Saturday, January 22, 2011

Turkish Ambassador skewered

I was planning on posting about the darkest day in United States history—the day an obscene Supreme Court declared it was legal for a mother to MURDER her unborn child. That immoral decision occurred 38 years ago today.

However, I received the following yesterday and because of some concern that it may be removed from the youtube site, I am posting it today. I also received a petition I probably will post Monday. Then, I hope to do a short series on the continuing obscenity of MURDERING our own children.

The e-mail received with the link to the video:

“Subject: You are urged to watch this link before they block it.

It seems the snowball is rolling down the slope, smashing everything in its way, it started by the Dutch PM who said it loud and clear that Islam is a sick ideology, then the Norwegian PM sent $200 million back to Saudi Arabia telling them that if they need to build mosques in his country, start by building churches in Saudi Arabia.

Now, the Austrian PM is accusing the Turkish regime of being a bunch of criminals, and asking the Turkish ambassador to take his sick ideology and return to his country. When Salman Rushdy said it a few years back, no one believed him, and the Islamic world put a price on his head. Now, they are realizing that he spoke the truth ...

You are urged to watch this link before they try to block it.”