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Update on Pro-Life: Police Stand by and Watch Pro-Life Signs Being Stolen and Do Nothing? Equal Justice Under the Law in America Today? has the exclusive right to sale my e-books in its Kindle Store.

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Primaries in August:

16) Kansas Primary: August 5, 2014 Milton Wolf for U.S. Senate

22) Michigan State Primary: August 5, 2014

Conservative Candidate Tom McMillin of Congressional District 8
Conservative Candidate John Moolenaar of Congressional District 4
25) Missouri Primary: August 5, 2014

47) Washington Primary: August 5, 2014

42) Tennessee Primary: August 7, 2014 (Thursday) Joe Carr for U.S. Senate

11) Hawaii Primary: August 9, 2014 (Saturday)

07) Connecticut Primary: August 12, 2014

23) Minnesota Primary: August 12, 2014

49) Wisconsin Primary: August 12, 2014

50) Wyoming Primary: August 12, 2014

02) Alaska Primary: August 19, 2014 Joe Miller for U.S. Senate

03) Arizona Primary: August 26, 2014 Adam Kwasman Congressional District 1

09) Florida State Primary: August 26, 2014

45) Vermont Primary: August 26, 2014


“Video: Grinning cops sued for watching thieves walk away
Accused of violating 1st Amendment rights of victims
By Bob Unruh

Police officers in Jackson, Mississippi, are being accused of letting thieves walk away with the property of pro-life activists who were exercising their First Amendment rights on public sidewalks, and a video has been posted to support the claim (It is on video for the whole world to see!my addition).

The video shows the activists approaching police and reporting the thefts. An officer, who is holding a drink and appears to be leaning up against a vehicle, states: ‘I see that. I’m dealing with something right now (It just wasnt his job!my addition).’

The video accompanies a lawsuit against the city’s police department over the officers’ behavior. (GOOD! They should be sued! The people who ordered this non-enforcement of the law should be fired!my addition)

The complaint was filed by Pro-Life Mississippi and a number of individuals against Police Chief Lindsay Horton, the city and officers Jesse Robinson, James McGowan, Mary James, Marie Hampton, James Ross and Willis Thomas.

The police department refused WND’s request for comment, and the city attorney’s office did not respond to a WND message (I wonder why! An example of transparent government?my addition).

The action was filed by the Life Legal Defense Foundation on behalf of the activists.

Dana Cody, president and executive director of the foundation, said the Jackson Police Department ‘has routinely harassed pro-life citizens, who have been peacefully exercising their legal right to oppose abortion in the public square and offer information about life-affirming alternatives to women seeking abortion (Why would they do that?my addition).’

Cody said the complaint accuses the police department of blatant and ongoing violations of the free speech rights of the activists protesting the state’s only abortion business, the Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

“Police State USA: How Orwell’s Nightmare is Becoming Our Reality,” marshals the terrifying evidence to show the world of Big Brother is much closer than we want to admit.

It cites frequent threats of arrest for ‘offenses’ such as getting out of a legally parked car and allowing a protest sign to touch the sidewalk (Seriously! An abuse of power!my addition).

The legal team argues such threats have no legal basis and constitute harassment by police.

The July 17 video, the complaint says, records Jackson police ‘standing by as an individual stole the group’s pro-life display (All on their respective lunch break?my addition).’

‘As a group member asked an officer to do something about it, the policemanleaning back against a squad car and hold a beverage ‘to go’ cupresponded, without moving. ‘I’m dealing with something right now.’

The legal team said such behavior is not unusual, and the lawsuit seeks declaratory judgment, injunctive relief and damages (Particularly damages! Maybe the citizens will rise up against their corrupt officials if their actions cost them money!my addition).

Cited as background in the case is a March 2008 consent order against the city, the police chief and a number of officers that was issued because of a ‘pervasive policy of violating the free speech rights of pro-life advocates.’

That order required training in First Amendment rights for law enforcement personnel Did it work?my addition).

The lawsuit alleges:
· In June, there were threats of arrest for exiting a parked vehicle to share pro-life literature on a public sidewalk.
· In March, there were multiple threats of arrest and orders that pro-life speakers move.
· In February, and in December 2013, there were arrests of people with pro-life signs or literature for sitting in chairs on public property
· Other arrests have been made of people holding pro-life signs.

Charges were dismissed in most cases, and the legal firm said that in some cases, police even refused to inform the courts of the charges (What?my addition).

Also, personal belongings have been confiscated and converted to police use, the claim alleges (Theft!my addition).

Cody said: ‘For police to be selective and prejudicial as to how they enforce the law outside of Mississippi’s only abortion vendor does a disservice to the people of Jackson. When those charged with upholding the law violate the basic rights of citizens, it cannot be tolerated (True!my addition). Life Legal Defense Foundation intends to pursue all legal remedies necessary to stop this targeted persecution of those who promote the sanctity of human life (Good!my addition).’

The claims include constitutional issues involving free speech, due process, false arrest, equal protection, retaliation, malicious prosecution and intentional infliction of emotional distress (Not minor charges! Some of those could be criminal charges! Should be criminal charges!my addition).”

Video on website: “I’m watching.”

The Democrat Party: The Party of death and MURDER! The Party of SIN and depravity!

Impeach Barack Hussein Obama!

Impeach Barack Hussein Obama!

Impeach Barack Hussein Obama!

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