Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Osama bin Laden, Barack Hussein Obama, and the 2012 election

As I reported in yesterday’s blog and as has been report all day yesterday, Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has been killed by a U.S. special forces team. Since I don’t watch or listen to any of the mass media, I don’t know for certain if the following is true. However, it has been reported that some in the mass media are proclaiming that President Barack Hussein Obama is now unbeatable in the 2012 election.

Such an assertion is political nonsense. The only times President Obama has followed the correct course during his 2 plus years in office has been when he has followed policies established by President George W. Bush. That is particularly true in the area of foreign policy and the war on terror. President Bush established the proactive assault on terrorism rather than just reacting to a terrorist attack. The Iraq War was won during the Bush Administration’s time in office. The agreement for the removal of troops in Iraq was initiated and signed by the Bush Administration.

Osama bin Laden went into hiding early in the Bush Administration. Vital information necessary for the assault on bin Laden was gathered by the Bush Administration through interrogations opposed by Barack Hussein Obama and his cohorts. The pains-taking pursuit and tracking of bin Laden was initiated by the Bush Administration and continued by the Obama Administration. The initiative was not taken originally by the Obama Administration. The end result of that pains-taking effort just happened to culminate during Obama’s Presidency. The praise that goes to Obama is that he did not turn away from the efforts begun during the Bush Presidency.

Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama continues to support the MURDER of the unborn, continues to advocate the homosexual agenda and the resultant attack on the family, continues to support actions that violate the Constitution of the United States, continues to advocate the spending of borrowed money that drives the United States deeper and deeper into debt, continues to refuse to allow an increase in oil production to decrease the cost of oil, continues to push for more and more government control of every aspect of our lives.

Do these people in the mass media really believe that the American people are so stupid that they would disregard the harm he has done in favor of one action that was nothing more than the continuation of a Bush Administration policy? His approval rating may well go up momentarily if for no other reason than by mass media manipulation. However, one instance of success is NOT going to replace 2 plus years of utter failure. If it does, then the American people who vote for him will deserve the result. Millions of MURDERED unborn babies will NOT!!!

There will be some who will purport that Osama bin Laden was not killed and is still alive. There always seems to be conspiracy theorists around such events. I am as certain as one can be without actually be there that bin Laden was at the compound and was killed by our special forces troops.

Al Qaeda will certainly want to retaliate but they already want to destroy the United States. Consequently, such retaliations are of little additional consequence. One does not fight a war based upon fear of what the enemy might or might not do.

Perhaps now, the Obama Administration will admit that we are at war against terrorists who want to destroy us. Perhaps not. The war will go on. Osama bin Laden’s death, although significant, will not end the battles. However, it is important and those involved including the President are to be congratulated and thanked. In this instance, the President did fulfill his duties as commander in chief. Now, if he would only reverse course in his many other harmful and detrimental policies!

Tomorrow, I plan to resume the series on the federal budget.