donations by American patriots like yourself.

Because we are not funded by billionaires or special interest groups as our opponents are, we will only go as far as the American people will take us. Because of your continued support, we pulled off what has never been done and were able to host the first ever presidential debate for ‘we the people’ instead of the liberal media!

Just fill in your information in the below boxes and then click the button ‘Donate and proceed to the petition page’. If you are unable to donate then instead click on the button ‘Go To Petition Page Without Donating.’ We know times are tough, so every donation of any size is appreciated more than you know. As a bonus, for anyone that is able to donate $100 or more, you will be placed on our patriot heroes list and also receive the tea party membership package sent to you which includes tea party membership card, tea party lapel pin and much more. Thank you for your support. Your country needs you like never before.

Repeal The Death Tax
2,054 Letters and Emails Sent So Far

America’s family businesses and farmers were hit by a large estate tax increase, from 0% to 35%, at the beginning of 2011, making planning and passing on farms and businesses to the next generation even more difficult. As it stands, more than 70% of family businesses do not survive to the second generation, and a full 90% of family businesses do not survive to the third. In 2011, the political landscape has changed but family businesses are still struggling, family farms are liquidating, and even more jobs are at stake.

You can help extend relief to family businesses and farms by cosponsoring the bi-partisan Rep. Brady/Ross bill, H.R. 1259 ‘Death Tax Repeal Permanency Act of 2011’ to permanently eliminate the burdensome estate tax. In this poor economic climate, where small businesses have borne the brunt of job losses, permanent death tax repeal provides an immediate means to turn the tide on this problem and begin adding jobs back to the most productive sector of our economy. The death tax accounts for less than 1% of federal revenues and is an unnecessary drain on America’s job creators.

Please cosponsor H.R. 1259 ‘Death Tax Repeal Permanency Act of 2011’ and vote in favor of death tax repeal for the following reasons:

Repealing the death tax would spur job creation. According to a recent study by Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Ph.D, former Director of the Congressional Budget Office, repealing the death tax would create 1.5 million additional small business jobs. It would shave almost a percentage point off the unemployment rate.

The death tax contributes a very small portion of federal revenues. According to the Office of Management and Budget, the death tax only collected 6/10 of one percent of all federal tax revenues in FY 2009. There is a good argument, in fact, that not collecting the death tax would lead to higher economic growth and thereby increased federal revenue from other taxes. Former undersecretary of the Treasury, Steve Entin, found that H.R. 1259 would increase tax revenues by nearly $89 billion over 10 years using a ‘dynamic’ economic analysis.

As a proud member of the Tea Party movement and I join with more than 50 other conservative organizations in strong support of HR 1259 the permanent repeal of the ‘Death Tax.’ I demand that you support repeal of this strongly regressive tax that hurts hardworking American families!

The death tax falls particularly hard on minorities. African-Americans have just in the last generation started accumulating generational capital, but the death tax threatens to confiscate it. Death tax liabilities bankrupted the Chicago Daily Defender—the oldest black-owned daily newspaper in the United States and will reduce net African-American wealth by 13%, according to a study conducted by Boston College professors John Haven and Paul Schervish. According to a 2004 Impacto Group poll, 50% of Hispanic business owners know someone who sold their business to pay the estate tax and a quarter expect to sell their business because of the estate tax.

The death tax promotes the concentration of wealth. Joseph Stiglitz, one of President Clinton’s economic advisors, has argued that the estate tax ‘may actually increase inequality.’ This argument is backed up by economist Antony Davies, Ph.D, who found that the average annual increase in the death tax burden has resulted in an additional 6,000 small businesses being eliminated or absorbed into large conglomerates.

Poll after poll has indicated that a super-majority of likely voters support repealing the death tax. Typically, two thirds of likely voters support full and permanent repeal of the death tax. People instinctively feel that the death tax is not fair.

The death tax is unfair. It makes no sense to require grieving families to pay a confiscatory tax on their loved one’s nest egg. Often, this tax is paid by selling family assets like farms and businesses. Other times, employees of the family business must be laid off and payrolls slashed. No one should be punished for fulfilling the American dream.

‘We The People’ Demand that you support HR 1259 and the permanent repeal of the ‘Death Tax’!

From: Media Research Center

Petition—A Fair Mass Media

“September 21, 2011

In 2007, ABC’s Diane Sawyer enthusiastically greeted presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton with a video clip of her husband while asking, ‘Is that your slogan this time around, ‘Buy one, get one free’?’

In 2011 when Michele Bachmann appeared on ABC in late June, George Stephanopoulos painted Michele Bachmann as a flakey liar, challenging her with, ‘The Pulitzer Prize-winning Web site, PolitiFact, has said you have the worst record of making false statements of any of the leading contenders.’

This is just one of the example of ‘hardball’ versus ‘softball’ questions the leftist-controlled media employ when interviewing liberal versus conservative political candidates. This one example was part of a pattern of harshly questioning conservatives five times more than liberals.

So far, the networks have offered mainly adversarial and confrontational liberal questions to this year’s Republican candidates, while the Democrats who appeared on these same programs four years ago were treated to much friendlier, ideologically non-challenging questions.

Americans need to be aware! The media’s agenda must be exposed!

This is why we launched our petition demanding the Leftist media provide a balanced approach to their election coverage. We need your help to counter their agenda-driven efforts.

Click here now to sign our petition demanding fair and balanced news coverage in the 2012 election cycle.

Watch what you watch!

For most Americans, the 2012 presidential campaign will be experienced on television, and voters will judge the candidates based on their performances at televised debates, daily news coverage, and long-form interviews.

Surprisingly, the most highly-rated regular forums for candidate interviews are still the broadcast network morning news programs (ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Today, and CBS’s Early Show).

Not surprisingly, there is a stark contrast of fairness in how conservative and liberal political candidates are handled on these programs.

In our exclusive special report, the Media Research Center analyzed all 53 weekday morning show interviews with either potential or declared Republican candidates from January 1 through September 15, and compared the results with our study of the same programs’ treatment of the Democratic candidates during the same time period from four years ago.

The results show a clear double-standard:

1) By a 5-to-1 margin, ABC, CBS and NBC morning show hosts employed an adversarial liberal agenda when questioning this year’s Republican candidates.

2) Four years ago, Democratic candidates faced questions that tilted more than two-to-one to the left, a far friendlier agenda for liberal politicians.

3) In 2007, Democratic candidates were frequently tossed softball questions. This year’s interviews with Republicans have been much more caustic, with few chances for the candidates to project a warm and fuzzy image.

4) Four years ago, top Democrats Hillary Clinton and John Edwards were given massive donations of airtime by ABC in the form of ‘town hall’ meetings on Good Morning America. None of this year’s Republican contenders have been given a similar opportunity.

Now, as the 2012 election season gears up with ongoing debates to determine the field of candidates, this overt media bias and posturing must be exposed and challenged!

We are demanding the Leftist media provide a balanced field on their election coverage, and we need your help to counter their aggressive efforts.

Click here now to sign our petition demanding fair and balanced news coverage in the 2012 election cycle.

Donald, the results of this important study prove that a liberal candidate will always have an upper hand when facing a conservative candidate.

We are simply demanding fairness from the media.

Click here now to sign our petition demanding fair and balanced news coverage in the 2012 election cycle.

After signing, we urge you to alert your friends. Our goal is to quickly mobilize at least 100,000 citizen signers so that we can confront these Leftist media assaults designed to hijack the 2012 election; just like they did in 2008!

Don’t delay. Take immediate action with the MRC today.

Thank you for standing with the MRC.



“Our Republic relies on an informed electorate to function effectively, and the press plays an important role in educating the public, especially during elections.

I expect and demand that the media cover all candidates and campaigns fairly and honestly, so that our nation can make informed choices on Election Day.

I will do everything in my power to expose and confront any liberal news outlet that substitutes bias, opinion, propaganda or advocacy for balanced, truthful reporting.

I am sick and tired of the liberal press attacking conservative candidates because they disagree with them, and I will hold any member of the leftwing media accountable if they decide to use their positions to influence the elections.”

From: The Heritage Foundation’s Morning Bell

“The Obama Investigations

You wouldn’t know it if you solely paid attention to the mainstream media, but while President Barack Obama attempts to sell the country on hundreds of billions in new stimulus spending and $1.5 trillion in new taxes, his Administration is smack in the middle of several growing scandals: the Operation Fast and Furious gun-running debacle and the crony capitalism wrongdoing involving Solyndra and LightSquared.

In the fall of 2009, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), which is overseen by President Obama’s Department of Justice, launched an effort to sell weapons to small-time gun buyers in the hopes of tracing them to major weapons traffickers along the southwestern border and into Mexico. Their effort, which is known as Operation Fast and Furious, failed terribly.

Around 1,500 of the guns went unaccounted for, about two-thirds of those guns ended up in Mexico, a border patrol agent was shot and killed with weapons that were sold as part of the operation, 57 Fast and Furious weapons have been connected to at least 11 violent crimes in the U.S., and in Mexico an unconfirmed toll of at least 200 people have been killed or wounded with other weapons linked to the botched effort.

Save for recent reports from CBS News and the ‘Los Angeles Times,’ and earlier reporting by ABC News, the mainstream media has largely ignored the story and the White House press corps has not bothered to ask the President or press secretary Jay Carney about the scandal since July 5—that’s 78 days, and over 40 press briefings, without one single related question.

Meanwhile, congressional hearings were held, top officials associated with the operation were removed from their positions, and a third individual resigned. In the latest news, Mexican officials are complaining that, to this day, the United States has not offered an explanation about Fast and Furious, much less an apology. And yesterday, CBS News reported that a series of secretly recorded audio tapes thought to have been recorded in March reveal that an Arizona gun dealer and an ATF agent involved in the operation were worried about the unraveling scandal.

