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Planned Parenthood, Sexual Predators, Minor Girls, and the Real War on Women Part 1

I have now been certified as an official write-in candidate for The U.S. House of Representatives for District 19 for Texas!

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18) Louisiana Primary: November 4, 2014 ~ Congressional Run-Off (if needed): December 6, 2014

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According to ABC radio news, President Obama has decided not to take action on amnesty for illegal aliens (“immigration reformin Left euphemism) until after the 2014 election. Of course, the reason he decided to wait was because some Democrat Senators up for reelection this year are scared silly that they will lose the election if MORE amnesty is implemented before the election. They think the American voter is TOO STUPID to realize there is no difference whether an illegal act is implemented before or after an election. It is still an illegal act that will do great harm to America!

This is an extremely important albeit long report. Therefore, I an breaking it up into sections. I am not sure how many yet. I encourage you to check every section as posted! Then perhaps read it from beginning to end again. I have used the color in the report.


“The Child Predator Report


Child Predators
By Mark Crutcher


For several years Life Dynamics has been conducting an investigation into the issue of teen pregnancy. What we have found can only be described as sickening. Underage girls, some as young as 10 years old (And allowed to MURDER their unborn baby without parental involvement by an immorally sick Supreme Court!my addition), are being sexually exploited by adult men in numbers that are unprecedented in American history (And far too many of themget awaywith it! Exactly who is waging a war on women?my addition).1

According to the most reliable studies, among girls 15 and younger who become pregnant, between 60 and 80 percent of them are impregnated by adult men (Which makes it statutory rape in all cases if they are minors according to State law! At 15 and younger, I know of no State where they would not be minors!my addition).2

We have also uncovered data showing that as the age of the victim goes down, the age of the perpetrator goes up (Some sick men encouraged by a morally sick society!my addition).3

In America today, we have reached the point where a junior high school girl is more likely to become pregnant by an adult than by someone close to her own age (And she should not become pregnant under either circumstance! She should not be engaging in sexually intercourse either willingly and certainly not unwillingly! And NO! Everyone is not having intercourse willingly! That is a Left LIE!my addition).4

One study concluded that the average age of men who father children with girls under 14 is now higher than the average age of men who father children with 18-year-olds.5

By almost any standard, our country is experiencing an epidemic of child sexual abuse (And in part, it is a consequence, intended or unintended, of the Supreme Court legalizationof the MURDER of unborn babies!my addition).6 In this report you will see that the driving force behind this tragedy is the fact that men who prey on underage girls have powerful national organizations that are willing to harbor them (Protect them! And that includes local governments in some cases!my addition). Our investigation has uncovered irrefutable evidence that both Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federationoften operating on taxpayer dollars (One of many reasons to defund them now!my addition)knowingly conceal these crimes while aiding and abetting the sexual predators who commit them (Adding sin upon sin for MONEY! Again, who is waging the real war on women?my addition).

When underage girls become sexually involved with adult men they are exposed to a devastating array of physical and emotional injuries. These illicit relationships set them up to be life-long victims who tend to view their self-worth solely in terms of sex.7

When compared to girls who are sexually active with boys near their own age, these girls are more likely to
· have multiple sex partners8
· drop out of school9
· engage in dangerous sexual behaviors10 

· become pregnant11
· run away from home 
· be lured into prostitution12
· abuse drugs or alcohol13
· end up on welfare14
· be estranged from friends and family15
· be in physically abusive relationships16
· become divorced17

Other data shows that among sexually active girls between 11 and 13, those who are having sexual relationships with men more than five years older than themselves are significantly more likely to attempt suicide (Not a surprise! They must feel overwhelmed! Once again, who is waging the real war on women?my addition).18

Another consequence is that underage girls involved with adult men suffer from sexually transmitted diseases at a far higher rate than girls having sex with boys close to their own age. In fact, studies now show that the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases in America is found among females ages 15 to 19, and that the overwhelming majority of these girls contracted these diseases from adult males (Who is waging the real war on women?my addition) .19

This epidemic of child sexual abuse is being driven by several factors, one of which is technology. The image most people have of men who prey on underage girls is that of a pervert in a trench coat lurking around a school playground. The reality is, today that pervert is far more likely to be lurking around an Internet chat room. For men who prey on young girls, technology is making it much easier for them to acquire victims, while dramatically reducing the chances they will be caught.20

Police departments nationwide are now saying that child molesters trolling the Internet for underage girls is a major problem, and they don’t have the budgets or manpower to keep up.21

Another factor in this epidemic is that young girls simply have more contact with unrelated adult males than ever before. Because of America’s high divorce rate, a large number of minor girls live in homes with either stepfathers or the boyfriends of their mothers (Any mother, who allows a boy friend to live with her and leaves her children alone with him, is asking for trouble. Does not happen all the time. However, why risk your own children to a possible predator?my addition). This is compounded by the fact that the majority of these moms work outside the home meaning that their daughters have substantially more unsupervised time than did girls in previous generations.22

Absent fathers also play another important role. When a sexual predator targets a girl with no father at home, he knows two things. First, he can count on his victim having a heightened need for adult male attention (Daughters need a father as much as they need a mother!my addition). Second, the one person the perpetrator has the most reason to fearthe victim’s fatheris generally not in the picture.23

Even girls who live in intact families with their biological fathers or in homes with caring and involved stepfathers are not immune from becoming the targets of sexual predators.24

Children are much more involved in activities outside their homes and schools than ever before, and our research indicates that girls who are sexually exploited by adult men very often meet their abuser as a result of one of these activities.25

There are many other factors that contribute to this epidemic, but the basic problem is that we live in a sex-obsessed culture in which girls are more vulnerable to sexual predators than at any time in our nations history (my use of redmy addition). Any parent who thinks their daughter is not a potential victim is fooling themselves. The data is absolutely clear that victims are black and white, rich and poor, urban, rural and suburban and that they come from every cultural and socio-economic background (Evil is everywhere! Parents beware!my addition).

Part 2 tomorrow. The LORD willing!

It is well past the time to end the MURDER of our own children!

Stop the MURDER of unborn children

If not now
, when?

If not now
, why?

If not us
, who?

James 2: 24 (NIV)

You see that a person is considered righteous by what they do and not by faith alone.”

Impeachment IS the answer

The horrors of abortion
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The Democrat Party
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Impeach Barack Hussein Obama

Impeach Barack Hussein Obama

Impeach Barack Hussein Obama


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