Sunday, August 13, 2006

Attack on morality, part 7

Do not be deceived!  Do not be misled!  Do not doubt it!  Do not be lulled into a false sense of security!  WE ARE AT WAR!!!  It is a cultural war.  It is a war for morality.  It is a war for the hearts, souls, and spirits of our children.  It is war for the SPIRITAL life of every person on this planet.  It is a war between GOD and Satan.  It is a war between righteousness and evil.  Righteousness through the death, burial, and resurrection of JESUS, the CHRIST—GOD’S SON—has already won!!!!!!!  And yet.

The real war is over how many will be SPIRITALLY saved and spend eternity with GOD and how many will be lost and be eternally punished with Satan.  In this war, GOD expects; GOD requires that Christians stand firm against Satan and the forces of evil.  GOD expects; GOD requires that we boldly proclaim HIS truth and boldly fight the righteous fight for righteousness.

I fear that Christians have been neglecting their responsibilities.  Some, who claim to be Christians, don’t even seem to know the difference between good and evil.  Some, who claim to be Christians, don’t even seem to know the difference between the acts of the sinful nature and the acts of the SPIRIT.  Some, who claim to be Christians, don’t even seem to know the WORD of GOD—the Bible—and/or accept what is taught in the WORD of GOD.  Some, who claim to be Christians, seem to believe that they know better than GOD what is best for mankind.  Some, who claim to be Christians, seem to be deceiving Christians who should know better.

This war has been going on since the Garden in Eden and the first sin by man.  At one time, GOD destroyed the population of earth except for Noah and his family.  At times, righteousness seemed to prevail.  At times, evil seemed to prevail.  Final, ultimate victory occurred at the cross—but evil continued for those who did not believe, did not repent, did not confess that JESUS the CHRIST is LORD and SAVIOR, were not baptized for the removal of sin, did not live a life in obedience to GOD’S WILL and HIS WORD.

World War II stopped the evil of the Third Reich.  The war did not stop evil.  By the start of the 1960’s, evil seemed to incrementally accelerate.  The list of seemingly accepted evils is long and I won’t attempt to list them all.  Think about the many different forms of evil that seem to have taken root and grown in the United States.

In 1973, the United States Supreme Court ruled that it was permissible for mothers to murder their unborn children.  Homosexual behavior started to become acceptable.  Adultery seemed to increase.  Sexual affairs outside of marriage seemed to increase and to become more acceptable to society.  Group sexual interaction was trumpeted as a means to improve relationships.  Pedophilia seemed to increase.  Divorce became an accepted practice.  A man and a woman living together without the benefit of marriage increased.  Pregnancy outside of marriage increased.  Child abuse seemed to become more and more prevalent.  Homosexual activists demand the opportunity to marry.  The sense of community seemed to decrease dramatically.  The use of drugs, both legal and illegal, to dull the pain and/or provide a “kick” has radically increased.  Gambling has increased and become recognized by some as a sport.  The love of money has flourished.  The accumulation of things is emphasized as a worthwhile goal for the “good” life.  The forces of evil have demanded and have tried to remove GOD from the public sphere.

What have Christians done?  Obviously, not enough!  Sin can only thrive when allowed to do so.  We have failed to shine the light of GOD and HIS righteousness as we should.  Sin can be overcome through GOD’S righteousness.  However, GOD wants, GOD expects our personal involvement.  GOD wants, GOD expects our prayers for HIS will to be done.  GOD wants, GOD expects Christians to boldly proclaim HIS righteousness, HIS will, and HIS SON.  GOD wants, GOD expects Christians to live a life of righteousness.  GOD wants, GOD expects Christians to do their part.

What have Christians done?  What have you done?  Have we promoted evil?  Have we promoted good?  Have we been indifferent?  It is not too late if we turn to GOD and apply HIS WORD.  

ARE YOU READY?  Or are you going to sit back and let evil continue to grow?  Evil can be stopped.  Evil can only be stopped through GOD, JESUS, and the HOLY SPIRIT.  We each have a choice.  What is your choice?

“Do not be deceived: God can not be mocked.  A man reaps what he sows.  The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.  Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6: 7-9)                          


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