Friday, February 25, 2011

Petition to Senators—cut the budget by approving the House’s Appropriation Act of 2011

From: Grassfire Nation

“Citizens Say: ‘Read My Lips: Stop The Spending!’

The House just passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) that shaved $60 billion in spending off the federal budget. Now as the bill moves to the Senate, where it is expected to be met with fierce opposition from liberals and Big Spenders who are looking to score political points by painting Republicans as ‘mean-spirited’ and ‘callous’ for their cost-cutting actions. House Speaker has maintained his resolve to cut government spending, saying, ‘Read My Lips, We are going to cut spending.’ Debate begins on February 28 with a final vote by the end of next week.

ACTION: Grassfire Nation has just launched a national petition giving citizens an opportunity to weigh-in on the Senate debate. Go here to sign the petition and tell the Senate, ‘Read My Lips: Stop The Spending!’ Your petitions will be delivered to the Senate before next week’s vote.


“Citizen Petition to Elected Leaders:

“‘Read Our Lips’ Cut Federal Spending in the Budget Bill and Stop the ‘Statist Uprising’ Threatening the Nation

Petition Sponsor: Grassfire Nation

The Issue

After the House passed a budget cutting more than $61 billion from 2010 levels in spending for federal programs and agencies, Senate Democrats began complaining that debate over the deep cuts could force a shutdown of the government.

Meanwhile, proposed cuts on a number of state budgets have triggered a ‘statist uprising’ with unions and the Obama political machine fanning the flames. Despite what is happening on Capitol Hill and across the nation, one thing is clear—the Left will NOT tolerate any cuts in government—federal or state. And they are committed to using their ‘statist uprising’ strategy to expand their agenda.

The Action

With only a very tight window of opportunity for citizens to make a significant impact on the spending/budget crisis that is gripping our land, Grassfire Nation has launched this petition to quickly rally and mobilize at least 50,000 grassroots citizens who are challenging the ‘statist uprising’ and demanding no compromise in cutting the budget.

URGENT UPDATE! Grassfire Nation is delivering petitions to Wisconsin governor Scott Walker in a massive grassroots show of support for his ‘get tough’ stance on balancing his state budget.

Grassfire Nation will also begin delivering petitions to Capitol Hill offices on February 28—the first scheduled day of debate, and will continue delivering your petitions right up to the vote.

Simply complete the form below to sign the petition!

The Petition States:

As a concerned citizen of the United States, I am signing this petition to demonstrate my deep concern over the federal Government’s out of control spending habits as well as efforts by the Left and unions to hijack state governments in an organized opposition to spending restraints.

Following the midterm elections, Americans issued a clear mandate to curb fiscal irresponsibility at all levels of government and we expect our elected legislators to respond accordingly. As a result:

1) I demand the Senate not only consider passing the House spending cuts as contained in the Continuing Resolution Bill but also use those cuts as a jumping off point in seeking out additional cost-cutting measures.

2) I support the efforts by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and other elected officials in the 50 states to bring a responsible approach to government spending in order to balance our budgets and restore fiscal sanity.

The irresponsible approach taken by President Obama and his administration to simply print more money is both reckless and irresponsible. I will not tolerate one party or the other politicizing this crisis, but rather it is time for the parties to roll up their sleeves and commit to executing real fiscally responsible solutions that curb the out-of-control spending habits of our federal government.”