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Planned Parenthood, Pro-Life, Pro-Abortion, and the 2014 Elections in the House and Senate

Chris Daniel won the primary in Mississippi for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate. However, he did not receive 50% + 1 of the vote as required by law. Therefore, a run-off election will occur on June 24. He needs his campaign funds to be rebuilt. Donate to the Chris McDaniel Senate primary campaign in Mississippi:




                                                             now has the exclusive right to sale my first e-book in its Kindle Store.

The title of the e-book is The Black Sword: The Secret U.S. Army in Vietnam

A paperback and hardcover version of the book was available since 2007. I believe it was since 2007. I do not know for sure. It was copyrighted in 2007. That edition had one comment and that comment was very negative receiving a one star rating.

The direct link to the e-book:

Here is that comment in its entirety and without change from the site:

A poorly self aggrandizing working of ficition. November 8, 2012
By Robert M. Stanford
Format: Hardcover

I should prefix this by saying that I know the author of this book. To start regardless of how this book this being marketed by the author, it is a piece of fiction, the author never served in the military in capacity. Where to start with this review, the book is very poorly written and the author clearly did not do much in the way of historical research on military tactics in general or the Vietnam war in particular. The book reads much like a bad war movie mixed with some kind of cheesy martial arts film, the battle scenes are ridiculously unrealistic. Including laughably bad claims like how the author was trained in hand to hand combat techniques where he would be able to kill some one with one punch in less than one second, he selected for the group because he was genius with Forest Gump like running ability, doing three hours of weight training for 6 straight days a week for months, claims of gun with finger printer readers that only let the owner fire them, act. Save yourself some money and avoid this book”

Robert does indeed know me. However, it goes a little deeper. Robert is my nephewthe first born of my younger sister. She is four years younger than I am. I was working for a living teaching school when she graduated from Illinois State University. She didnt meet her future husband until she was working as a teacher. Therefore, Robert wasnt even born during the time period of most of the book. Robert also never served in the military. Neither did his father or mother.

I do state that I have a tested I.Q. of 130 or above. Both of my children have tested I.Q.s of 130 or above. Does that prove that I do? Of course not. Therefore, before I wrote the book, I went to the public school district that I attended from first grade through high school. I asked for and received a copy of my school records including the results of an I.Q. test. I have written proof that I have a tested I.Q. of 130 or above. If I didnt, I would not have put it in the book. However, I never said, anywhere in the book, that I am a genius.

As far as his statement that the book is very poorly written.” That is, at best, an opinion. Read again what he wrote. How well written are his comments? I was a high school American government/economics teacher for ten years. Having been a teacher, I am use to negative comments from students. Most of those comments were from people who did not do well in my class. I expected the students to earn their grade through work and meeting my standards. If they did not, they suffered the consequences. Most did not like the consequences.

If you read the dedication page, I paid an English teacher to edit the work. We did each of the six chapters the same way. At the time, I lived in Tucson and she lived in Arkansas where she taught high school English. I mailed a chapter to her, she ripped it to shreds. I corrected and rewrote the chapter based upon her suggestions and sent the rewritten chapter back to her. She found more items to criticize and gave more suggested corrections. I corrected a second time and sent them back once again. She approved the chapter and mailed it back. When Robert states that the book is very poorly written,” he criticizes her. I do not believe those criticisms are justified.

Concerning the publication of the book itself, I did not want to go through a regular publishing house because I did not want the book to be edited by the publisher. Since I did not know how to publish a book, I hired a publishing company to do the actual printing of the book and the creation of the front and back book covers. When the company rejected my print copy because the margins were wrong several times including after I went to a Peoria printer to have the margins done correctly by a professional, I wrote the CEO of the company saying I was cancelling the contract because the company was not fulfilling its obligation to print the book. Without my knowledge, the book was printed and offered to the public including on Amazon in paperback and hardcover editions. My guess is that a company lawyer told the CEO that he had better fulfill the contract. I did not know the book was in distribution until I received a royalty check from the company. The copyright date on this published version of the book is 2007.

In the mean time, after borrowing money from my mother, I went to the Peoria printer and paid that company to print my book under my Arizona established publishing company. I had established the company in Arizona before moving back to Illinois in 2004. I never planned to live in Illinoisthe land of Barack Hussein Obamapermanently. Until this book was published, I had not actually published anything through the company. My book through my publishing company was published in 2008.

Here is a strange occurrence. Roberts mothermy younger sisterpurchased four books in 2008. There are four people in her familymother, father, brother, sister. I would have thought that Robert would have first read the book in 2008. He certainly did not have to purchase it from Amazon.

It was family squabble time. In 2004, I moved back to Illinois to care for my mother after my father had died. My two sisters and I had a verbal agreement that I would stay in Illinois until mom dies, caring for her in her home. She would not be put into a nursing home. After a series of minor strokes over a period of about a year, my sisters broke the agreement and put her in a home. Conflict resulted over my staying or leaving the house and the State. Discussion was done by e-mail. I stated in one e-mail that I was going to write more Black Sword booksfive in totaland the next one would include the current dispute.

In early January of 2012, I received an eviction notice. The process continued through the year until a court date was set for November 30, 2012. (I believe that is the correct date. I did not bother to check to make sure.) On October 15, 2012, my oldest sister died after a brief illness. On November 8, 2012, Robert posted his criticism of the book. Coincidence? On November 30, 2012, I was court ordered to leave the house by midnight on December 31, 2012. On December 31, 2012, I moved out of the house.

If Robert meant to hurt sales of the book, I hope he did. I want the other company to stop selling my book. And the company did send me notice that I am being dropped. Good! I had told them not to publish.

