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Democrat Representative Gwen Moore of Wisconsin Attacks Hobby Lobby for Attempting to “Impose a State Religion on Everybody!” Is She Serious?

For your enjoyment, sent to me earlier. I understand it has been around for awhile.

Competition is good for the economy and competition is good for the Republican Party!!! Competition keeps Congressmen committed to we the people!!! Primary Republicans who do not support the Constitution as written.

I do not usually use material from Mediaite since I consider it to be a far left online “news” organization that pretends to be impartial. But, I’m being redundant. Anyway, I considered this article interesting since my post Wednesday on this blogsite dealt with Hobby Lobby’s court case reaching the Supreme Court. Here is one elected Democrat’s reaction to that event according to Mediaite:


“Dem Rep. Attacks Hobby Lobby for SCOTUS Case, Trying to ‘Impose a State Religion on Everybody’
by Noah Rothman
November 27, 2013

Representative Gwen Moore (D-Wisconsin) expressed her concern on MSNBC on Wednesday about the potential implications for the country if the Supreme Court finds in favor of a variety of businesses, including Hobby Lobby, which has challenged the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate. Moore attacked the chain for what she characterized as an effort to ‘impose a state religion on everybody (Really? How is that even possible? Hobby Lobby is a privately owned business! How can Hobby Lobby impose anything on other people not within their employment? How in the world can anyone come up with such nonsense? Certainly common sense is not involved in such a comment! The imposition is COMING from the GOVERNMENT, NOT from Hobby Lobby! Hobby Lobby is trying to stop the IMPOSITION of MURDER into its business organization! GOD bless the owners of the company for standing up to this unconstitutional act on the part of the federal government! And it is unconstitutional. The federal government can not legally force a business to provide certain products to people in their employment! They do not have the constitutional authority to do that under any section of the Constitution!my addition).’

“I am very confident that the Supreme Court will rule on the side of women (On the side of women? What is she talking about? Did Hobby Lobby sue women? When? How? Such utter nonsense that comes from the Democrat Party! Do they live in their own little universe? Do they understand reality? Why do people vote for someone like this? Do they buy into this nonsense? If so, this nation is in deep trouble!my addition),’ Moore told MSNBC anchor Richard Lui.

She added that the fact that the companies bringing the case, including Hobby Lobby, ‘says it all (That they do not like the federal government telling them what they can and can not do with their own money?my addition).’

‘Motherhood is not a hobby (Who said it was?my addition) ,’ Moore declared. ‘Women’s health is not some arts and craft (Who said it was? By the way, MURDERING unborn babies has nothing to do with womens health, per se. Is she trying to be clever? What if it was a gun manufacturer who sued? What if it was a church? Oh, that is right, churches have sued!my addition).’ She added that she does not believe these companies ‘should decide whether or not I’m going to be a mother (They are not! They are saying the federal government does not have the authority to force them to provide a product to their employees that is against their religious beliefs! And the federal government does not! In fact, the federal government does not have the authority to force any company to provide any product to their employees!my addition).’’”

‘Moore said that estrogen supplements and other forms of birth control are also used often times to treat serious illnesses as well as prevent pregnancy (Really? Can she back that up with actual facts? Democrats lie! And you know very well that is not why the federal government is mandating this and that is not why Hobby Lobby is fighting this unconstitutional mandate!my addition). Lui clarified that Hobby Lobby in particular does not object to providing contraception coverage but specifically to abortifacients like the morning after pill.

He played a clip of Hobby Lobby’s founder and lawyer making the case that their religious faith should not be violated simply because of their profession or the size of their company. ‘What about freedom of religion, as they were talking about?’ Lui asked.

