Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Will more immoral garbage be televised?

I plan on sending the following letter which I’m posting tonight to TV station UPN 59 in Peoria tomorrow. As background for this particular letter, UPN televises the State of Illinois basketball tournament games for both Class A and AA girls’ and boys’ basketball. Last year, I was watching a girls’ Class A game when the station ran what I thought was an inappropriate commercial. I wrote a letter to the station manager and sent a copy of the letter to the Peoria Journal Star, our local paper, as a letter to the editor. The edited version of the letter was published in the Journal Star. The station manager did not respond to my letter.
I also posted the original letter on this blog. Two days later, I posted additional comments on the blog. To clarify the present letter, I’m going to repost the first two posts and then post the letter being sent tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006 Immoral garbage

I mailed the following letter to the UPN station in Peoria on March 1, 2006. As of yet, no one has responded. I don’t expect a reply. However, if I receive one, I will post it.
Your TV station will not be invited into my home again. Even when you promise wholesome entertainment, you bring along your immoral garbage.
We were watching the IHSA girls’ basketball tournament. Your immoral garbage was not invited but it came along anyway. A quote from a commercial aired during the game, “Once I got dumped during sex.”
Your TV station got dumped during a commercial. I should not have to police a wholesome program to prevent an immoral commercial from invading my home! Unfortunately, you don’t seem to have anyone with an ounce of intelligence working for your station!
I did what the libertines always say we should do. “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.” The TV was turned off. It will not be turned back on to any UPN program. I will not unintentionally invite garbage into my home and no program seems to be immune from the garbage invasion—not even a high school basketball game.
How many pre-teenagers were watching a basketball game and were exposed to a commercial glorifying premarital sex? Would you run beer commercials during this time slot? Would you run condom commercials? Then again, maybe you did and I turned off the TV before they were aired. It would not surprise me.
I’ll miss watching high school basketball. I will not miss the immoral garbage you tried to force upon us.

Friday, March 10, 2006 Immoral garbage (part 2)

Last Wednesday night the 8th of March, I wrote a blog about a letter I had written to the Peoria UPN TV station concerning the content of a commercial aired during the IHSA Class A Girls’ State Basketball Tournament. The blog was entitled “Immoral garbage.” I stated that I would not watch UPN any longer because that “garbage” commercial was aired during the basketball game.
Guess what. Tonight I watched the last half of the second night game of the IHSA Class A Boys’ Basketball Tournament. I decided to watch it because I had heard that UPN was going to air two night games of the Big Ten Basketball Tournament. The ISHA Class A games would be aired on Channel 17 instead of UPN by Insight Cable which operates in Morton. Channel 17 is usually reserved for items pertaining to a Peoria area junior college.
Guess what. I watched the entire second half and not one “garbage” commercial was shown. Every commercial was age appropriate for the audience that would be watching a high school basketball game. In other words, there was not one commercial promoting any program to be aired by the UPN station. UPN was not broadcasting the game and UPN was not inserting the “immoral garbage” promotions for their “immoral garbage” programs. It is possible to watch a high school basketball game without a “Janet Jackson Moment” as long as it is not being broadcast by UPN.
The IHSA ought to take note! Do you think they will?
(Please note: UPN has changed their name. However, the telephone book still lists it as UPN 59. Consequently, I am using that name to send the following letter.)

UPN 59
% Station Manager
2907 Springfield Road
East Peoria, Illinois 61611

Dear Sir:

Last year I sent a letter in reference to an inappropriate commercial aired by station UPN 59 during the Class A State of Illinois High School Girls’ Basketball Tournament. I also sent the letter to the Peoria Journal Star as a letter to the editor. I did not receive a response from your station but the letter was printed in the paper. I also posted the original letter and further comments on my blog: www.christiangunslinger.blogspot.com
I have enclosed copies of those two blogs for your convenience. As I said I would in the original letter, I have not watched your station since I saw the inappropriate commercial.
Since your station will once again be airing the State tournament games this year, I thought it is appropriate to advise you that I plan on monitoring the commercials aired during the tournament games. It is my sincere hope that your station will alter the policy from last year and not air commercials that are not suited for the young viewers who will surely be watching portions of the games.
Over the last year, television stations have been advertising that parents can control the programs their children watch. However, as far as I know, parents can not control the commercials that are aired on those programs. It, therefore, becomes the responsibility of the individual station to air age appropriate commercials.
I have already posted this letter and the two enclosed posts on my blog. If you have any response to this letter, I will also post that response. Further, I plan on sending a letter to the editor after the games are aired commenting on the civic responsibility or lack thereof demonstrated by your station. As I said, I hope that only age appropriate commercials are shown during those broadcasts. If that occurs, I will commend the station. If it does not occur, I will take additional steps to prevent the continued airing of immoral commercials to an age group that does not need to be exposed to such garbage.
Thank you for your time in considering this letter. I pray that your station will air appropriate commercials this year and in years to come.


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