Saturday, February 28, 2015

Students for Life: Millennials Are the Pro-Life Generation!

“God created human government. It is, therefore, inconceivable that God would create government and then tell His people to stay out of it.” ~ Pastor Adrian Rogers


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Please continue to pray for Dr. Kent Brantly and all those involved with the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.


Sometime around the 19th of December, my computer was hijacked, as the professional who fixed it stated. I try to be extra careful but I seemed to have let it in. We think we know how.

My oldest brother likes to say: “Just because you are paranoid, it doesnt mean someone isnt out to get you.” If we are correct as far as when the hijacking occurred, it has been over a month and yet all my financial accounts are intact. Therefore, I have to wonder if the attack was for another purpose.

Of course, I have been and am a huge critic of President Obama since he was running for the Senate in Illinois in 2006. I have called for his impeachment for his lawless behavior. In December, I became involved in stopping abortion/MURDER at the State level encouraging States to pass life begins at conception/Personhood laws. Is this why my computer was hijacked? I do not know. However, I have no doubt the regime would do such a thing! As I have said, they are lawless! They are also without morals doing anything for the agenda! And big on the agenda is MURDERING unborn babies.

That said, Im back. And I will keep fighting for life, for family, for GOD, for the Constitution, and for taking back the nation!


“You Will Be Challenged
by RJ McVeigh, SFLA Great Lakes Regional Coordinator
Posted on February 23, 2015

Some lawmakers have been making tragic and unwise decisions about abortion recently (Yes, they have!my addition). First, U.S. Representative Renee Ellmers (R-North Carolina), along with a few others such as Congresswoman Jackie Walorski (R-Indiana), sabotaged the federal Pain Capable 20-Week Abortion Ban bill in the House of Representatives. Second, U.S. Representative Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), publicly flip-flopped by denouncing his Pro-Life views in favor of calling himself Pro-Choice (He plans on running for the Senate! No Democrat will get Statewide support running as a pro-life candidate. It is not allowed! If he was ever really pro-life, his political career is more important than life! Thats why he is a Democrat!my addition). Also on the radar is that Governor Scott Walker has hired an abortion-friendly staffer to manage his presidential run. (PAY attention to this. This is important! He has lost my vote already but this should concern EVERY pro-life voter!my addition) And lastly, Michigan House Representative Brandon Dillon (D–Grand Rapids) followed in Ryan’s footsteps by publicly switching from Pro-life to Pro-Abortion-Choice.

Millennials have a fairly simplebut immensely powerfulmessage for these politicians and any others considering similar moves: You will be challenged on your abortion views (Good! They should be! They must be!my addition).

We are the majority. We are rising up. We will not be silent. Any public figure who believes they do not need to take the pro-life movement seriously, as those listed above clearly do, is a fool. You cannot sabotage common-sense pro-life legislation, hire pro-abortion staff to run your campaigns, or completely back-stab our movement by switching teams and get away with it (I should hope not!my addition).

Just ask Renee Ellmers, Tim Ryan, or (most recently) Brandon Dillon.

When Michigan Representative Dillon posted his op-ed two weeks ago, it took Students for Life approximately 20 minutes to organize students from every college in Dillon’s district with a protest plan. We called his office repeatedly until we had a meeting arranged with him a week later. Students from Grand Valley Students for Life, Grand Rapids Community College Students for Life, and Aquinas College Saints for Life spent the next seven days planning to get out of class and gathering letters addressed to Dillon from dozens of their peers. We had conference calls to establish our talking points, we mobilized dozens of students, and received countless messages and prayers of support from our peers, families, and communities (Thats the way to do it!my addition.)

[District 75 Brandon Dillon ~ Democrat ~ N1094 House Office Building

phone (517) 373-2668 my addition]

Partnering with Right to Life of Michigan, we were able to gather at their headquarters in downtown Lansing, Michigan to go over the game-plan ahead of time. Every student wore matching shirts that said, ‘I AM THE PRO-LIFE GENERATION’.

When we met with Representative Dillon at his office, we had to move to a meeting room across the hall because we did not all fit in his office. He was respectful and thanked us for coming, but he was clearly uncomfortable (As well he should be!my addition).

The students were phenomenal. As soon as Representative Dillon gave them the floor, they launched into their reasoned arguments. Their first move was to point out how abortion on demand actually harms women, which I believe struck a chord. They then systematically and intelligently walked through the reasoning behind a pro-life position, step by step. Representative Dillon quickly became defensive and began going off topic frequentlya sign of insecurity (Yes!my addition). The students had him on his heels, and they knew it. They did most the talking for over 40 minutes. As things began to wrap up, they ended graciously by informing Representative Dillon that we will welcome him back if he admits he is wrong. As one student put it: ‘There is still time for you to be a champion for Life.’

The point here is simple. The youth are pro-life. If you want to win the youth, the answer is not to be pro-choice or to avoid talking about abortion. The answer is to be passionately and emphatically PRO-LIFE (Yes! Yes! Yes!my addition). And if you betray this pro-life generation we will notice, we will act, and we will make your political life uncomfortable (Amen!my addition). Because we believe in human equality; and we get pretty upset when you discriminate against preborn human beings at the expense of their lives.

Join us! Rise up with us! If you are a student right now, email to find out who your Regional Coordinator is to get involved. (If you are a student in Michigan, Indiana, or Ohio e-mail me at If you are a Michigan resident, e-mail Representative Brandon Dillon at to tell him his recent change of position is a huge mistake (Yes!my addition).

Every abortion is MURDER! Everyone!

The abortion/MURDER method used after 13 weeks to MURDER a baby in the womb:



Dilation and Extraction (D&E): Used after 13 weeks - The cervix is dialated and the unborn child is dismembered with plier-like forceps. Force is needed to pull the baby apart. The instrument is used to seize a leg or other part of the body and then, with a twisting motion, tear it from the babys body. The babys spine is snapped and the skull crushed. After the baby parts are removed, they are reassembled outside the womb to be sure all are removed. Frequently baby parts are left inside the mother’s womb. This can cause serious complications and sometimes death.”

After 13 weeks: The babys limbs are pulled from his/her body! His/her spine is snapped! His/her skull is crushed! And the Left complained about waterboarding prisoners of war? Are you serious!


Abortion is government sanctioned torture and MURDER!

Life begins at Conception!

Personhood begins with Life!

Having an abortion MURDERS a person!


Galatians 6: 7-8 (NIV)

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.”

Victory through JESUS the Christ is complete! The question is how many will join the FAMILY of GOD and how many will be lost?

Lets make 2015 a benchmark year in protecting all human life from conception to natural death. It can be done. It will not be done if we do not try, pray, work, and put our faith and trust in GOD, JESUS, and the HOLY SPIRIT and THEIR power!

Planned MURDERHOOD is the most prolific MURDER organization in our nations history! Without question! And the federal government gives it money! And the federal government gives money to worldwide organizations that MURDER unborn babies! Why are we funding MURDER?

2 Corinthians 5: 10 (NIV)

For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad.”

Romans 8: 28 (NIV)

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”


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