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Abortion, Morality, Pro-Life, Moral Relativism, GOD, and Government. What Is Right and What Is Wrong?

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I have now been certified as an official write-in candidate for The U.S. House of Representatives for District 19 for Texas!

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Please continue to pray for Dr. Kent Brantly and all those involved with the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. has the exclusive right to sale my e-books in its Kindle Store.


1) The direct link to the e-book Constitution Workbook for Gunslingers.

2) The direct link to the e-book Constitution Answerbook for Gunslingers.

3) The direct link to the e-book Bible Questionbook on Homosexuality for GODseekers [Also available at Prime to read at no cost.]

4) The direct link to the e-book Bible Answerbook on Homosexuality for GODseekers

5) The direct link to the e-book The Bold Church of Jesus, the Christ: The Bold Church and the Holy Spirit Questionbook (This is the first book in a series on The Bold Church of Jesus, the Christ) [Also available at Prime to read at no cost.]

6) The direct link to the e-book The Bold Church of Jesus, the Christ: The Bold Church and the Holy Spirit Answerbook (This is the second book in a series on The Bold Church of Jesus, the Christ)

7) The direct link to the e-book The Bold Church of Jesus, the Christ: The Church Individually and Collectively Questionbook (This is the third book in a series on The Bold Church of Jesus, the Christ) [Also available at Prime to read at no cost.]

8) The direct link to the e-book The Bold Church of Jesus, the Christ: The Church Individually and Collectively Answerbook (This is the forth book in a series on The Bold Church of Jesus, the Christ)

9) The direct link to the e-book The Black Sword: The Secret U.S. Army in Vietnam [Also available at Prime to read at no cost.]

Primaries in November:

18) Louisiana Primary: November 4, 2014 ~ Congressional Run-Off (if needed): December 6, 2014

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Primary is November 4 which is election day!





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According to ABC radio news, President Obama has decided not to take action on amnesty for illegal aliens (“immigration reformin Left euphemism) until after the 2014 election. Of course, the reason he decided to wait was because some Democrat Senators up for reelection this year are scared silly that they will lose the election if MORE amnesty is implemented before the election. They think the American voter is TOO STUPID to realize there is no difference whether an illegal act is implemented before or after an election. It is still an illegal act that will do great harm to America!


“Writer: It’s Okay If an 11-Year-Old Has an Abortion
by Micaiah Bilger | Washington, DC | | 10/15/14

I read a lot of terrible abortion stories for my job, but some break my heart more than others.

A few weeks ago, I came across a column in the New York Magazine written by an abortion doula (A woman who assists in child birth! Of course, this woman is NOT assisting in child birth! Rather she is assisting in the MURDER of the child!my addition). Curious, I clicked on the story and read about the young woman, who provides emotional support for women as they have abortions (I thought none of that was necessary? No emotional trauma you know!my addition).

I began to feel more and more horrified as I read about her work and her attempts to justify really terrible things (Like MURDER!my addition). She writes:

A year ago, when I was just starting out, Mitchell met with me and the other trainees to talk about the job. We sat in the park, eating pie (Seems appropriate while learning about being involved in the MURDER of unborn babies?my addition). She gave us a sheet with situations so exaggeratedly horrible they seemed unreal: An 11-year-old in for an abortion who asks for birth control when she’s alone with the doctor. Her mother works nights; she’d been left with a friend who has a twentysomething son. She calls him her boyfriend; he will go to jail (If reported! Will it be reported?my addition). A woman who says she’d like to do another ultrasound to see if it’s definitely a girl, because she’ll only keep it if it isn’t (MURDERING an unborn baby because the baby is a girl!my addition). …

‘What do you assume?’ Mitchell asked of each case. ‘How can you be supportive?’ We talked about what would be hard for us to overcome, things we might say or do and how we might feel. I felt embarrassed by my assumptions, and the limits of my compassion. I judged these women on the worthiness of their reasons (‘Would she really only keep a boy?’ I wondered) and found myself questioning why those who come in for late-term abortions had waited so long to decide. Later, I learned from Mahoney that all the examples were real cases that had come from her first six months working as an abortion doula.’ (You can read the full article here. Parts of it are graphic.)’

