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A Creation Museum

How many unborn toddlers were murdered today because of the humanistic, paganish decisions of the United States Supreme Court?

Stop the
Murder of

“Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.” James 4: 17 (NIV)

This was not my planned post for tonight. After my last post, I finally read the May 29th paper. The following article was in the Peoria Journal Star on May 29, 2007, page A3. I am quoting it in its entirety.

“Kentucky museum promotes creationism

Petersburg, Ky. (AP) –By 10 a.m. Monday, a line of more than 500 people snaked in front of the $27-million Creation Museum, the massive, high-tech tourist attraction promoting a literal biblical view of creation.

Across the street, as sheriff’s deputies look on, dozens of protesters held signs, some that poked fun at creationism (‘Do you deny gravity 2’) and others that showed open hostility toward organized religion. (One read: ‘Religion is the root cause of all terrorism.’) [How many is dozens? It could be just 24 people; it could be hundreds. Who knows how many is included in dozens? Only the reporter, I guess. Certainly, not the reader. Notice though that some of those who disagree with “GOD created” couldn’t resist voicing their opinion. It is certainly their right. My question though is this: Why are they so concerned? If it is so obvious that “slime to man” is true science, won’t the truth win out in the end? Indeed it will. Unfortunately, for the protesters if they don’t repent, when the truth becomes known to them as they bow before GOD, it will be too late to recant their blasphemy. They should open their hearts and minds to the truth. But then, some people have hardened their hearts to the truth that GOD created all things. It will unfortunately be their loss. They have been told the truth and have not repented. They can see the truth (design done by a DESIGNER; creation done by a CREATOR) and have not repented.—my addition]

Opinions spanned both fringes of the political spectrum, but on one thing nearly everyone was in agreement: a circus-like atmosphere surrounded the grand opening.

By early Monday evening, 3,000 people had visited the museum, and there was still a long line to get inside, said museum spokesman Giles Hudson.

About 130 media credentials were issued for the grand opening as well as for a preview on Saturday for news outlets based in the United States, Switzerland, Britain, France and Russia.

Among those visiting Monday were Dave and Faith Grosz, who trekked about two hours from Wilmore, Ky. They told their three children that they wouldn’t be in the news, but they found themselves talking to a reporter within minutes of arriving.

Faith Grosz said ‘there are too many holes’ (lies and unscientific speculation—my addition) in the theory of evolution.

‘It’s exciting to go to a museum that actually does hold to the theory of creation,’ she said. ‘Because every other science museum we have ever been to has held to the evolutionary theory. It gives honor to the Creator, who we believe in.’ (This is the only mention of GOD the CREATOR in the entire article. If not for this quote, the reporter would have had an entire article purportedly about a Creation Museum without one mention of GOD the CREATOR. Or, maybe other statements about GOD the CREATOR were edited out by the Peoria Journal Star editorial staff while they kept the more important details like the number of media credentials in the story. Who knows?—my addition)

The museum presents a literal Genesis view that everything was created in six 24-hour days. (Although I was not there at creation nor was any other man, GOD was. GOD certainly is capable of creating all things in 6 literal days. HE is capable of creating all things instantly if HE so desires. Having read the first chapter of Genesis have you noticed that GOD made light and darkness on the first day and yet did not make the sun, the moon, and the stars, things that we use to measure day and night, until the fourth day. It is GOOD that GOD is GOD!!!—my addition) It says that the Earth is only 6,000 years old—scientists say it is closer to 4.5 billion years old—and that humans and dinosaurs were both created on Day Six. (I’ve said before that Christians should not attempt to put a date on the age of the earth—of first importance because the Bible does not and therefore it is not biblically important. If it were biblically important, God would have told us. It is alright to speculate but Christians should not declare that speculation as fact. However, Christians also know this. Scientists can not possibly scientifically prove how old the earth is. [Also, not all scientists believe the earth is billions of years old. The reporter neglected to mention that there are some scientists who believe in a “young earth”.] Their estimate of “whatever billion” is just as speculative if not more so than the speculation that the earth is 6,000 years old. The scientists who believe in slime to man try to use an incredibly old earth to justify the ridiculous nonsense that slime can turn to man. In fact though, if it is not scientifically possible, it is not scientifically possible regardless of the age of the earth. It could be 6,000 or 6,000-trillion years old. If the change from slime to man can’t happen, it can’t happen period!!!—my addition)

Patrons scuttled through the museum to look at high-tech animatronic displays of dinosaurs living alongside humans and boarding Noah’s Ark. The museum claims that some dinosaurs survived until a few hundred years ago. (I’m not sure why this is relevant to the creation; but in reading this article don’t you get the feeling that the reporter is skeptical that GOD created all things. Do you think such an attitude, if present, would tend to skew his reporting of the event?—my addition)

The 60,000-acre facility is located on 42 acres that include a lake, picnic area and nature trails. (I reread this several times. This is how the article is written. I’m not sure how a 60,000-acre facility can be located on 42 acres. Now, that is a miracle!!!—my addition)

Some science teachers have said they’re worried that people will believe what they see in the museum and will have to be re-taught in science classes. (How many is some? The fact is GOD did create all things. By acknowledging that fact, the museum has come closer to the truth than any science class that erroneously indoctrinates students into the lie of slime to man!!!—my addition)

Museum officials have said that science confirms the Bible’s literal account of creation and have said criticism of it is an attack on religion.” (My guess is that if the museum officials believe that science confirms that GOD created all things and I believe they do, they probably also said an attack on the museum’s account of creation is also an attack on science. If that is true, why do you think the reporter did not say that also?—my addition)

This museum is a good thing because its emphasis seems to be on the truth that GOD is the CREATOR of all things. Why is it that the evolutionists can not tolerate (oh, there is that term again “toleration”) any deviation from their unscientific, nonsensical, ridiculous concept that man evolved from slime. Won’t honest debate help to bring the truth to the surface? Why are they so afraid of any concept except their own unproven nonsense? When are they going to change lead into gold???


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