Monday, September 09, 2013

President Barack Hussein Obama, the Democratic Party, Syria, and a Mother’s Moral Outrage



“What Would Americans Think of Bombing US for Killing 4000 Children Every Day?
By Gary DeMar
September 7, 2013

The hypocrisy of liberals knows no bounds. They will support abortion on demand with almost no restrictions—4000 every day. They will pour tax dollars stolen from the American people through taxation and fund the nation’s premier abortion advocacy group, Planned Parenthood (AKA Planned MURDERHOOD!—my addition).

Democrat political candidates in Iowa bowed their heads and prayed to God to allow them to kill pre-born babies through abortion (The arrogance of SIN!—my addition).

Liberals got behind pro-abortion Texas State Senator Wendy Davis who fought to keep abortions legal past the 20-week mark. When asked about the Kermit Gosnell case, she pleaded ignorance. Here’s how Kirsten Powers described what Gosnell did: ‘Infant beheadings. Severed baby feet in jars. A child screaming after it was delivered alive during an abortion procedure. Haven’t heard about these sickening accusations (Hear no evil, see no evil, and ignore the speak no evil part! It is the Democrat way!—my addition?’

Davis has been turned into a celebrity, even getting a spread in Vogue. The magazine’s September issue ‘features a glowing profile and a glamorous picture of Davis, a Democratic lawmaker from Fort Worth, Texas, who may be mounting a bid for governor (I truly hope she does! She will lose and be gone! Even voter fraud will not help her in Texas!—my addition.’

A video game is in development and its developers are seeking funding that shows players how to maneuver around Texas’ anti-abortion laws:

Choice: Texas is a free, web-based game that allows players to choose from five female avatars with various levels of difficulty getting an abortion. Professors Carly Kocurek and Allyson Whipple are seeking funding on IndieGoGo to launch the game and bring awareness to Texas’ anti-abortion laws (Laws against premeditated MURDER!—my addition).’

400 children were gassed to death in Syria. That’s one-tenth the number of preborn babies killed in the United States . . . every day. So why the moral outrage about what’s going on in Syria but almost no moral outrage by America’s liberal elite over the killing of 4000 pre-born babies day after day for the past 40 years (Approaching 41 years now! Because they have a selected morality!—my addition)?

What do you think would happen if international anti-abortionists came to America and started to bomb abortion facilities? If it’s morally justified to bomb a nation that indiscriminately kills 400 children, then why isn’t it morally justified to shut down abortion clinics, cut off all abortion funding, and work to overturn the bloody evil that liberals argue is a woman’s right (Good question!—my addition)?

In the case of abortion, in 1973 seven Supreme Court Justices ruled that it’s morally permissible to kill a baby growing in the sanctuary of her mother’s womb (Now, and for the last 40+ years, the most dangerous place in America! I would say the most dangerous place in the world except China has us beat and probably India!—my addition). That’s the difference. The opinions of seven people consigned 60 million pre-born babies to their death.

America has a moral double standard called selective outrage. Given the logic of the abortion culture, each of those 400 Syrian children who were gassed to death could have been aborted and Obama would have defended a woman’s right to abortion, asked God to continue to “bless” Planned Parenthood, and called on Congress to allocate additional abortion funding so PP could open an office in Syria (And the Obama Administration is pushing for world wide MURDER of the unborn just as he is pushing for homosexual perversion world wide!—my addition).

Notice at the end he declares God bless you.” Besides the obvious blasphemy of an individual who has just called for more MURDERING of unborn babies, he must have forgotten momentarily to whom he was speaking. These are people who scream Hail Satan!”


“Democratic Party Chair Heartbroken by Kids Killed in Syria, But Supports Abortion
by Lauren Enriquez | Washington, DC | | 9/6/13

“In a CNN debate on September 4—the eve of today’s vote on Syria authorization—Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida argued with Republican Congressman Michael Burgess about the need for American intervention in the Syrian civil war.

U.S. intervention is being considered because Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad is being suspected of having used chemical weapons on his own people. These people were civilians, and among them were hundreds of young children. The civil war has also created two million refugees, half of whom are children, according to the United Nations, who are calling these million children a ‘lost generation.’

In a poignant summary of her opinion that U.S. involvement is necessary, the congresswoman said the following:

‘As a mother, to me, I have an indelible searing imprint on my mind after seeing the pictures of those babies lined up. We have a moral responsibility to respond (And as a mother, does she also have a moral obligation to stop the MURDER of unborn babies within the United States, which is the only sovereign nation in which she actually has a voice that counts? The hypocrisy is glaringly obvious!—my addition).’

It is an unimaginable tragedy and utter injustice that hundreds of Syrian children appear to have died at the hands of the man who is designated to look out for their welfare. Wasserman Shultz overlooked fundamental flaw in her argument when she observed America’s moral responsibility to respond: Wasserman Shultz has spent her career ensuring that chemical and other forms of death continue to be protected by law and carried out on the babies in her own country.

You see, Wasserman Shultz has an extended track record of voting against the rights of American children by working to further abortion and research rights that endanger and ensure the end of millions of innocent young lives. She has voted in favor of destructive embryonic stem cell research. She has voted against laws that would protect American children by withdrawing government funding from abortion providers. She has worked against protecting young American women from predatory abortion practices by voting ‘no’ on legislation that would restrict interstate abortion availability to minors (The real war on women is being waged by Democrats against unborn female babies and against mothers whose lives and health are being threatened by immoral doctors! Follow the money! It is a cash cow industry!”—my addition.

Wasserman Schultz, like any compassionate human being, is appalled by the use of chemical weapons on children. But she has created a false dichotomy by working to ensure that American babies can be killed by the chemical weapon of a saline abortion, in which a woman’s uterus is filled with a saline solution that eats away at the inside and outside of the baby until it is burned to death in utero.

Wasserman Schultz also works to ensure that other babies can be killed by the RU-486 chemical abortion, in which the mother ingests a pill that cuts off her baby’s food supply and starves it to death, before ingesting another pill that makes her uterus contract to expel the dead baby into toilet water, to be flushed out of existence. No one gently dresses these fatally-wounded children in white shrouds, lining them up that we may see and mourn for them, and honor their lives. They are flushed, tossed, and ground out of existence.

And yet, the congresswoman rallies for America to go to the aid of a country that is suspected of using chemical weapons on a much smaller scale than that of America’s chemical abortion practice. Human morality demands action in the face of injustice. It also demands consistency in these actions: there are unconnected dots in the congresswoman’s argument that America should rally to aid Syria while simultaneously continuing to snuff out the lives of its own children (Ouch! And GOD knows exactly what is occurring! Without repentance they will pay a grave price for their continuing sin!—my addition).

LifeNews Note: Lauren is a former Legislative Associate for Texas Right to Life and a graduate of Ave Maria University. This post originally appeared at Live Action News and is reprinted with permission.