I hung my head in anger and shame as I read about this young woman from my own generation, a young woman so caught up in the net of moral relativism that she believes it is compassionate to dismiss the rape of an 11-year-old or condone the woman who is aborting her baby simply because she’s a girl (This is what the MURDER of our own children is increasing! Moral relativism! How can one have morality when MURDER is pronounced as aright?” And not just any MURDER! The MURDER of the mothers own baby! And we have been doing it for how long? Over 41 years!my addition).

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My generation place high moral value on the idea of acceptance and non-judgment. I think it comes from college, where we’ve been taught moral relativism your morals aren’t better than mine, and mine aren’t better than yours. We have no right to judge someone else’s actions or beliefs. There is no right or wrong (If true, that means there is no GOD which is exactly what they want!my addition).

Acceptance (Acceptance of SIN?my addition), inclusiveness (Include what?my addition), a judgment-free attitude (We make judgments ALL the time! Buy ice cream or vegetables? A judgment!my addition)these are all good things. But when these concepts are taken to the extreme of moral relativism, they become dangerous, and this article is a perfect example of it. Acceptance and non-judgment are no excuse for ignoring things that are truly terrible.

Sometimes people are wrong (It is called SIN!my addition). Rape is wrong. Taking advantage of a child is wrong. Sex trafficking is wrong. Ignoring the victim of a crime is wrong. Killing an innocent person is wrong (Not to the baby MURDERERS!my addition).

I could feel the columnist struggling with right and wrong throughout her column. Some situations seemed wrong to her, and rightly so. Yet, moral relativism won the hour.

Let’s not let it win the day. Abortion is wrong (Absolutely WRONG!my addition). We must never shy away from saying itthough we also must be compassionate when we do. Contrary to what moral relativists would have us believe, realizing that something is wrong opens the doors for us to extend a hand of compassion and love to those who are hurting. And that is true compassion.

LifeNews Note: Micaiah Bilger is the Education Director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.

VOTE pro-life! It is GOD approved!

The real war on women is being waged by the Left for money and power and control of the population!

After 41 years, isnt it past time to end the barbaric practice of MURDERING our own children?

We need to defeat every Democrat we can in both the House and Senate. There is not one Democrat who does not support the MURDER of unborn babies in one form or another! NOT one! Then, we need to begin working now to defeat ever RINO Republican up for reelection in 2016! We need to end the MURDER of the unborn!

Ephesians 5: 11 (NIV)

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

John 3: 20 (NIV)

Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.”

It is well past the time to end the MURDER of our own children!

Stop the MURDER of unborn children

If not now
, when?

If not now
, why?

If not us
, who?

James 2: 24 (NIV)

You see that a person is considered righteous by what they do and not by faith alone.”

Impeachment IS the answer!

The horrors of abortion/MURDER are multitudinous! And the Left and the courts do not care!

The Democrat Party: The Party of death and MURDER! The Party of SIN and depravity!

Impeach Barack Hussein Obama

Impeach Barack Hussein Obama

Impeach Barack Hussein Obama


The Oklahoma workplace beheading:


A video of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid before he was Senate Majority Leader.

According to the screen, this was on September 20, 1993. Bill Clinton was President!


You MUST listen to this video!

The ending statement: Abortionists are evil! My response: Yes, they are as all serial MURDERERS are!


Texas Senator Ted CruzThe Cruz Missile: The Democrats want to destroy the First Amendment! This is over 50 minutes but well worth listening to as Senator Cruz exposes the Democrat Party for who they are.

Texas Senator Ted CruzThe Cruz Missile: “Vote Harry Reid Out!”


Illinois Senator Dick Durbin
up for reelection this yearcompares U.S. soldiers to those of Nazi Germany!


“There’s one very recent commander-in-chief who’s not in this new 30-second commercial. Can you guess which one?

This apparent omission could be intentional or not. Or, it could be a slight. Or, perhaps, the Air Force couldn’t find anything moving this president has said about the military, in this case the Air Force.”