Friday, January 06, 2006

On my November 28, 2005 post, I had information about Protect Marriage Illinois, a group that is trying to place an advisory referendum on the November ballot.  The Peoria Journal Star finally has an article about it in today’s paper (1/6/06, page B5.)  Always trying to be fair and impartial, the reporter quotes a homosexual activist to give his take on the issue.  The following quote is from that article.

“However, a gay-rights activist said the issue has no support with Illinois voters and only garners backing among ‘far, far, far right-wingers.’

‘This is about building up a mailing list and raising money by demonizing gay folks,’ Rick Garcia of Equality Illinois said.

Garcia cited statistics from a June 2005 statewide poll that shows that 67 percent of 600 registered voters contacted opposed changing the state constitution to ban same-sex marriages.  Moreover, 70 percent opposed changing the U.S. Constitution to prohibit gay marriage.

The survey also showed that 39 percent supported gay marriage, while 49 percent opposed it.  The poll was conducted by the Chicago-based GlenGariff Group and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.”

Here is my question.  If Mr. Garcia has such great confidence in this poll and if Mr. Garcia believes the poll is accurate, why aren’t homosexuals going throughout the state gathering signatures for this advisory referendum?  Think about it.  According to the article, 19 states have amended their constitution to prohibit marriage between homosexuals.  Every state that has had a vote on the question of amending its constitution has voted to do so.  (Maine in the 2005 election
“ … voted to preserve the state’s new gay-rights law.” [Arizona Daily Star, 11/10/05, page A3.])

Now, according to Mr. Garcia, the homosexual activists can change that trend.  Put the question on the ballot and let the voters speak.  According to Mr. Garcia, the voters in Illinois will vote overwhelming not to prohibit homosexual marriage.  What a great potential victory for his cause.  So, why aren’t homosexuals actively gather signatures to win such a great victory?      


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