If you read this blog regularly, you may know that I actually write five blogs, six days a week. Not on Sunday.


http://christiangunslinger1.blogspot.compolitically conservative

http://christiangunslinger3.blogspot.compolitically conservative

http://christiangunslinger5.blogspot.compro-traditional family

http://christiangunslinger7.blogspot.compolitically conservative concentrating on the primaries and the upcoming general election

By the very nature of my blogs, I expect the radical Left, pro-abortion/unborn baby MURDERERS, and pro-homosexual behavior advocates to attack my e-book as well as anything else I wrote and publish. Robert may be the first but I do not expect him to be the last.

The e-book costs only $3.00. The only cheaper price is $2.99 and I do not price my books that way. Everyone should know that $2.99 is actually $3.00. What a sad marketing ploy! Spend the $3.00 to determine whether or not Robert is correct. If a member of Amazon prime, the book is a free selection. You just might be pleasantly surprised. I have received very positive comments from readers including people who have actually been in the military unlike Robert and a student at the United States Naval Academy located in Annapolis, Maryland who is the grandson of a friend.

And finally, I would like nothing better than being reconciled with my sister and the rest of my earthly family. The theme of the second book is family. Planned publication date 2015. The theme of the third book is politics with the planned publication date being 2017. The fourth about education in 2019. And the last and final book in the series, on the church of JESUS, the CHRIST in 2021.

The direct link to my e-book:

Primaries in June:

06) Colorado Primary: June 24, 2014

20) Maryland Primary: June 24, 2014

32) New York Federal Office Primary: June 24, 2014 ~ State Office Primary: September 9, 2014

36) Oklahoma Primary: June 24, 2014 ~ Runoff: August 26, 2014

44) Utah Primary: June 24, 2014

24) Mississippi Primary Runoff: June 24, 2014


“Planned Parenthood Spending Millions to Keep Senate in Pro-Abortion Harry Reid’s Hands
by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 6/10/14

If you are a pro-life voter and not yet engaged in the battle to win control of the U.S. Senate from the pro-abortion activists who currently control the chamber, it’s time to get involved (It is actually past time to get involved! We need pro-life, pro-family, conservatives to DOMINATE both chambers of Congress! In the next primaries which are June 24th, there are two such conservatives that need our support. Chris McDaniel running for the Senate in Mississippi and T.W. Shannon running for the Senate in Oklahoma. I urge EVERY pro-life voter to back both of them in every way possible including monetarily and if you live in either of those States with your vote! We need to take back the Senate and we need to take back the Senate with PRO-LIFE conservatives! See my posts at concerning both of these candidates!my addition)

Control of the Senate is crucial to pro-life efforts. The pro-life movement has no chance to pass meaningful legislation that will save unborn babies from abortion without control of both the House and Senate (True!—my addition). The House has approved pro-life bills that will protect unborn children and stop taxpayer funding of abortions directly and via Obamacare, but the Senate, under Harry Reid and his pro-abortion allies, either won’t vote on the legislation or defeats it (Most often wont vote on it! But, do not kid yourself, when push comes to shove there is NOT one Democrat in the Senate who will vote pro-life if ordered to vote pro-MURDER to prevent a pro-life bill from passing. Democrats are more afraid of pro-MURDER groups than they are the voters of their States. Dick Durbin of Illinois was, at one time, pro-life. No more! The Democrat PartyALL of them in CongressIS the Party of MURDER! I speak as I former Democrat! Do not doubt me!my addition).

The Senate is also crucial to approving the kind of judges the pro-life movement needs on the Supreme Court who will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade and pave the way for legislation that will ban abortions (We have allowed the courts to assume too much unconstitutional power! Until that changes, we need pro-life judges throughout the courts! We will not get that with the present President so we need to stop his appointments in a pro-life Senate!my addition).

The Planned Parenthood abortion business knows what is at stake and is prepared to spend millions protecting its pro-abortion friends in the Senate and keeping pro-abortion Democratic leader Harry Reid in control (That is the goal! They spent millions in the 2012 elections! They know that they are losing! They will spend even more in this cycle on Senate candidates! They know the House is lost! They know they need to hold on to the Senate! They will spend the money necessary to kept the money flowing!my addition).

From a story on its election-year spending in North Carolina:

‘Planned Parenthood is planning to spend $3 million on voter mobilization efforts in North Carolina to help bring women to the polls for Democratic Senator Kay Hagan. Hagan faces a tough battle in November against GOP nominee Thom Tillis, the state House speaker. [Tillis is pro-life while Hagan backs abortion (IS a baby MURDERER!my addition).]

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, told The (Raleigh) News and Observer that the Senate race there is the most important in the country (Planned MURDERHOOD needs every baby MURDERER they can get and they know it!my addition). The contest already has seen more outside spending than any other.

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‘North Carolina is a moderate state,’ Richards said. ‘The positions that both Mr. Tillis has taken and some of the decisions by the state Legislature are really out of step with where mainstream North Carolinians are (NOT!my addition). So for us, this is an important state to make sure women know what is at stake in November and the differences between these two candidates (One is PRO-LIFE and one is PRO-MURDER!my addition).”

The announcement from the abortion rights group comes as the Hagan campaign hits the airwaves with its first two ads in a seven-figure buy (Trying to buy her way back into office! It is time to END her political career!my addition).’”

The choice is clear this election year! PRO-LIFE or PRO-MURDER! Which do you choose? Which does GOD desire? Thou shalt not MURDER! There are no exceptions! There are no excuses!

Because gun control works for government, the government killed:

Abilene hail storm about 6PM on 6/12/14: