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The Obama Administration, Population Control, Radical Environmentalism, Abortion, the United Nations, and Modern Day Progressive Doublespeak

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Blacks calling out the Democrat Party!

Black State Senator switches from a Democrat to a Republican. This video has been seen by over a million. It needs to be seen by millions more! The FACTS are that the Democrat Party is the Party of slavery, of the KKK, of Jim Crow Laws, of the poll tax, of preventing Blacks from voting, of segregation, and now of murdering unborn Black babies in the womb and of slavery through government dependence.

Who Will Keep Us Safe?


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Please continue to pray for Dr. Kent Brantly and all those involved with the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

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According to ABC radio news, President Obama has decided not to take action on amnesty for illegal aliens (“immigration reformin Left euphemism) until after the 2014 election. Of course, the reason he decided to wait was because some Democrat Senators up for reelection this year are scared silly that they will lose the election if MORE amnesty is implemented before the election. They think the American voter is TOO STUPID to realize there is no difference whether an illegal act is implemented before or after an election. It is still an illegal act that will do great harm to America!


“UN Continues to Push Radical Abortion Agenda
by Steven Mosher | Washington, DC | | 10/28/14

The new UN report on women makes for grim reading, if you can decipher it.

The reason that you may have trouble doing so is that the report, called the World Survey on the Role of Women in Development 2014: Gender Equality and Sustainable Development, is written in a kind of code (The code of the Leftist, socialist, one totalitarian world crowd!my addition). Words and expressions are used that sound reasonable—what could be wrong with ‘gender equality (LOTS! my addition),’ for example?—but which, in the femspeak used by the UN, actually have quite radical and subversive meanings that are lost on the general public.

There is a reason for this linguistic deception (Deception is what the UN is all about!my addition). Properly understood, this World Survey—the first published in five years—is nothing less than a battle plan for a deadly assault on life and marriage (Nothing new! Just intensified with the Obama Administration in power in the United States!my addition). If its recommendations were to be fully adopted by UN’s member states and carried out, it would mean the end of families as we know them, and a top-to-bottom restructuring of societies and economies as a whole (Nothing new about that either! The Obama Administration in the United States! The UN throughout the rest of the world!my addition).

If these revolutionary goals were clearly stated, the public outcry would be deafening, and resistance would grow. So UN bureaucrats disguise their true goals by using code words that only they and other progressives, who are also in the know, can understand (Doublespeak! Newspeak! UNspeak! Get out your code books!my addition).

Let me translate some of the World Survey’s recommendations back into plain, straightforward, unambiguous English, so you can better understand the road down which the UN wants to take us (This may be scary! And right before Halloween!my addition).

Reproductive health = Sterilization Campaigns

The phrase ‘reproductive health,’ littered throughout the document, sounds unobjectionable. But it is actually a double deception, since it has nothing to do with reproduction and nothing to do with health (Same as abortion/MURDER!my addition). The goal of ‘reproductive health’ programs is actually population control—reducing the birth rate by chemically or surgically disabling as many female reproductive systems as possible. For example, when the report says:

Respect, protect and promote sexual and reproductive health and rights for all, particularly women and girls, across the life cycle; (page 113)

This should be read to mean that women and girls are to encouraged to contracept, sterilize, and abort their children. The reason why this “recommendation” is included in the section ‘On sustainable development,’ is that it is really about limiting population growth (A long time goal of the Left! They do need the second class below the elites but they dont want too many of the second class! Two classes: The elites (them) and everyone else (us)!my addition).

Sustainable = Limit, Restrict

Whenever you read the word sustainable, as in ‘Sustainable Development’ or ‘Sustainable Population’ you should substitute the words ‘limit’ or ‘restrict.’ For example, when the report says (Under this definition: Ebola is a positive! It limits, reduces population of the second class!my addition):

Ground sustainable population policies in sexual and reproductive health and rights, including the provision of universally accessible quality sexual and reproductive health services …’ (page 114)

It actually means something like, ‘Population control policies should be based on the promotion of sterilization and abortion.’

Safe abortion = Abortion on Demand

Safe abortion (A world organization promoting thelegalized MURDER of citizens of the world and it is using OUR money to do it!my addition) sounds more woman-friendly than simply saying abortion. But it is used within the UN system to refer to the legalization of abortion on demand. So when you read:

Ground sustainable population policies in sexual and reproductive health and rights, including the provision of universally accessible … comprehensive sexuality education and safe abortion (Abortion/MURDER is NEVER safe for at least one person!my addition);’ (page 114)

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You should understand this to mean that ‘Population control policies should be based on cradle-to-grave sex education and the legalization of abortion on demand throughout all nine months of pregnancy.’

Gender Equality = The End of Marriage

Under this seemingly harmless rubric—who could oppose equality between men and women?—hides a cultural revolution. For the kind of equality that UN bureaucrats have in mind would end the natural complementarity between the sexes that binds husband and wife together. Read the following sentence:

Recognize, reduce and redistribute unpaid care work between women and men within households, and between households and the state by expanding basic services and infrastructure that are accessible to all; (page 113)

This really means that the radical feminists at the UN are instructing the nanny state to go into homes of their married citizens and force husbands and wives to do equal amounts of cooking, cleaning, childcare, etc., regardless of their own preferences in the matter (And disregarding the differences between the sexes as created by GOD! Men and women ARE different! They are NOT substitutable! Man + man ¹ man + woman! Woman + woman ¹ man + woman!my addition).