Hear the recorded audio tapes here:

Turning from guns to butter, another scandal has cropped up, this one involving the solar panel manufacturing company Solyndra, which received a $535 million loan guarantee from the Energy Department as part of President Obama’s green jobs spending spree. The President lauded the company when he spoke at the unveiling of its new factory in May of last year. But now, little more than a year later, it stands bankrupt and plans to lay off more than 1,000 employees. Days after it filed for bankruptcy, the FBI raided the company’s offices and the homes of its executives.

The Obama Administration had a lot riding on Solyndra and the promise it offered. The President had made ‘green’ energy a centerpiece of his failed plan to boost job growth in the United States, likening his effort to America’s ‘moonshot’—the space race following the Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik. The import of the company’s bankruptcy was evident in a January 31 e-mail between Office of Management and Budget staff regarding ‘Solyndra optics.’ In the e-mail, the staff discussed what it would look like if the company went belly-up down the road, its implications for the 2012 elections, and how an earlier default might give the Obama Administration some credit for ‘fiscal discipline.’

Then there’s the story of LightSquared, a wireless start-up company backed by billionaire Democratic donor Philip Falcone. ‘The Daily Beast’ reports that military officials fear that the company’s technology could interfere with GPS signals—and that ‘two U.S. officials allege the White House tried to influence their [congressional] testimony to rush key testing, to LightSquare’s benefit.’

Enter the investigations. Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said Tuesday that his committee plans to investigate government loans to private companies made by the Obama Administration, according to ‘The Hill.’ ‘I want to see when the president and his cronies are picking winners and losers,’ Issa said. Now, ‘Reuters’ reports that Solyndra’s chief executive and chief financial officer will invoke their Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to answer questions at the hearing on Friday.

A cross-border gun-running scandal, deaths in the United States and Mexico, staff removals and resignations, secret audio recordings, complaints from foreign officials, hundreds of millions of dollars in loans, bankruptcy, an FBI raid, campaign donors, and allegations of inappropriate White House influence in congressional testimony. There are serious questions coming out of Washington. It’s time the media start demanding answers.


Investigate Solyndra

“Dear Patriot,

Solyndra received $535 million dollars from the federal government despite evidence that their business model was fiscally insolvent as part of President Obama’s green jobs initiative. Now they have laid off their employees and closed their doors. Something clearly stinks, but the media has no interest in damaging Obama’s re-election chances by doing a full investigation. Can you imagine if it had been the Bush administration that had internal emails leaked that clearly showed Dick Cheney’s office applying pressure to have a government agency approve a half-a-billion dollar handout to political allies? A scandal of this magnitude would have warranted wall-to-wall coverage for months, but because they are little more than a liberal propaganda machine, they are quickly sweeping this blatant corruption under the rug.

The only way the American people will ever learn the who, how, and why of the Solyndra boondoggle is to demand that Congress do an exhaustive and complete investigation. Congress is supposed to provide a check on the Executive but the sad reality is that they will only act under intense pressure from the American people. That is why we are launching a new petition today demanding that Congress investigate the bankrupt Solyndra. Early evidence shows that this scandal goes all the way to the top and could mark the fitting end to a corrupt administration.

If you are tired of the Chicago style of corruption that this White House is famous for, we need you to help us bring the truth about Solyndra to light today! Our state-of-the-art system makes it quick, easy, and free to contact your elected representatives. Help us expose this administration by taking a couple of minutes to participate today!

You are not required to contribute in order to use the system but because we do not compel our members to contribute like the unions, we rely on the generous VOLUNTARY contributions from patriots just like you!

$535 million dollars has been stolen and we need you to help us hold the criminals responsible for this crime accountable. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD TODAY!

Thank you,

Todd Cefaratti
Freedom Organizer

P.S. Our strength is in numbers. Please help our efforts by forwarding this message to a friend.”


“Demand Congress Investigate Bankrupt Solyndra
85,900 Letters and Emails Sent So Far

After receiving $535 million dollars in loan guarantees from the federal government, the solar company Solyndra has laid off all its employees and closed its doors. Emails show that the White House put pressure on administrators to give Solyndra this money, despite evidence of fiscal insolvency. The Bush administration had rejected Solyndra’s application, but the Obama administration pushed it through. The American people deserve to know why this application was fast tracked—where did our money go, and who is responsible for this incredible failure!

The media has no interest in honestly investigating President Obama as he seeks re-election. Join us as we demand that Congress investigate the $535 million dollar boondoggle known as Solyndra.”

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” (Last sentence of the Declaration of Independence)

It is time, it’s past time to RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION!!!
It is time, it’s past time to RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION!!!
It is time, it’s past time to RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION!!!

It is time, it’s past time to OBEY THE CONSTITUTION!!!
It is time, it’s past time to OBEY THE CONSTITUTION!!!
It is time, it’s past time to OBEY THE CONSTITUTION!!!

It’s time, it is past time to TAKE BACK THE NATION!!!
It’s time, it is past time to TAKE BACK THE NATION!!!
It’s time, it is past time to TAKE BACK THE NATION!!!