Thursday, August 08, 2013

Congressional Agency to Audit Abortion Providers—What Took So Long? What Will Congress Do with the Report?

Congress is on summer recess. Now is the time to call, e-mail, and to go to townhall meetings and tell your Congressman and Senators NO AMNESTY for Illegal immigrants and DEFUND OBAMACARE! We the people have the power IF we use it! USE IT!

Watch this video of an interview with Ted Cruz on defunding Obamacare:

This coming from ABC news! As Rush likes to say, “A random act of journalism!”

Muslim in truth:

Longbut well worth listening to. Listen while doing other things at the computer. I sent this to a Tea Party friend from Illinois and he had sent it to the membership 13 minutes later. Still being a member, I received it too. 

Watch this video (There is plenty of money out there, it is just that the government doesn’t have it [YET!]!—said by a Leftist Democrat!)


“Congress to Investigate Planned Parenthood Abortion Business
by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 8/6/13

The Government Accountability Office’s (GAO), a Congressional agency, has indicated it will conduct an investigation of the Planned Parenthood abortion, business, which was recently busted for millions of dollars of Medicaid fraud in Texas.

The abortion giant has engaged in at least $12.5 million in fraud over multiple states—that has become public knowledge so far.

Representatives Diane Black (R-Tennessee), Pete Olson (R-Texas), Chris Smith (R-New Jersey) and Senator David Vitter (R-Louisiana) issued statements late Monday saying they are grateful the agency will look into the abortion corporation and its financial dealings (It is well past time!my addition).

‘The federal government providing funding to abortion providers is a serious problem in our nation (More than serious! It is immoral to use our money to MURDER our citizens!my addition),’ Representative Black said.

She added: ‘I am pleased with the decision from GAO to investigate the use of taxpayer money designated to any abortion provider, particularly Planned Parenthood. This independent study of how much and for what purpose these dollars are allocated to all abortion providers is necessary for Congress to ensure accountability and oversight. I look forward to reviewing the results and ultimately, mobilizing the support needed to stop federal funding of abortion providers once and for all (One does not need a study to know that it is immoral to provide our money to Planned MURDERHOOD and the like!my addition).’

Senator David Vitter added: ‘Planned Parenthood performed a record 333,964 abortions last yearalmost 1 million in the past three years. At the same time, they also received more federal taxpayer dollars than ever beforea record $542 million, (My use of bold. That is over ½ billion of our dollars going to a MURDEROUS enterprise!my addition) an 11 percent increase over the past two years. Planned Parenthood and other organizations that provide abortions clearly benefit from Uncle Sam, but there’s no accounting to prove how they actually use that money. This GAO report would shine a light on how our tax dollars are being spent.’

‘I’m thrilled that GAO has agreed to again investigate the amount of taxpayer funding that has been allocated to Planned Parenthood and similar groups that perform or promote abortions,’ Representative Pete Olson said.

Olson continued: ‘Federal tax dollars are legally prohibited from being used for abortions. Under the U.S. constitution, the Obama Administration has a duty to enforce these laws (The Obama Administration picks and chooses what it enforces! Why doesnt Congressparticularly the House of Representativesdo something about it!my addition). And under that same constitution, Congress has a duty to ensure that the executive branch follows the law of the land (Yes, they do! Why havent they? He has been violating it almost from the beginning!my addition). I look forward to seeing the report and following up on behalf of all American taxpayers.’

‘Despite the best and slickest market branding money can buy, the stubborn fact remains that Planned Parenthood clinics are among the most dangerous places on Earth for a child. It is deeply troubling that despite the fact that Planned Parenthood claims direct responsibility for killing over 6 million unborn babies, including a record 333,964 abortions in 2011 alone, they still receive taxpayer money—since Obama’s election, U.S. subsidies to the abortion industry at home and abroad, have significantly increased (Of course they have! Barack Hussein Obama is even more pro-murder than Bill Clinton who is rather extreme! However, it was not necessary since 2011 when the Republicans regained control of the House!my addition),’ Olson added.

These members of Congress led a group of more than 50 members of Congress requesting a report from the GAO on how taxpayer funding is specifically used by Planned Parenthood and other federally funded organizations that perform or promote abortion. Black and Vitter are the lead sponsors of the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act (H.R. 217/S. 135), legislation to block any Title X federal funding from going to organizations that perform abortions, such as Planned Parenthood.

Congressman Chris Smith concluded: ‘It’s time for Americans and especially Congress to take a second look and defund Planned Parenthood (It is well past the time! Congress should have never been providing money to organizations that murder unborn babies!my addition). I’m pleased that the GAO will be investigating how much taxpayer money the abortion industry is receiving. Hopefully this will help us finally put an end U.S. taxpayer support, funding and complicity with this violence (MURDERmy addition) against children.’

The real question is will the Republicans have the backbone to stop funding these organizations? From what I have seen and heard, the sad answer is NO!

Watch this video!

Mitch McConnell, if he really wants to stop Obamacare, has the opportunity to stop it by not funding Obamacare in the Continuing Resolution before Congress in September! He has an opportunity to lead the Republican Party. Will he? If he does not, “If he funds it, he owns it!” And so does every other Republican who votes to fund this illegal, unconstitutional, immoral law! Are we a constitutional republic or are we an executive dictatorship who ignores Congress