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Todd Akin Republican Senate Candidate in Missouri—the Controversy

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Todd Akin made a mistake. He has apologized for it and has decided to continue on with his Senatorial race from Missouri. Good for him! I was praying that he would NOT capitulate to the bullies within both the Democratic Party and, unfortunately, the Republican Party, including the Republican Party’s Presidential nominee.

Todd Akin is a social conservative strongly supporting both the PRO-LIFE position and traditional marriage against homosexual agitators. He was elected in a three way primary to represent the Republican Party as its Senatorial candidate. I have been saying since I began writing a political blog in 2005 that the three major issues are 1) stopping the MURDER of unborn babies, 2) stopping the homosexual agenda, and 3) restoring the U.S. Constitution as written. Todd Akin is being attacked for his PRO-LIFE advocacy!


“Our founders understood that life is a fundamental right granted to us by our Creator and that the government’s role is to protect this right. A government that doesn’t protect innocent life fails at one of its most basic roles. I believe that life begins at conception and I’m appalled that we do not protect the innocent lives of our unborn children.

As a former Board Member of Missouri Right to Life, I have remained steadfast in fighting for life. I actively worked to pass numerous pro-life legislative initiatives at both the state and federal level. Because of these actions, Planned Parenthood has listed me in their ‘Toxic Ten’ worst legislators

in the US for daring to stand up for the unborn.

I have repeatedly fought against our tax dollars going to fund abortions. Just in the past two years, I cosponsored the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act (H.R. 3)

and the Protect Life Act (H.R. 358)

both of which passed the House.

Recently, I discovered a potential loop-hole where abortions might be funded with our tax dollars through multi-state health exchanges. To prevent the indirect funding of abortions, I introduced H.R. 4971 the Stop Abortion Funding in Multi-state Exchange Plans (SAFE) Act.

My amendment was added to the FY2013 House Financial Services Appropriations bill.

I also stand against embryonic stem cell research. It is wrong to build science upon the lives of our unborn children. Furthermore, there are other viable options which do not promote abortion: adult stem cells and cord blood stem cells are two of these.

Protecting life is fundamental to freedom.”

The intimidators within the Democratic Party with their mass media cronies have identified three areas of “concern.” Two have been extensively promulgated but the third is actually the most important to Democratic protagonists. The three are 1) his use of the phrase “legitimate rape,” 2) his contention that women have a mechanism within their body that allows the body to “shut down” to prevent pregnancy when raped, and 3) to be stated at the conclusion of the three. Let’s briefly examine each of the three.

1) “Legitimate rape”

Words have meaning. The Democrats are well aware of that. They want to define the meaning. Thus, they never speak of the MURDER of unborn babies. In fact, you won’t hear the word baby let alone MURDER! Seldom will they speak of abortion. Instead, it is generally something like “pro-choice”—never admitting that one of the two choices is MURDERING the unborn baby. Or, women’s health as if having a baby is comparable to having a horrendous disease of some sort. The unborn baby is NOT referred to as a baby—that would grant that the baby has life. Rather, he or she is a glob of protoplasm (You would not believe how many times I have heard that phrase from people who support the MURDER of unborn children.) or a fetus—which doesn’t sound like a baby but is, indeed, one of the phases every human being goes through from conception to being elderly, if death or MURDER does not occur somewhere along the line.

However, words do have meaning. Words often have more than one meaning. So, what did Todd Akin mean by “legitimate rape?” Obviously, I can’t speak for him and, just as obviously, neither can all the Democrat and Republican naysayers. I did hear him on Sean Hannity and heard his explanation. I also have a dictionary and actually used it to look up the word “legitimate.” I suggest Democrats, Republicans, and the mass media do the same. I doubt that they will since it actually requires exercising your brain and using common sense instead of instant reaction against spoken words. One reason I prefer writing instead of speaking is that I don’t know of anyone who speaks publicly who hasn’t said things that they regret later.

From: Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 10th edition. © 1995, page 665:

Legitimate: “2] being exactly as purposed: neither spurious nor false”

Therefore, according to Webster’s, what is a “legitimate rape?” It is a rape that actually occurred. Not an action that was identified by someone as a rape but was actually not a rape. Is that possible? Of course it is! And for William Jefferson Clinton’s sake it had better be. This is why I posted yesterday’s post about him. Bill Clinton has been accused of rape. Bill Clinton has not been convicted of rape. Was the accused action of rape by Bill Clinton a “legitimate rape” or was it not? Is a rapist the scheduled keynote speaker of the 2012 Democratic National Convention? He is if it was a “legitimate rape!”

Words have meaning and I believe that Todd Akin used the word “legitimate” correctly to convey the meaning that he intended! It is the opposition who is misusing the definition of the word used in his context!

Which leads to the second concern:

2) “Women have a mechanism within their body that allows the body to “shut down” to prevent pregnancy when raped.”

I must confess that I have never heard of this concept before. However, I have never heard of a lot of concepts as is the case with all of us! We are not all knowing! Only GOD is! I was given a copy of a book a few years ago which discussed the marvels of the human body which was written to demonstrate that man could not have just happened—evolved from slim to man as proclaimed by Darwin and evolutionists. (I believe, of course, that man was created by GOD as told in the Bible in the book of Genesis. And NO evolutionist can PROVE otherwise!)

One article told of a tribe (Location? I don’t remember.) whose mothers nursed their children for three, four, or more years. During that time, they did not get pregnant. According to the author, GOD had created a mechanism within the body of women that prevented pregnancy as long as the mother is nursing. True or not? I don’t know. However, since I am certain that GOD created man, it seems reasonable that GOD could have instilled such a mechanism within women. Surprise, surprise. To all those Femi-Nazis out there, there are differences between men and women. Differences created by GOD.

According to the Glenn Beck radio show, there was at least one research study in the 1970’s that concluded that in extreme times of stress (such as a “legitimate rape”) the human body sometimes shuts-down and would in the case of rape “prevent” conception from occurring. In my reading material on this issue on the internet, I also read a comment from an individual who claimed he was taught the same in the 1980’s. Supposedly, this study (studies) was later disproved. However, since I don’t know the background, ethics, or ideology of the “scientists” who disproved it (think man made global warming LIARS), I can’t say if the concept is true or not. Furthermore, it DOES NOT MATTER! If, at the time, Todd Akin believed it to be true—and he said he had been told that it was by medical professionals—then his entire statement is reasonable, even if not factually true.

His statement based upon the research as he was told and understood it: “Because of the extreme stress involved, the body of a woman shuts-down preventing conception from occurring when a ‘legitimate—not false, not made up, not consensual—rape’ occurs”

3) This is the real reason for the extreme reaction of the Democratic Left. The first two are the talking points for those people who refuse to use reason to reach a decision. Todd Akins refuses to “admit” that the MURDER of unborn babies because of rape is acceptable! This is their typical tactic of getting a foot in the door. “Isn’t it alright to MURDER an unborn baby (Of course, they never use the word MURDER) if a rape has occurred?” NO! “Isn’t it alright to MURDER an unborn baby (Of course, they never use the word MURDER) if incest has occurred?” NO! “Isn’t it alright to MURDER an unborn baby (Of course, they never use the word MURDER) if the life of the woman is endangered?” NO! (And this third “argument” is a “straw man” argument.) And if they can get a yes answer on any of the three, they then jump to the conclusion that the MURDER of unborn babies IS acceptable! Todd Akin did not accept MURDER because of rape. And rightfully so! MURDER is MURDER!!!!!

The reaction of the Democrats is predictable. The reaction of some Republicans was reprehensible! The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) tried to bully Todd Akin to withdraw by withdrawing campaign money pledged. In doing so of course, the Committee demonstrated its lack of integrity. Isn’t a pledge a promise? Was the pledge qualified with the comment that, if you say something that is disagreeable, the pledge will not be honored? Is the NRSC reacting like a spoiled child? Do as I say or I will withhold my “love?” I “love” you when you are good; I reject you if I think you are bad! Other Republicans followed suit withdrawing support and money and demanding that Akin withdraw, as if they have some say in the matter.

By the way, yesterday I also received a request from the NRSC to donate money to them to support Republican Senatorial candidates. The following was my reply:

“Are you serious? You send an e-mail request to me to donate money hours after you throw social conservative, Republican Senatorial candidate Todd Akin under the proverbial bus! I told you four years ago I was not going to donate while you support RINO’S for the Senate. Two years ago, you abandoned Joe Miller until it was too late and a RINO who lost in the primary won because of Democratic support. And that RINO supports the MURDER of unborn babies!

I write three political blogs. and

The last two posts at

dealt with the Todd Akin controversy. Tomorrow, I will continue by throwing my support to him, encouraging PRO-LIFE people to donate to him, and condemning your organization and other Republicans, including Mitt Romney, who are trying to destroy his candidacy. It seems to me, you want a Democratic Senator who advocates the MURDER of unborn babies to win that election! NO MONEY FROM ME! NOT NOW! PERHAPS, NOT EVER!”

There is plenty of time to right the ship. This is NOT an instance of falling on a sword. First of all, which is preferable—a candidate who supports LIFE as Todd Akin does or a candidate—the Democrat—who is a consistent supporter of Barack Hussein Obama and a consistent supporter of the MURDER of unborn babies? I believe, after the dust has settled, that the voters of Missouri are smart enough to support the candidate who is PRO-LIFE over the candidate who is PRO-MURDER. That, in fact, would be my major emphasis in the campaign. Being PRO-LIFE IS a game changer! It is a winning proposition!!!

When Chick-fil-A was attacked, what happened? Values people came to its defense. The same should happen for Todd Akin. If every PRO-LIFE person in America donated $20—the price of meals for a family of 4—to the Akin campaign, he would have more than enough money to run a campaign without ANY Republican Party help! If every PRO-LIFE voter in Missouri donated time and effort to the campaign, he would have more than enough to wage a winning campaign. It’s up to PRO-LIFE people! What are you going to do to help a PRO-LIFE candidate get elected in a PRO-LIFE State against a PRO-MURDER Senator?


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