Sunday, July 23, 2006

Money buys elections for GOP

A letter to the editor published in the Peoria Journal Star on July 22, 2006, page A4 has the headline “Government for sale to the biggest contributor.”  The last two paragraphs declare: “Finally, there’s story No. 3 (‘Giuliani stumps for Topinka’), about Judy Baar Topinka raising $100,000 at a dinner and $1.2 million at a Bush-headlined fund-raiser.  Who do you suppose is attending these fund-raisers?  I’m pretty sure the average citizen is not coughing up $2,500 for supper.  No, this money is coming from corporations and wealthy individuals.

It is painfully obvious that today, our government is for sale to the highest bidders, the richest corporations and the most well-to-do.  Meanwhile, the current administration distracts us with non-issues, such as immigration and flag burning.  God help us if we vote to retain these crooks in the next election.”

The agenda of the writer seems to be revealed in the last paragraph.  He is not really concerned about how politics is financed.  He wants the present administration removed from office.  

In the meantime his biases are apparent.  He must be living in his own dream world if he actually believes that immigration and flag burning are non-issues.  They may be non-issues to him; I believe they are very relevant and important issues to a majority of voters.  I know they are to me.  I have written articles about both of these non-issues and no one is giving me money to either write on specific issues or to remain silent on specific issues.  Come to think of it, no one is giving me money to write.  

Furthermore, he is wrong when he declares twice that corporations are donating money to specific political candidates.  He is wrong or he knows something no one else does.  It is illegal for corporations to directly donate money to federal candidates.  I haven’t lived in Illinois long enough to know for certain if that is also true in Illinois, but my guess is that it is.  If he knows of illegal contributions (He must since he calls the current administration crooks.), he has an obligation to furnish that information to the proper authorities.

I wonder if he has already written a similar letter about Democrats.  “The campaigns last week had to report how much money they raised and spent in the last half of 2005.  Blagojevich again set the pace, bringing in $2 million to put his campaign fund at $15.5 million—shattering state money records at this stage of the election cycle.” (Peoria Journal Star, February 5, 2006, page A1)  I guess Democratic Governor Blagojevich raised his $15.5 million from small donations of $5 to $50 from thousands of poor voters who want nothing more than good government and to be able to murder their unborn children and marry someone of their own sex.

The letter writer should have waited a bit longer before he wrote his letter.  Coincidently the following story entitled “Hollywood’s A-list delivers for New York Democrat” was published on July 21, 2006 one day before his letter was published in the paper. (Peoria Journal Star, page C8)  The New York Democrat is none other than Senator Hillary “We are the President” Clinton who is running for reelection this year.

“The itemized donations were made public Wednesday with the paperwork for April through June more than 4,000 pages.  In that period, Clinton raised almost $5.7 million, bringing her total for her reelection effort to $43 million to date.  She has more than $22 million cash on hand.”

Some of the people listed as giving donations to her campaign and the amounts donated include:

Tom Hanks-------$4,200
Owen Wilson-----$2,100
Chris Rock------$2,100
Bette Midler----$4,200
James Caan------$4,200
Maria Maples----$2,000
Rob Reiner------$3,200
Billy Crystal---$4,000
Robert Iger-----$2,100

I am sure though that all of the other donations that total $43 million to Senator Clinton’s campaign were from average citizens who want nothing more than good government and to be able to murder their unborn children and marry someone of their own sex.  Certainly, none of the money came from wealthy individuals and the most well-to-do who want something in return for their donation.  Certainly, that is not the case since Senator Clinton is a Democrat and a champion of the down and out.  

The above listed contributors must be really struggling to come up with that kind of money to help a struggling Senator from New York.  They probably gave up some much needed food money to sacrificially donate to the Senator’s campaign.  

After all, poor Senator Clinton only received $8 million to write her tell nothing book about her husband.  She desperately needs the money.  Being poor herself, she is a champion of the poor!



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