Friday, January 28, 2011

State of the Union Speech—Wall Street Journal poll

I’ve had computer problems the last three days and could not post. Going through my e-mails last night, I came across the following. It seems that the poll is now closed but the results and the power of that e-mail are worth posting about. Of course, the poll is not scientific and does not necessarily represent the true opinion of the voting public. Then, again, neither are most of the polls published by the mass media!!! The e-mail:

From: the 9/12 Project

“Please Help Restore Accuracy To WSJ’s (Wall Street Journal) 2011 SotU (State of the Union—my addition) Poll (GRADE OBAMA)!

Posted by Jared Law on January 27, 2011 at 11:16am in Activism/Events

The Wall Street Journal did an online poll

and it appears to be open still; I voted, and it appeared to count my vote. It seems to have been inflated by Obama supporters; there’s no way that many WSJ-reading Americans thought Barack Hussein Obama deserved an ‘A’ for that pathetic speech. Let’s help restore some accuracy to the poll by everybody voting and let’s see if we can help the poll more accurately reflect America’s true feelings about the bait & switch White House Occupant!

Here’s a screenshot of the results, so we can track our influence:

(I could not copy the actual screenshot. Instead the numbers are given below—my addition.)

Grade of; percentage; actual votes

A: 33.3% —2009 votes
B: 14.5%—878 votes
C: 14.4%—872 votes
D: 18%—1085 votes
F: 19.8%—1196 votes

Now go to The Wall Street Journal’s OBAMA 2011 SotU POLL

and let’s help them out! :) [As of 5am this morning, it seems that this poll has closed. However, the results have changed. At 5am, more people are giving the speech an F over an A.

The totals as listed are:

Grade of; percentage; actual votes

A: 27.2% —2054 votes
B: 12.0%—904 votes
C: 12.6%—947 votes
D: 19.0%—1433 votes
F: 29.2%—2206 votes

Much more realistic! Ah, the power of the conservative movement and the internet to spread the word! Over 1000 addition F votes after the e-mail went out!—my addition]

UPDATE: We’re having a measurable effect; about three hours later, well over seven hundred of our members appear to have chosen to accurately rate Barack Hussein Obama’s SotU speech performance, with about five hundred more rating his speech an ‘F,’ and a couple hundred more giving BHO (Barack Hussein Obama—my addition) a ‘D;’ the percentages are now on their way to being realistic! From just 19.8% giving BHO an ‘F’ to over 25% giving BHO an ‘F,’ we’re making a difference! The ‘A’ and ‘B’ votes combined now lose to the ‘D’ and ‘F’ vote combination ...

Obviously, since we understand the Constitution, and the threat posed to it by Barack Hussein Obama, his Regime, and the rest of the progressive infrastructure (much of it funded by George Soros), most of us agree that BHO deserves an ‘F,’ just like his performance in office deserves an ‘F,’ as in FELON, FAILURE, and FRAUD! This may sound like less-than-civil ‘rhetoric,’ but the fact is that BHO and Soros and their ilk are destroying my beloved country; excuse me if I resort to less-than-diplomatic language!”