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Planned Parenthood (AKA MURDERHOOD), Child Molesters, and Ohio Law

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Todd Akin: GOP Senatorial candidate for Missouri


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Democrats at National Convention are pro-choice except for

1) people’s consumption of food and drink

2) energy use—light bulbs

3) union membership

4) schools to attend

“But I certainly support choice” when it comes to MURDERING your own unborn child!

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One last video! Did these people EVER have an economics class!!!


“The Fed said it will spend $40 billion a month to buy mortgage bonds for as long as it deems necessary to make home buying more affordable. It plans to keep short-term interest rates at record lows through mid-2015—six months longer than previously planned. And it’s ready to take other unconventional steps if job growth doesn’t pick up.”

In other words, the Fed plans to continue to steal from savers. A question. We are over $16 trillion in debt. Just where is the Fed getting this money to buy mortgage bonds?


“White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters Thursday that the Obama administration also condemns the violence in several Islamic countries the film has reportedly triggered. He says the attacks on U.S. facilities in Egypt, Libya and Yemen are totally unjustified and should be squelched by local governments.”

The film DID NOT trigger anything! These were planned and they were planned around the 9/11 anniversary! The film is an excuse NOT a trigger!

“Attorney General Eric Holder said Justice Department officials had opened a criminal investigation into the diplomats’ deaths.”

Just who are the Justice Department investigating? U.S. citizens in the United States? For what?

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“Ohio Cases Put Molesters and Planned Parenthood On Notice

By Brett Harv

Two Ohio court rulings make it more difficult for men to molest young girls and then use Planned Parenthood’s abortion services to cover their tracks.

One case, Fairbanks v. Planned Parenthood S.W. Ohio Region, concerned a 16-year-old girl impregnated by her biological father. A more recent case, Doe (Wallace) v. Planned Parenthood S.W. Ohio Region, focused on a 14-year-old girl impregnated by her 21-year-old soccer coach.

In the Fairbanks case, the 16-year-old girl told a Planned Parenthood employee she had been forced ‘to do things [she] didn’t want to do.’ Under Ohio law, this statement triggered Planned Parenthood’s duty to report, which Planned Parenthood ignored.

As a result of Planned Parenthood’s silence, the girl continued to endure molestation from her father for another year and half.

In the Doe case, the ease with which Planned Parenthood policies allowed circumvention of Ohio’s parental notification laws came into stark relief.

A soccer coach who began having sex with his female player was able to get around the notification laws by providing Planned Parenthood with his own cell number. He then acted as if he was the girl’s father when the abortionists called, and that was that. Planned Parenthood knew that a cell phone call did not satisfy the requirements of the law, but apparently it was satisfactory enough for the abortion giant’s bottom line, so the statutory rape went unreported.

Although the outcomes of these two cases did not result in direct, court-ordered obligations on Planned Parenthood, they are catalysts for changes in Ohio law that will make it harder for molesters and those like Planned Parenthood who try to protect them.

For example, Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers in Ohio won’t be able to remain quiet when a 16-year-girl tells them what a man is doing to her in the future. Minors who are the victims of sexual abuse can now bring civil action claims against individuals who breach their duty to report the abuse, and they can now seek punitive damages against individuals and entities that breach their duties to report the abuse as well.

Children who find themselves in the position of the 14-year-old soccer player will be better protected, too, as Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers must now take commonsense steps to make absolutely sure parents are taking part in the life-ending decisions their minor children are thinking about making. These steps include obtaining written consent from at least one parent before performing an abortion on a minor.

In addition, Planned Parenthood also has to face the fact that the ruling recognized a nationally renowned and ‘pro-choice psychologist who truthfully admitted that girls and women who have abortions can and do sometimes suffer from long-term and serious psychological problems as a result of abortions.’

The anonymity molesters have enjoyed in the past while carrying out their misdeeds in the state of Ohio should now be much more difficult to maintain. And that’s good news for everyone, and especially for the vulnerable, who are now better protected.”

Who is Planned MURDERHOOD supporting in the Ohio Senate race? Is it Sherrod Brown the Democrat who is PRO-MURDER or Josh Mandel who is PRO-LIFE?

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Todd Akin: GOP Senatorial candidate for Missouri