The notion of radical equality between men and women promoted by UN feminists also leads them to argue that, since men aren’t burdened with childbirth, ‘equality’ demands that women be permitted to have abortions to level the playing field, as it were (Illogical! Duh! Never bother the Left with logic!my addition).

Sustainable Development = radical environmentalism/population control

‘Sustainable development’ is a catchphrase of the radical environmentalists who want to limit economic growth, which they see as harmful to the environment, by limiting population growth and resource use in poor countries. As the Report advocates:

Protect the commons and prevent the appropriation and exploitation of natural resources by private and public interests, through state oversight and multi-stakeholder regulation;’ (page 113)

Promote transitions to sustainable low-carbon, climate-resilient consumption and production patterns while ensuring gender equality.

These directives mean that land and mineral resources, regardless of the needs of the population, are to be set aside in nature preserves. Energy production and consumption are to be kept low (Tohelpstop the nonexistent man-made global warming! Dont you know!my addition).

And the population, it goes without saying, without access to resources and energy, will remain poor (As planned!my addition).

Gender = ???

Most people think that the word ‘gender’—which appears in the UN report hundreds of times—is just another word for ‘sex.’ It isn’t. As used by UN progressives, ‘gender’ has nothing to do with fixed categories of male and female. It is not determined by one’s anatomy and chromosomes. Instead, it is solely a matter of personal preference. One is ‘free’ to be whatever ‘gender’ one wants—and or even, chameleon-like, to change from day to day (A true Leftist concept!my addition).

There are currently 57 gender’ categories (Seriously! What a joke! And we are giving the UN our money!—my addition) … and counting. (If you thought there are only six—male, female, LGBT—you are behind the times [I thought there are only twomale and female! Wait! I am right!—my addition].) Needless to say, this concept of ‘gender’ is tremendously subversive, undermining marriages, families, and even society itself. (The lesbian mayor of Houston is a gender feminist, which is why, in that city, a biological male who is feeling feminine on a certain day can use the ladies’ room.)

One-Child Policy = Forced Abortion
The UN report, which talks incessantly about protecting women’s rights, hypocritically whitewashes China’s brutal one-child policy (MURDERING unborn babies always trumps womens rights!” They do not care about women! Women are used to advance their agenda just as children are, the environment is, and anything else they can use!my addition). That hundreds of millions of women over the past 34 years have been aborted and sterilized, many under duress, goes unmentioned. Instead, we get the following bland paragraph:

The constitution of China mandates that the government support family planning and that individual couples practice it. The one-child policy, introduced in the late 1970s, has been implemented through a system of economic and social incentives and disincentives, along with free contraceptive services (United Nations, 2002).’ (page 87)

This should read: The Chinese Party-State has taken control of the reproductive system of every woman in the country, and violates their reproductive rights by controlling childbearing under a state plan, forcibly aborting and sterilizing them if they conceive a child without state permission.

But that would require the UN to acknowledge that abortion is a crime, and this the radical feminists at the UN would never do.

LifeNews: Steven W. Mosher is the President of the Population Research Institute and the author of Population Control: Real Costs, Illusory Benefits.

Vote! Vote as if life itself depended upon it because it does! The lives of millions of unborn babies who have been MURDERED because of a corrupt, illegal, unconstitutional Supreme Court decision of seven unelected Justices! Seven unelected Justices deciding for a nation of over 300 million citizens that the MURDER of unborn babies is permitted!

The audacious stupidity of it all!

The audacious EVIL of it!

The audacious SIN of it!

The culture of MURDER and death is the culture of today! We need to change that culture!

VOTE pro-life! It is GOD approved!

The real war on women is being waged by the Left for money and power and control of the population!

After 41 years, isnt it past time to end the barbaric practice of MURDERING our own children?

We need to defeat every Democrat we can in both the House and Senate. There is not one Democrat who does not support the MURDER of unborn babies in one form or another! NOT one! Then, we need to begin working now to defeat ever RINO Republican up for reelection in 2016! We need to end the MURDER of the unborn!

Ephesians 5: 11 (NIV)

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

John 3: 20 (NIV)

Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.”

It is well past the time to end the MURDER of our own children!

Stop the MURDER of unborn children

If not now
, when?

If not now
, why?

If not us
, who?

James 2: 24 (NIV)

You see that a person is considered righteous by what they do and not by faith alone.”

Impeachment IS the answer!

The horrors of abortion/MURDER are multitudinous! And the Left and the courts do not care!

The Democrat Party: The Party of death and MURDER! The Party of SIN and depravity!

Impeach Barack Hussein Obama

Impeach Barack Hussein Obama

Impeach Barack Hussein Obama


The Oklahoma workplace beheading:


A video of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid before he was Senate Majority Leader.

According to the screen, this was on September 20, 1993. Bill Clinton was President!


You MUST listen to this video!

The ending statement: Abortionists are evil! My response: Yes, they are as all serial MURDERERS are!


Texas Senator Ted CruzThe Cruz Missile: The Democrats want to destroy the First Amendment! This is over 50 minutes but well worth listening to as Senator Cruz exposes the Democrat Party for who they are.

Texas Senator Ted CruzThe Cruz Missile: “Vote Harry Reid Out!”


Illinois Senator Dick Durbin
up for reelection this yearcompares U.S. soldiers to those of Nazi Germany!