Monday, April 11, 2011

Environmental Protection Agency Petition and gun questionnaire

Note: I’m almost finished with my tax work and should be able to return this week to posting every day except Sunday. Thank you for your patience.

I received both of the following over the weekend and, because they are somewhat time sensitive, am posting them this morning.


“Stop Obama’s EPA from Increasing American Energy Costs!

Even while gas prices continue to go up and recent turmoil in Libya and the Middle East further threaten America’s energy independence, the Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) keeps pursuing a policy agenda that will only make matters worse.

Specifically, the EPA is trying to use the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gases and essentially enact a backdoor cap and trade scheme.

Congress never intended the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gases and doing so threatens to trigger new energy taxes, greatly slow America’s still-recovering economy, and send more jobs overseas to China, India, and other countries.

Fortunately, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) and Representative Fred Upton (R, MI-6) have introduced ‘The Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011’ (S. 482 in the Senate & H.R. 910 in the House) that would completely strip the EPA of its ability to use the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gases, effectively stopping Obama’s back door cap and trade strategy dead in its tracks.

I urge you to cosponsor and work to ensure passage of this important legislation.”


“Should Congress Make It Tougher To Own Guns?

In the wake of the shooting in Arizona that killed six people, including Federal Judge John M. Roll, and wounded 14 including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, some in Congress and many across the country are calling for stricter gun control laws., America’s #1 news site for independent-minded individuals, is conducting an urgent poll to gauge whether Americans think that stricter gun laws would curtail or eliminate such tragedies. We want to know if you think gun control is the answer.

The results of the poll will be available to you after you submit your vote and we’ll also share the poll results with major media outlets across the country. Thousands will vote, so take a moment right now to stand up and be counted… your opinion matters!


1) Do you believe stricter gun laws could have prevented the shooting tragedy in Arizona?

Yes, absolutely.
No, outlaws will always find a way to get guns.

2) Do you believe high-capacity ammunition clips like the gunman used should be available for sale to the general public?


3) Should people with a history of mental instability be able to buy a gun?


4) Would stricter gun laws make society safer?

Yes. Stricter laws are needed to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.
No. If guns were outlawed only outlaws would have guns.

5) Do you own a gun?

Prefer not to answer.

6) Which political party do you most closely align with philosophically?


Note: After I voted, the site would not accept my e-mail address saying it was invalid. So, I don‘t have any results from the questionnaire.