Saturday, July 08, 2006

Please, please, please.  Someone tell me the following quote is either wrong or a misprint.  I can’t imagine that this can be true—not even in New York City.

As I’ve said, I save newspapers and articles from newspapers.  I’m now trying to catch up with newspapers that I have saved but have not cut articles out of yet.  I was working on papers published in February of this year.  There was an article about a powerful snow storm.  The headline was ”Record snow buries Northeast.”  The sub headline was “Central Park gets 26.9 inches in powerful nor’easter.” (Peoria Journal Star, by Karen Matthews, Associated Press, February 13, 2006, page A2)  I decided to cut it out thinking I might use it some day when discussing the likelihood of true global warming.  Glancing at the article, I read this statement—“New York officials said snow removal costs the city about $1 million per inch.”

Can that be possible???  1,000,000 dollars per inch?!?!?!  That seemed so unrealistic that I did the math.  There are 5280 feet in one mile.  There are 12 inches per foot.  5280 feet times 12 inches per foot = 63,360 inches in one mile.  That means to clear one mile of road, according to the information given, it would cost New York City 63 billion, 360 million dollars per mile!!! (Give or take a few million since the quote said “about.”)

I’ve never been to New York City.  How many miles of road are there in New York City?  How much does it cost them each winter in total snow removal costs?  It must be staggering.  

Yet, the information was in the newspaper.  The proofreaders allowed it to be printed.  Therefore, certainly it is true.  No wonder New York City has budget problems.  I think I could get the job done for half the price—maybe less.  I imagine city officials go to bed every night praying that it does not snow in New York City.  I forgot, since they are government officials, they can’t pray since that would be an attempt to establish a state religion.

What a predicament.  A little global warming might be a good thing for New York City.  If it does not snow because of global warming, the city will save truck loads of money.  Of course, if there is too much global warming, the city might be under water.  No wonder people say moderation in all things.  

Why would anyone live in a city where it costs 1,000,000 dollars per inch to remove snow?


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