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President Barack Hussein Obama Threatens to Veto a Bill Limiting Abortions to before 20 Weeks Because the Baby Feels Pain even before It Has Been Passed in Either House! Barack Hussein Obama the Abortion President!

“God created human government. It is, therefore, inconceivable that God would create government and then tell His people to stay out of it.” ~ Pastor Adrian Rogers

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“Obama Threatens to Veto Pro-Life Bill to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks
by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 1/20/15

The White House today issued a veto threat indicating that President Barack Obama would veto a bill to ban late-term abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy because unborn children feel intense pain in abortions (Of course! He is the abortion President as well as the lawless President. He is concerned about protecting the profits of Planned MURDERHOOD and similar groups because they overwhelmingly support and contribute to the Democrat Party! If it is vetoed, it will not be overturned in Congress in the Senate because the Democrat Party owes fidelity to baby MURDERERS not to the people of the United States! He does not care how many unborn babies are MURDERED, when, or how!my addition)

The Republicans in the House of Representatives will hold a vote on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade late this month on the pro-life bill (Tomorrow January 22ndmy addition) and the Senate is expected to follow suit this Spring. Top Republicans and leading pro-life groups have been promoting the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act that bans abortions from after 20-weeks of pregnancy up to the day of birth (Since every unborn baby is alive at conception, no unborn baby should be MURDERED by government sanctioned abortion ever! It is the American holocaust and it is much worse than anything done by the Nazismany more MURDERED and much longer!my addition).

In a statement, sponsoring Congressman Trent Franks told LifeNews: ‘More than 18,000 ‘very late term’ abortions are performed every year on perfectly healthy unborn babies in America. These are innocent and defenseless children who can not only feel pain, but who can survive outside of the womb in most cases, and who are torturously killed without even basic anesthesia (They are pulled apart limb by limb and then their heads are crushed!my addition). Many of them cry and scream as they die, but because it is amniotic fluid going over their vocal cords instead of air, we don’t hear them (Sometimes they are heard according to nurses and assistants to the abortionist/MURDERER!my addition).’

SIGN THE PETITION! Congress Must Ban Abortions Because Babies Feel Intense Pain

But the White House says Obama would veto the bill.

‘The Administration strongly opposes H.R. 36, which would unacceptably restrict women’s health and reproductive rights (It has nothing to do with health of the women or with reproduction! It ends reproduction! NO ONE has the right to MURDER a person! NO ONE! Not the mother, not the father, not the family, not a doctor, and certainly not the government! It is barbaric!my addition) and is an assault on a woman’s right to choose (What right to choose? The choices are MURDER or life! No one has the right to choose MURDER!my addition). Women should be able to make their own choices about their bodies (The baby is NOT their body! The same LIES they have been sprouting for 42 years! The length of time does not change the LIE! GOD knows how evil these people are!my addition) and their health care, and Government should not inject itself into decisions best made between a woman and her doctor (When it comes to MURDER the government has the responsibility to prevent it! The MORAL and the LEGAL responsibility to stop it!my addition).

If the President were presented with this legislation, his senior advisors would recommend that he veto this bill.’

A veto of the bill, which is already state law in 10 states, would put Obama at odds with public opinion on abortion once again (It would put him at odds with GOD! That is far worse for him than public opinion! If he vetoes it, the House should impeach him! However, it will not as long as John Boehner is Speaker of the House!my addition).

A national poll by The Polling Company found that, after being informed that there is scientific evidence that unborn children are capable of feeling pain at least by 20 weeks, 64% would support a law banning abortion after 20 weeks, unless the mother’s life was in danger. Only 30% said they would oppose such a law (Only! It should be 0%! As I have said before, the mothers life is in danger is a hoax! GOD says Thou shalt not MURDER!” NotThou shalt not MURDER except for …!my addition).

A November 2014 poll from Quinnipiac found that 60 percent of Americans support legislation limiting abortions after 20 weeks, including 56 percent of Independents and 46 percent of Democrats.

During the hearing on the last bill, former abortion practitioner Anthony Levatino told members of the committee the gruesome details of his former abortion practice and how he became pro-life following the tragic automobile accident of his child.

Another bombshell dropped during the hearing came from Dr. Maureen Condic, who is Associate Professor of Neurobiology and Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Utah School of Medicine. She testified that the unborn child is capable of reacting to pain as early as 8-10 weeks. This is when most abortions in America take place (Therefore, it should be after 7 weeks and not after 20 weeks! OK. It should be abortions/MURDERERS sanctioned by the government should never occur!my addition).

