Wednesday, January 18, 2006

On my 12/08/05 post I lambasted Peoria Journal Star writer Phil Luciano for an article he wrote opposing a new Chicago ordinance which regulated smoking in public places.  Today, he has another article published in the paper. (January 18, 2006, page B1)  It is titled “Sex ed not part of the solution.”  I think it is only fair to say, that in this article he is absolutely correct.  I recommend that you read the article.  (I’m surprised it was actually printed by the Journal Star!)

The original article in the Peoria Journal Star concerning this proposal was published on January 15, 2006, front page and page A17.  One of the strong supporters of the proposed program (sponsored in the state senate by Democratic Senator Carol Ronen) is identified as Planned Murderhood.  (They like to be referred to by their legal name—Planned Parenthood.)  Another strong advocate of the proposed program is the ACLU.  (I’m not exactly sure what this proposal has to do with the Bill of Rights but then the ACLU long ago abandoned any pretense of actually being concerned with constitutional issues.)  These two groups are two of the most vile supporters, if not the two vilest supporters, of the murder of unborn babies.  That in and of itself should tell any moral person that this proposal is a terrible idea.  An idea which includes spending 2 million dollars of taxpayer money.

One quote from the article includes this frightening prospect, “Planned Parenthood groups are interested in applying for the grant money if it’s allocated.  They could then teach the curriculum for free in schools interested in implementing it….” (page A17)  Isn’t that just what parents need?  An organization that believes that the murder of unborn babies either by a direct abortion or an abortion pill is a form of contraception teaching our students in public schools with our money.  What a horrendous concept!  What a travesty in the name of education!  “Let me educate you on how to murder the unborn!”

First, we had the American Academy of Pediatrics advocating “that all teens—not just those who are sexually active—have access to birth control, including emergency contraception.” (, July 13, 2005.)  Now, we face the proposed prospect of Planned Murderhood teaching murder in the classroom.  When will these disastrous groups stop advocating nonsense and let parents have parental control over their own children?    



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