Saturday, June 24, 2006

I knew I had it at one time.  I didn’t know if I still did.  As I’ve said, I’ve been clipping out news stories for a long time.  I’ve also begun to go through old boxes to keep and file the ones I still want.  The last two nights, I’ve written two articles about evolution.  If I’d found it earlier, I would have used it either Wednesday or Thursday.  Since I didn’t, I’ll use it tonight.    

I’m referring to an article that I saved either in 2004 or possibly 2005.  It was before I began putting dates and page numbers on items I cut out.  The article could be from the Arizona Daily Star (Tucson), Tucson Citizen, or the Peoria Journal Star.  My guess is, it is from one of the Tucson papers; but I am not certain.  If it is from a Tucson paper, it was probably published in 2004.

It was a short article featuring a ten question quiz given to adults by the National Science Foundation (NSF).  The purpose of the quiz was to understand the basic scientific knowledge of adults in the United States.  The article does not say if the quiz was given to a random sample of adults nor does it say how many adults took the quiz.  It does list the ten questions asked, the perceived correct answers according to the NSF, and the percent of adults who answered each question correctly according to the NSF.  

The first six questions were true or false questions.  The seventh question was an either—or question—A or B.  The eighth question gave a choice of three possible answers.  The last two questions were definitions that had to be given by the person taking the quiz.  

Naturally, the definition questions had the lowest number of adults who correctly answered those two questions.  One had 21% of the adults give the correct answer.  The other had only 9% who gave the correct answer.  Three of the six true or false questions were answered correctly by a majority of the adults.  The either or question was answered correctly by a majority.  The multiple choice question was answered correctly by 47% of the adults.

This is why I am writing about this particular quiz.  Two of the three multiple choice questions were answered correctly by 44% of the respondents while the third one was answered correctly by 48% of the adults.  One of the true or false questions dealt with evolution.  According to the National Science Foundation, only 44% of the adults answered that question correctly.

The question asked: True or False, humans evolved from lower animals.  According to the NSF only 44% of the adults questioned answered True.

There is the problem in a nut shell.  The National Science Foundation doesn’t know the correct answer!!!  The National Science Foundation has accepted nonsensical theory as scientific fact.  Fortunately, after years and years of indoctrination by public schools, a majority of the adults in this country still know the truth!!!



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