Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The End of Roe vs. Wade. The End of Legalized Abortion in the United States.

Roe vs. Wade and the companion Doe vs. Bolton decisions were immoral, unscientific, and unconstitutional. For over forty-one years, the federal government has sanctioned the murder of our own unborn children. However, the tide has been turning and more and more States have been putting restrictions on these murders. The 2014 elections swept a Republican majority into the Senate and increased a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. Republicans gained control of twenty-three States with the executive branch governor’s office and both houses of the State General Assembly. Now is the time to boldly act at the State level.

If any of the twenty-three States have not yet passed the clinic requirements for abortion facilities, hospital residency requirements, and 20 week abortion/pain restrictions; they should do so early in their legislative session. However, there is one more piece of legislation that every one of these States should pass. It goes to the heart of the Supreme Court decision.

The Supreme Court said that if life begins at conception then, of course, abortion would be illegal. However, they then mistakenly stated that when life begins was not known and the court need not make that determination. Yet, scientifically there is no doubt that life begins at conception. The pro-abortion forces lied and the court accepted the lie because the court wanted to permit abortions. The States should rectify that error of the court. Each of the twenty-three States should pass a “life begins at conception” law. It is time for the Supreme Court to reexamine the original Roe and Doe decisions. It is up to us to encourage each of the twenty-three States to pass such a law.

Texas is a special case that is going to require decisive action on the part of pro-life groups. As I wrote yesterday, conservatives have stated that they will support the current Speaker of the House even though he seems not to be a pro-life conservative.

However, I found one campaign ad on the internet that claimed Joe Straus is pro-life. Let us put him to the test. Let us challenge the conservative supporters of Joe Straus to extract a public pledge from him in return for their vote for him as Speaker.

The public pledge: The House of Representatives will vote for a “life begins at conception” bill during the regular session of the 2015 legislative session. If he so pledges, they will support him. If he does not make the public pledge, they will not support him.

The legislative session begins January 13, 2015. That gives us approximately a month and a half to make our case. We need to phone, e-mail, write letters, and contact personally all forty-two Republicans who have voiced support for the Speaker. We need to contact pro-life groups within Texas and pro-life churches and their members and get them involved. We need to convince the forty-two Republicans to require the public pledge in exchange for their support. We need to make our case and then hold their feet to the fire of public opinion.

The public pledge: The House of Representatives will vote for a “life begins at conception” bill during the regular session of the 2015 legislative session.

If he does not pledge: Elect a true conservative Republican as Speaker.