Monday, July 10, 2006

The first definition for blasphemy in my dictionary is “the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God.”  (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary; tenth edition; Merriam-Webster, Incorporated; Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S.A. © 1995; page 121.)

On Tuesday, July 26, 2005 one of my first blogs was entitled “Use of ‘Oh my God.’”  It contained the following comments:

The news media in this area continues to disappoint and demonstrate their bias.  I was listening to Peoria’s CBS local news.  The story was about the hot weather conditions.  The reporter was interviewing children around a swimming pool.  One girl started her sentence with “Oh my God.”  I changed the channel.

The girl is inundated with that blasphemous language all the time on television and in public.  Although her parents should not allow it, it is not surprising.  What is not acceptable is the CBS affiliate airing it.  They didn’t have any other quotes they could have used instead?

I can almost guarantee that if the girl had used an offensive slang name to refer to a group of people, it would not have been aired.  Yet, it is perfectly acceptable to have a little girl blaspheme the name of the CREATOR of the universe.  After all, it is done every five minutes on almost every television show on the air.  It’s the only way our “creative” writers can show excitement, surprise, and their ignorance.  I will not be watching CBS news.

Why do I mention this post almost one year after it was originally written?  Because nothing has changed and it seems to have gotten worse.

This is a quote from an article published in the Peoria Journal Star on July 3, 2006, page B5.  “He said that just a few days earlier in Chicago, the car he was in stopped at a light and a 14-year-old pointed at him and said ‘’Oh my God,’ it’s Mayor Daley.’”

Who is the “he” who is repeating this blasphemous utterance from a 14 year old boy?  Why, it is none other that our illustrious Governor—Rod Blagojevich!!!  As I said in the first post, the 14 year old boy should have known better.  If the boy should have known better, then certainly the Governor of our State should have known better.  There is absolutely no excuse for the Governor to repeat such blasphemy.  He could have just as easily left the blasphemy out of his comment and simply said the boy exclaimed “It’s Mayor Dailey.”  I guess as the Governor of the State, Governor Blagojevich does not think he represents Christians in this State.  Why would any Christian vote for a Governor who blasphemes his/her GOD?

Wait!  That’s not all.  If it was not necessary to relay the essence of the story by repeating the blasphemous “Oh my God,” then it was also not necessary for the Peoria Journal Star to print the blasphemy.  We would have understood the meaning without the quote that blasphemed our GOD.  

Christians are not the only ones who should be offended.  Jews, Muslims, and any group that believes that the one true GOD is the CREATOR of the universe should also recognize this for what it is—blasphemy.

Do you think the Governor will apologize?  Do you think the Peoria Journal Star will apologize?  Do you think the writers of the article will apologize?  I don’t either!!!    


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