Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pro-Life Movement Need to Reach Students When they are Young!

From: Students for Life

“Next week, hundreds of thousands of high-school and college students will return back to their campuses and will be ‘greeted’ by the nation’s abortion Goliath, Planned Parenthood, and their allies (Many are already back. Arizona and Illinois schools started already and so did at least some Texas schools. These are the only three States I have lived in so these are the only ones of which I am addition).

And this school year, I need your help now more than ever. Right now, I need you to prayerfully consider sending an urgent care package of $350, $55, $25, or even just $7 to support one of our 6 full-time Regional Coordinators or one of our 4 National Coordinators who will be fighting this spiritual attack, this Culture of Death head-on next week.

Instead of being told the truth about how risky premarital sex is and how all life has value, our young people will hear this message loud and clear next week from Planned Parenthood (Planned MURDERHOODmy addition)

We know abstinence is impossible (Absolutely not true! One of the many lies pushed by Planned MURDERHOOD!my addition), so just come to us for your condoms and birth control. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your parents. We can treat any sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) you contract. And if, God-forbid, you become pregnant, we can take care of that too (With a somewhat inconvenient MURDER!my addition).

Don’t believe me? Just look at the facts:

79% of Planned Parenthoods are located within 5 miles of a college campus.

51% of abortions are performed on high school and college girls.

61% of young people under 18 are engaging in pre-martial sex.

50% of young people will get at least 1 STD (sexually-transmitted disease) by age 25.

And to top it offjust look at one of the nation’s top pharmacies listed last week as a “Back to School Special (Too bad the pharmacy company was not identified!my addition).’

[My mistake. I was going to post a picture that was provided but I accidentally deleted it without remembering the picture. It was a pregnancy test kit that was on sale for the well prepared female going back to school.]

Our full-time team at Students for Life is made up of former pro-life student leaders, and all of us know what it’s like to face the spiritual attacks of Planned Parenthood and the Culture of Death on campus.

And we know how to fight back ... and win (Students for Life was in Texas in support of the pro-life bill, now law, passed in the special session this summer!my addition).

We send young people, who have faced off against Planned Parenthood in their own communities, to find other young people who are pro-life and eager to do more to abolish abortion in our lifetime.

s really this simple: Change one person, make one pro-life activist for life. They in turn make more activists, educate more young people, and help more women in crisis. Bringing us one step closer to defeating Planned Parenthood and abolishing abortion in our lifetime.

But today, I need your help to fund the work of our 10 full-time Regional and National Coordinators as they begin their journey this school yearhelping to pay their modest missionary salary, fund their daily expenses (flights, gas, tolls, meals), or their recruitment costs (flyers, sidewalk chalk, pizzas for students groups)as they travel to over 350 campuses starting more than 150 new pro-life groups and training our already existing 759 Students for Life groups this year.

Donald, can you pitch in by sending a $350, $55, $25, or even a $7 care package to help us carry on mission?

Your generous
care package gift of $350 will help pay for one flight for Casey, our West Coast Regional Coordinator, who frequently flies between San Francisco and Phoenix, reaching all of the Students for Life groups in her region and helping them lead educational projects on their campuses.

A care package gift of $55 will help pay for one tank of gas for Rebekah, our Pacific Northwest Coordinator, who spends hours in her car each day traveling to all of her groups in Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Alaska helping them to recruit new members and fight back against their administrations.

A care package gift of $25 will help pay for one days meals for Alicia, our Great Lakes Coordinator, when she is driving between Grand Rapids, MI and Cincinnati, OHstopping to train dozens of Students for Life groups along the way.

A care package gift of just $7 will help pay for a hot meal that Brendan, our National Director, would much appreciate when he’s traveling non-stop for a full 6 weeks this fallspeaking with student groups across the United States and teaching our Regional Coordinators in the best strategies.

Because the journey from student to campus leader to life-long pro-life activist begins with your support. Thank you for giving our team the tools they need to equip our student leaders!


Kristan Hawkins

P.S. - Please send an immediate care package gift of $350, $55, $25, $7 or whatever you can afford to help support our full-time Regional and National Coordinators this fall. Your support will literally determine how many campuses we can reach, how many students can be mobilized, and how many activists will be made. Please even consider, stepping up to send a monthly care package to one of our team members!

Planned MURDERHOOD and their cohorts often get to students in their public school sex educationclasses. We need to counteract this. Better to reach them when they are young than older. Planned MURDERHOOD knows this and uses it to promote their culture of MURDER!