Friday, August 31, 2012

Petition to all State Governors—Defund Planned MURDERHOOD (AKA: Parenthood)

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A PRO-LIFE organization that I strongly support is LIFE DECISIONS INTERNATIONAL!

Its website is at: deals with the immoral, sinful agenda of homosexual activists. deals with the MURDER of the unborn. will continue with political discussions based upon Christian values.

Support for the Constitution:


Read this report on early marihuana use:

From the “unbiased” mass media! “Both sides to visit Gulf” According to Rush, Mitt Romney is there today—leaving after the end of the Republican Convention. Our current President will be there Monday. So how gets the top headlines?


“News Headlines - August 31, 2012 12:20 PM

Misery in La. as Isaac flooding leaves power out

NEW ORLEANS (AP)—Isaac sloshed north into the central U.S. on Friday after flooding stretches of Louisiana and Mississippi and knocking out power, leaving entire water-logged neighborhoods without lights, air conditioning or clean water.

Top News

1) Obama to visit Louisiana Monday in wake of Isaac

2) Official: NJ supermarket shooter is ex-Marine

3) Romney makes jobs pitch; both sides to visit Gulf

4) Quake off Philippines spurs small tsunami; 1 dead


U.S. News

1) Misery in La. as Isaac flooding leaves power out

2) Obama to visit Louisiana Monday in wake of Isaac

3) Official: NJ supermarket shooter is ex-Marine

4) Soggy Seattle goes on streak of dry weather

5) Astronauts among dignitaries at Armstrong service


From: Liberty Counsel

“State by State: We are Calling on every Governor to Defund Planned Parenthood and Defend Life!

The United States Congress has failed to defund Planned Parenthood. Now it’s time to follow the lead of Texas Governor Rick Perry and eliminate funding of Planned Parenthood on state levels!

Your tax dollars and mine are helping fund Planned Parenthood and its immoral agenda of providing abortions, teaching our children to have sex at a very early age, encouraging sodomy, condemning religious values, and eroding parental rights.

The use of our tax dollars for abortions and other immoral purposes is reprehensible and must be stopped!

Liberty Counsel Action’s targeted pro-life petition pointedly tells the nation’s 50 governors that we stand united to Defund Planned Parenthood!

We are taking our ‘Defund Planned Parenthood’ message to state capitals, the nation’s governors, and other influential state leaders! Our petition forces governors and others to see that the American people will not stand for the same arrogant dismissal of pro-life public opinion we have seen at the federal level!

Sign this powerful petition and join tens of thousands of other concerned pro-life citizens in telling your governor to DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD AND DEFEND LIFE. This is a winning strategy!

The Petition states:

As a concerned pro-life American, I am calling on the governors of every state to initiate and seek to pass legislation that would eliminate taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood—the nation’s largest provider of abortions—and its many affiliate groups.

I adamantly oppose any government-sponsored program that will require me to pay for abortions with my tax dollars! Taxpayer-funded abortion is wrong for America and violates my deeply-held beliefs and those of the majority of America’s citizens.

The Petition:

Watch this video:

And this video:

Why should every Christian in Missouri vote for Todd Akin?

Clair McCaskill is 100% PRO-MURDER!

Todd Akin is 100% PRO-LIFE!!!