Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Republican Party BEWARE

I’m changing my post for today. Yesterday, while listening to Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump was interviewed by him. Donald Trump, of course, has expressed interest in running for the Presidential nomination for the Republican Party. I had a negative opinion of Donald Trump before the interview. NOTHING has changed!

Without going into much detail unless necessary later, here are three reasons while I will NOT support Donald Trump in the Republican primaries and why I will NOT support or VOTE for Donald Trump should he pull a John McCain and actually win the nomination. Two of the three reasons I’m giving are based upon the information he gave during the interview.

1) I consider Donald Trump to be an immoral person. That has not changed and I will NOT support a candidate I consider immoral.

2) Donald Trump contributed to Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago mayoral campaign.

I was disappointed by Rush at this point. He tried repeatedly to steer Mr. Trump into saying that he contributed to the campaign because that was the price of doing business in Chicago. Mr. Trump did not say that was the case. Instead, he gave three basic reasons why he made the contribution. They were:

A) There was no Republican candidate running. He failed to mention that the Chicago Election Board had immorally ruled that the Republican candidate was not eligible to participate in the primary because of an error the Chicago Election Board had made. Did the Election Board fear the Tea Party?

B) He liked Rahm Emanuel personally as an individual. I like and am friends with several liberals. That does not mean I would support their candidacy to an elective office. Policy positions ARE important!

C) He was a personal friend of Rahm Emanuel’s brother and he remains loyal to his friends regardless of their political stances.

Donald Trump does not seem concerned that Rahm Emanuel is a radical socialist who has supported, pushed for, and helped pass legislation and policies that are extremely HARMFUL to the United States of America! Donald Trump does not seem to understand that any person, for whatever reasons, who desires to be the Republican Presidential nominee DOES NOT contribute campaign money to a member of the opposition Party! He does NOT if he wants my support. I would venture to say, he does NOT if he wants the support of the Tea Party, although, obviously, I do not speak for the Tea Party.

3) In his interview, he said that China is a danger to the United States and China is manipulating the Chinese currency to keep it artificially lower than it would otherwise be to harm the United States and elevate its own power. He also said that China produces inferior products that it pushes upon the United States. And yet, in the same interview, he said that he purchases much of his product from China because the price is so low. He stated that the products he produces are high quality and low priced. To keep the low price, he “had” to buy from the Chinese. But wait, he said earlier that the Chinese produce inferior products. Doesn’t he recognize the contradictions in his statements. And he wants to President of the United States? NOT WITH MY VOTE!

Republican Party BEWARE! Should Donald Trump somehow win the Republican nomination, expect a third party candidate for the Presidency. I’m certain I will NOT support Donald Trump. I’m certain other conservatives will NOT support Donald Trump!

Republican Party BEWARE!