The bill relies on the science of fetal pain to establish a Constitutional reason for Congress to ban abortions late in pregnancy. The science behind the concept of fetal pain is fully established and Dr. Steven Zielinski, an internal medicine physician from Oregon, is one of the leading researchers into it. He first published reports in the 1980s to validate research showing evidence for it (The Left does not care about the science of it! If they did, there would be no government sanctioned MURDERS because the science of it is that life begins at conception and that is what is taught through medical books!my addition).

He has testified before Congress that an unborn child could feel pain at ‘eight-and-a-half weeks and possibly earlier’ and that a baby before birth ‘under the right circumstances, is capable of crying (Such as being torn apart limb by limb?my addition).’

He and his colleagues Dr. Vincent J. Collins and Thomas J. Marzen were the top researchers to point to fetal pain decades ago. Collins, before his death, was Professor of Anesthesiology at Northwestern University and the University of Illinois and author of Principles of Anesthesiology, one of the leading medical texts on the control of pain.

‘The functioning neurological structures necessary to suffer pain are developed early in a child’s development in the womb,’ they wrote.

‘Functioning neurological structures necessary for pain sensation are in place as early as 8 weeks, but certainly by 13 1/2 weeks of gestation. Sensory nerves, including nociceptors, reach the skin of the fetus before the 9th week of gestation. The first detectable brain activity occurs in the thalamus between the 8th and 10th weeks. The movement of electrical impulses through the neural fibers and spinal column takes place between 8 and 9 weeks gestation. By 13 1/2 weeks, the entire sensory nervous system functions as a whole in all parts of the body,’ they continued.

With Zielinski and his colleagues the first to provide the scientific basis for the concept of fetal pain, Dr. Kanwaljeet Anand has provided further research to substantiate their work (I do not doubt it for a second! The human body is wonderfully and marvelously made by a loving, creating GOD!my addition).

One leading expert in the field of fetal pain, Dr. Kanwaljeet S. Anand at the University of Tennessee, stated in his expert report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Justice (Must have been before Attorney General Eric Holder destroyed the Department!my addition), ‘It is my opinion that the human fetus possesses the ability to experience pain from 20 weeks of gestation, if not earlier, and the pain perceived by a fetus is possibly more intense than that perceived by term newborns or older children.’

‘The neural pathways are present for pain to be experienced quite early by unborn babies,’ explains Steven Calvin, M.D., perinatologist, chair of the Program in Human Rights Medicine, University of Minnesota, where he teaches obstetrics.

Dr. Colleen A. Malloy, Assistant Professor, Division of Neonatology at Northwestern University in her testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in May 2012 said, ‘[w]hen we speak of infants at 22 weeks LMP [Note: this is 20 weeks post fertilization], for example, we no longer have to rely solely on inferences or ultrasound imagery, because such premature patients are kicking, moving, reacting, and developing right before our eyes in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.’

‘In today’s medical arena, we resuscitate patients at this age and are able to witness their ex-utero growth and development. Medical advancement and technology have enabled us to improve our ability to care for these infants … In fact, standard of care for neonatal intensive care units requires attention to and treatment of neonatal pain,’ Dr. Malloy testified. She continued, ‘[t]hus, the difference between fetal and neonatal pain is simply the locale in which the pain occurs. The receiver’s experience of the pain is the same. I could never imagine subjecting my tiny patients to horrific procedures such as those that involve limb detachment or cardiac injection (She is not a baby MURDERER!my addition).’”


Abortion is government sanctioned torture and MURDER!

Life begins at Conception!

Personhood begins with Life!

Having an abortion MURDERS a person!


Galatians 6: 7-8 (NIV)

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.”

Victory through JESUS the Christ is complete! The question is how many will join the FAMILY of GOD and how many will be lost?

Lets make 2015 a benchmark year in protecting all human life from conception to natural death. It can be done. It will not be done if we do not try, pray, work, and put our faith and trust in GOD, JESUS, and the HOLY SPIRIT and THEIR power!

Planned MURDERHOOD is the most prolific MURDER organization in our nations history! Without question! And the federal government gives it money! And the federal government gives money to worldwide organizations that MURDER unborn babies! Why are we funding MURDER?

2 Corinthians 5: 10 (NIV)

For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad.”

Romans 8: 28 (NIV)

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

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President Barack Hussein Obama: I can not bypass Congress and change the laws on my own!