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Pro-Live Candidates Win Because Pro-Life Activists are Willing to Put in the Time, Effort, Prayer, and Money to Make It Happen! We All Need to Be Pro-Life Activists!

“God created human government. It is, therefore, inconceivable that God would create government and then tell His people to stay out of it.” ~ Pastor Adrian Rogers

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“Pat Roberts and Sam Brownback Won in Kansas Thanks to Pro-Life Voters
by Kathy Ostrowski | Topeka, KS | | 11/6/14

All eyes turned to ‘reliably red’ Kansas in October for reasons no pro-lifer wanted. Polls indicated the campaigns of both our pro-life U.S. Senator Pat Roberts and our pro-life Governor Sam Brownback were surprisingly struggling.

Already active, pro-lifers brought their far-flung efforts to a whole new level, determined to turn that around. Last night those immense efforts paid off. First, a quick summary.
· Expected to either lose or win by a hair, pro-life stalwart Roberts, in fact, pulled off a sweet and convincing 53%-43% victory over pro-abortion ‘independent’ challenger Greg Orman (He is a Democrat running as an Independent!”my addition). Roberts’ re-election was crucial to taking control of the United States Senate out of the hands of pro-abortion Majority Leader Harry Reid [All Democrats in the Senate are pro-abortion/MURDER. It is a requirement for getting Party support and money!my addition] (D-Nevada).
· Pro-life leader Brownback also surged to a win by a margin of 50%-46% over pro-abortion Democrat State Representative Paul Davis (Governor Brownback had a problem with taxes. Not pushing for higher taxes but lower taxes! People were and are afraid State revenues will dry up! I do not know their tax policies so I can not say for sure but cutting taxes can often generate more revenue!my addition). The message was clear: Kansans want their administrative branch to stay pro-life (Every State should be pro-life!my addition).

KFL (Kansans For Lifemy addition) Executive Director, Mary Kay Culp, gave this commentary: ‘We worked as hard as we did because we knew that life issues in Kansas mean more to voters than any D.C. pundit understood, or poll took into account, which certainly proved true on election night!’


Kansas pro-lifers were alarmed in early summer at the upstart campaign of Senate challenger Greg Ormana 45-year-old millionaire businessman without any record of public service and who had never held elected office. Millions of dollars in TV ads were introducing him as the solution to the ‘overriding problem of government gridlock.’ Even a few conservatives were showing some interest in Orman, despite his bizarre claim that he was unsure which party he would caucus with if he won.

But pro-lifers knew differently. They knew that Reid would not allow any pro-life measures passed in the House of Representatives to come to a vote, including the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Pro-lifers also were well aware of the anti-life provisions of ObamaCare that were protected by Reid. Even more troubling, Orman had no voting record to contrast with the 100% pro-life record of Senator Roberts.

KFL-PAC member, Carol Dengel, and KFL-PAC co-chair, Tim Hand, celebrated pro-life wins in Topeka Tuesday night

Kansans for Life’s PAC went into high gear with phone calls, radio spots and other initiatives. We produced and distributed well over one million educational pieces, which is four times the number we have done in the past.

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Orman largely hid from the press and kept to the strict script ‘that he had tried both political parties and found both deficient’. His history undermined that claim (as did Vice President Joe Biden at the last minute).

Although Orman had briefly registered as a Republican, he had long been a Democrat, and over 90% of his past and very sizable campaign donations had gone to pro-abortion Democrats (Exactly! Follow the money trail! Pro-life people do not donate to pro-abortion/MURDER candidates!my addition). Even Kansas Democrats believed Orman would caucus with Democrats as shown when they coaxed their own Senate candidate, Chad Taylor, off the ballot on September 3rd so that the field was cleared for Orman (A telltale sign!my addition).

On Election Day, however, Orman’s pretense at independence was shattered when Vice President Biden, speaking on a radio program, said Democrats ‘have a chance of picking up an independent who will be with us in the state of Kansas (Did they think only Democrats would be listening to the program or that the election was getting away from them and they had to show their hand in a desperate move to get Democrats to vote for him?my addition).’

Senator Roberts has always been endorsed by Kansans for Life and the National Right to Life Committee, and has been a lead supporter of important pro-life bills. Orman described himself as ‘pro-choice’ in an October 15 debate with Senate Roberts and dismissed pro-life concerns as something to ‘get past (Seriously! Shot himself in the foot or head or both! At least he admitted it!my addition).’

Senator Roberts quickly rebutted Orman’s position as ‘unconscionable’ and publicly promised ‘never to stop fighting for life.’ Orman continued to act as if pro-life issues were unimportant. For example, he never honored his October 9 pledge to several national media outlets to read and comment on two pro-life bills awaiting passage in the U.S. Senate and supported by Senator Roberts (That means he knew his position would not help in the race!my addition).

But on Tuesday, Kansans reaffirmed that pro-life issues are important, and re-elected U.S. Senator Pat Roberts by over a 90,000 vote margin (Good for them! Being pro-life is a winning issue!my addition). We so appreciate the help of the NRLC-PAC in producing radio and print materials for this race.


After years of battling an administration that supported abortion and was pushing destructive embryonic research, Kansas pro-lifers were thrilled to turn that around with the election of Sam Brownback as governor in 2010. During his first term, he signed thirteen pro-life measures, including nationally-important bills championed by NRLC (National Right to Life Committeemy addition).

The contrast could not have been more clear. Challenger Davis was part of the cadre of anti-life legislators fighting every one of those bills. In fact, during his tenure in the House from 2003-2014, Davis voted 80 times against pro-life bills (He is a Democrat! Therefore, not surprising!my addition)!

It may not be well known that Kansas has long had three political players: pro-life GOPers, a dwindling number of pro-abortion GOPers, and Democrats, who are now 95% pro-abortion. Bitter, pro-abortion GOP legislators who had fought the Brownback initiatives and lost their elections in 2012 added their support for Davis (Not unusual! Republicans in name only [RINO] Republicans!my addition).

Going into the elections, the race was too close to call and early returns showing a slight lead for Davis had pro-lifers holding their breath. Those returns reflected that:
· counties from Kansas’ eastern edge bordering Missouri (which came in early) traditionally lean Democrat, and
· the bitter pro-abortion GOP wing seemed to be voting a straight GOP ticket except for Brownback and, to a lesser extent, Roberts.

But, as returns continued, Governor Brownback finished ahead of Davis by about 33,000 votes. Another 33,000 votes went to a third party independent candidate, Keen Umbehr.

What you won’t see highlighted is that Brownback prevailed even in liberal-leaning Johnson County, the home of two abortion clinics, and serviced by the Kansas City Star, whose editorial board supports abortion and never overlooks a chance to slam Brownback (Typical large city newspaper!my addition).

We congratulate our many pro-life volunteers who helped insure another four years under Governor Brownback! Social media has certainly impacted election politics, but in Kansas, the tried and true pro-life ground game was richly rewarded yesterday. Note: Kathy Ostrowski is the legislative director for Kansans for Life, a statewide pro-life group.

This is what we must do throughout the nation! Defeat every pro-MURDER candidate with a pro-life candidate! Work without ceasing! Pray without ceasing! Lives depend upon it! The nation depends upon it!