‘I think the notion of the First Amendment, and I’m not a lawyer (Obviously!my addition), is that, you know, you don’t impose a state religion on everybody (She is ABSOLUTELY WRONG!my addition),’ Moore said. ‘If I believe that at age 24, and I’ve got three kids, that I need to use birth control so I don’t have fourth, you can’t impose your religious beliefs on me (They are not! How are they? You can use all the birth control you want! The federal government does not have the authority to mandate that a private company must provide anything to their employees! The government does not have that power! That is the power of a tyrannical government! Her whole argument reminds me of that old saying, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt!”my addition), Hobby Lobby, that I ought to have a fourth or a fifth child because that’s what you believe (Is she even being rational! Why is Lui letting her get away with speaking such nonsense? Liberal media interviews liberal Democrat?my addition).’”

The video via MSNBC is at the website:

Gwen Moore represents Congressional District 4 in Wisconsin. Since she is a member of the House, she is up for reelection in 2014. According to Politics1, there are two Republicans in the primary seeking to run against her. Whoever wins the primary should CONSTANTLY run this segment and explain how terribly off base she is! Do the good voters of District 4 really want to claim her as their Representative?


“Moore is a far-left Democrat according to GovTrack’s own analysis of bill sponsorship. Moore’s bills have had a total of 236 cosponsors in the 113th Congress.

Use this chart to compare Moore to other members of the House of Representatives on leadership and ideology.

Need to go to website to see chart. Scroll down

Wealth in the Senate: This is a couple of years old but it is the latest information I could fine with a quick search. Notice the top seven are all Democrats—the supposed Party of the poor and underprivileged! John Kerry is now Secretary of State. Herb Kohl is no longer in the Senate. Frank Lautenberg recently died, has been replaced, and his widow was given $174,000 by Congress using a provision in a law just passed. Of course, all seven, as Democrats, are pro-MURDER in their voting records although back home they may claim otherwise!


“Posted by Anne Sorock
August 2, 2012 

Ballotpedia has compiled data on the average net worth of our elected officials for the years 2004 to 2010. As the average net worth of Congress has increased since 2004, and held about even from 2007 to 2010, the average American family net worth dropped 40 percent from 2007 to 2010 to an average of $77,300.

In 2010, the average net worth for a U.S. senator was $13,224,333. The average net worth for a Democratic senator was $19,383,524, compared to $7,054,258 for a Republican senator. That’s a difference of $12.3 million.

The top ten richest senators, the highest seven of which are Democrats, from this Ballotpedia table:

Top 10 Senators in 2010 with average net worth:

John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) $231,722,794

Mark Warner (D-Virginia) $192,730,605

Herb Kohl (D-Wisconsin) $173,538,010

Jay Rockefeller (D-West Virginia) $99,057,011

Frank R. Lautenberg (D-New Jersey) $85,572,116

Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) $73,151,590

Dianne Feinstein (D-California) $69,046,622

Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) $59,550,022

James E. Risch (R-Idaho) $54,088,026

Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) $27,213,024

Watch this video: Barack Hussein Obama in high school

Video: President Barack Hussein Obama now & then on Obamacare

E-book available: Why Uphold Marriage?

We need to keep supporting and working for PRO-LIFE, PRO-TRADITIONAL FAMILY candidates and representatives at all levels of government.

Never get complacent!

Never give-up!


You will know them by their words and deeds!

Matthew 12: 35-37 (NIV)

“A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him. But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.”

Matthew 11: 19b (NIV)

“But wisdom is proved right by her deeds.”

This question was at the side of an article I posted on

“Debating Abortion: Should You Use Pro-Choice or Pro-Abortion?”

My answer: Neither! We should name it by what it is! PRO-MURDER!

Texas Senator John Cornyn is already running ads for his reelection in 2014! We will not be fooled! John Cornyn voted for cloture to FUND Obamacare! John Cornyn owns Obamacare!

John Cornyn owns Obamacare! REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!

John Cornyn owns Obamacare! REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!

John Cornyn owns Obamacare! REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!




1) Obamacare is immoral!

2) Obamacare is illegal!

3) Obamacare is unconstitutional!

4) the American people do NOT want Obamacare implemented!

5) If you vote for Obamacare funding, YOU OWN Obamacare!

6) Obamacare is a vote for, vote against issue in 2014!

7) He/she represents US not the Party and not the President!

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