Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hillary “We are the President.” Clinton lived in Park Ridge, Illinois.  She attended Main South High School.  She was, according to reports, an excellent student.  She has a law degree and is a Senator from New York.  Presumably during her years in school she passed several American history courses.  Yet, from her recently quoted comment she never learned that history, she has forgotten it, or she is knowingly lying to the American people.

In a recently published article in the Peoria Journal Star (1/20/06, page A3), she is quoted as saying “that Bush’s presidency would ‘go down in history as one of the worst….’”
The article continues with this explanation, “Clinton campaign advisor Ann Lewis said any change in tone (by Senator Clinton—my addition) ‘reflects the change in current events,’ starting with the federal response to Hurricane Katrina and including the indictment of Tom DeLay, the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal and the administration’s electronic eavesdropping program.”

These four “events” seem to be the four major “events” that have convinced Senator Clinton “that Bush’s presidency would ‘go down in history as one of the worst.’”  Starting from the last “event” listed and working backwards, let’s examine these four “events” that to Senator Clinton are major scars on the Bush presidency.

The United States is at war.  Our civilian population was viciously attacked on September 11, 2001 in a surprise, unprovoked attack on New York City and Washington, D.C.  We are at war.  The President claims he has the authority to carry out the electronic eavesdropping that he has ordered and that has occurred.  Some do not agree.  No definitive conclusion has been reached either way.  Yet, Senator Clinton has already concluded that this practice has been determined to be illegal.  Shouldn’t she at least wait until it has been authoritatively decided?

Furthermore, she obviously does not know or does not remember our history.  After the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, the Democratic Administration of President Franklin Roosevelt ordered the relocation of Japanese Americans into federal concentration camps without due process of law.  These American citizens were not accused of any crime, they did not receive a trial, and they were not convicted of any crime.  They were of Japanese descent—that was the only considered factor.  Does Senator Clinton really think we believe that the eavesdropping done by the Bush Administration is worse than taking American citizens from their homes without cause and placing them into concentration camps?  Does she think we are that stupid, naive, and ignorant of American history?

Let’s do some speculation.  What if President Bush had not ordered the eavesdropping?  What if we were attacked within the country a second time?  What if, after an impartial investigation, it was determined that knowledge of the second attack could have been secured by eavesdropping?  Who do you think would be among the first to criticize the President for not taking every precaution necessary to secure the safety of the United States?  Did you answer libertine Democrats?              

The second supposed source of this claim is the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal.  What scandal?  There may eventually be a scandal; at the present time the only scandal is the one created by the mass media and the libertines of this country.  Only one person has been accused and convicted of any crime.  That person is Jack Abramoff.  Jack Abramoff is not a member of the Bush Administration!  Not a single person in the Bush Administration has been accused of any wrong doing because of or in relation to Jack Abramoff.  Not a single person except Jack Abramoff has been convicted of any crime.  This is another example of alleged guilt by association or party membership(?) without a shred of evidence being presented.  It is extremely absurd!  It is extremely un-American!  For someone who has previously been accused of illegal activities as Senator Clinton has been, it is extremely hypocritical!  It is extremely obscene!

The third “event” identified is the indictment of Tom DeLay.  Tom DeLay is a Congressman from Texas.  Tom DeLay has been indicted.  Tom DeLay has not been convict of any crime.  Tom DeLay’s case has not even gone to trial yet.  Another extreme example of guilt by accusation of someone else!!!  Oh yes, Senator Clinton.  Do you remember your basic civic lessons?  Tom Delay is not now nor has he ever been a member of President Bush’s Administration!  Hillary, Tom DeLay is a member of Congress!  Hillary, Tom DeLay is a member of the legislative branch of government.  Hillary, that is the same branch of government that you are a member of!  Hillary, does that mean you are also guilty of the same illegal offenses that he is accused of?  

The final one is the Hurricane Katrina response.  I have already talked about the difficulties of a bureaucracy responding to such a crisis.  I will not go through that again.  For her to blame the President for that response is extremely ridiculous.  There are about two million federal employees in government.  No one can control what a small portion of the bureaucracy does before the fact.  Does Hillary expect him to be at FEMA making every day to day decision of the agency?  

For someone who claims to be capable of being President of the United States, she has demonstrated an amazing lack of understanding.  Hillary,  given the knowledge of and understanding of government you have demonstrated, you even considering running for President is a scary joke on the country!  You have demonstrated that you think we have very little knowledge of our government or our history.  Either that, or you don’t!    


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