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Rand Paul Is Not Fit to be President? Rand Paul Is Lukewarm as a Pro-Life Candidate?

Ted Cruz: Yes we can!

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Are Atheists irrational?

From: Family Research Council

“Rand Casts a Paul over Life Debate

April 24, 2014

Republicans are still months away from kicking off the presidential race—and that’s a good thing for front-runners like Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), who could use the extra time to hone their messaging (Senator Paul was never on my list and will not be!—my addition). In four years, the Kentucky leader has won over plenty of fans for his solid record on a whole range of issues, including life. But today, it isn’t his record that’s concerning people—it’s his rhetoric (His rhetoric in this case is more important than his voting record because he knows his votes will not be victorious in a Democrat Senate that votes continually to MURDER the unborn. What he is doing is sending a signal that he will be a moderate fence sittingRepublican whose only principle is to win the nomination at any cost! He is moving to RINO! He has been doing it for some time. First big move was to endorse Mitch McConnell! A direct slap in the face to the conservative group that got him elected in the first place!—my addition) .

Yesterday, in a sit-down with former Obama insider David Axelrod, Senator Paul surprised a lot of conservatives with his nonchalant attitude on abortion and his role in ending it. As president, Axelrod wanted to know, how hard would his White House push to overturn Roe v. Wade? The Senator’s answer: not much (No principles!—my addition). With the country so evenly divided on the issue, he thinks an incremental approach is best. ‘I think the debate is about when life begins,’ said the lead sponsor of the Senate’s Life at Conception Act. ‘Is it okay for an eight-pound baby to be aborted one week before delivery?’

Asked what his personal opinion on life at conception is, Senator Paul said, ‘My personal religious belief is that life begins at the very beginning.’ But, he explained, America is evenly divided between ‘all life and no abortion, or all abortion and no life ... I think the law will come down in between (There is no law! Just an immoral, illegal, unconstitutional Supreme Court decision with modifications!—my addition).’ Later, he said, ‘The country is in the middle, [and] we’re not changing any of the laws until the country is persuaded otherwise (What he should have said is: Ill move heaven and earth to end the slaughterous MURDER of unborn babies! Thats called having principles! He sounds like Jimmy Carter! “I personally believe abortion is wrong, but it is the law.” We know how well that ended!—my addition).’

Maybe it was inarticulate, or maybe these are the Senator’s real feelings, but that last comment certainly set off alarm bells for social conservatives (It should have! Rand Paul is NOT inarticulate!—my addition). Obviously, no president has the power to unilaterally ban abortion, but he does have the power to make the issue a priority—something most Americans assumed Rand Paul would do. Regardless of the GOP’s pick, conservatives expect their nominee to use the Oval Office to advance a culture of life. Changing minds is important, but what better way to accomplish it than using a national platform to talk about its importance?

As to Senator Paul’s suggestion that the country isn’t persuaded on the issue, the latest surveys tell a different story. In fact, Americans’ opinions on abortion have shifted so much that Gallup polling now considers ‘pro-life’ the ‘new normal.’ What's more, the biggest sea change has been among young voters—the same ones who make up the Senator’s strongest support (The Senator is a fraud!—my addition).

And public opinion isn’t the only thing proving him wrong. In the states, legislatures are shattering records for pro-life bills, passing a whopping 205 measures between 2011 and 2013. If that isn’t indicative of the public’s conviction on the issue, I don't know what is. Just yesterday, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant (R) added another one, signing his state’s 20-week abortion ban into law—outlawing the procedure when babies can feel excruciating pain.

After the failures of John McCain and Mitt Romney, social conservatives are looking for someone who will put a priority on their issues, not just use them as throwaway lines in a stump speech (That is for sure!—my addition).”

Rand Paul may not be Mitt Romney yet, but he is moving that way. He lost any support I might have given him a long time ago! He has now demonstrated without a doubt that I am absolutely right!

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