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Hillary Rodham Clinton Continues Her War on Women by Supporting the Torturous Abortions of Innocent Unborn Baby Girls!

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Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

God created human government. It is, therefore, inconceivable that God would create government and then tell His people to stay out of it.” ~ Pastor Adrian Rogers


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“We’ll Be Watching You” from Empower Texans

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“Every hand you shake,
Every cent you take,
Every vow you break,
Every vote you make,
We’ll be watching you!

Every single day,
Every word you say,
Every game you play,
Every time you stray,
We’ll be watching you!

Oh, can’t you see,
You represent me?
How my wallet aches,
With every vote you make!

Every hand you shake,
Every cent you take,
Every vow you break,
Every vote you make,
We’ll be watching you!

I recall what you said during the race,
The policies you promised to embrace,
Now, it seems like you’re all over the place!
Did your values disappear without a trace?
We keep waiting, watching, hoping, please!”

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“God created human government. It is, therefore, inconceivable that God would create government and then tell His people to stay out of it.” ~ Pastor Adrian Rogers


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Hillary Clinton Slams House for Passing Bill to Protect Babies From Late-Term Abortions
Steven Ertelt | May 13, 2015 | Washington, DC

No sooner did the House of Representatives pass a bill to protect babies from late-term abortions and ban them after 20 weeks than Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton fired off a statement slamming them for doing so (She is a baby MURDERER! Has been for as long as Ive been aware of her!my addition).

The House of Representatives today approved a bill that bans abortions from after 20-weeks of pregnancy up to the day of birth. The vote for the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act broke down on mostly partisan lines with Republicans supporting the ban on late-term abortions and Democrats opposing it (Nothing unusual about that! The few Republicans who voted for the continuous murder by torture of unborn babies should be primaried and sent packing!my addition).

Should the Senate approve the bill (And they will not because they will not be able to get cloture and Mitch McConnell will not fight for it! My prediction!my addition), President Barack Obama has issued a veto threat and now Hillary Clinton has joined him in opposing the bill (Of course!my addition).

‘Politicians should not interfere with personal medical decisions (It is NOT a medical decision to MURDER your own child! These people LIE with impunity!my addition), which should be left to a woman, her family and her faith, in consultation with her doctor or health care provider (Nonsense! This is MURDER! And no one has a right to murder another human being! And she knows it! Change the age and the location of the child! Do they have a right to murder a ten month old child who is in a hospital bed? The child is alive and a person at conception! And no one has the right to murder that child! No one!my addition),’ Clinton’s senior policy adviser Maya Harris said in a statement on her behalf.

‘This bill is a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade, (GOOD!my addition) which has protected a woman’s constitutional right (There is no constitutional right to murder a child!my addition) to privacy (There is no privacy right to murder your own child! I thought she was a lawyer!my addition) for over forty years (And for 197 years before these murders were not government sanctioned! It is not a smart idea to talk about length of time!my addition),’ the Clinton campaign said. ‘The bill puts women’s health and rights at risk (Liar!my addition), undermines the role doctors play in health care decisions (It is not healthcare it is murder! Is she sick? No she is pregnant! She is in the process of bringing a new life into the world!my addition), burdens survivors of sexual assault (Burdened? Is the child guilty of the sexual assault? The rapist isnt even put to death for the crime but Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to MURDER the innocent child that resulted from the crime! The Democrats love to talk about fairness! Where is the fairness in that?my addition), and is not based on sound science (Seriously! Abortion/MURDER is a complete disregard for science! It is a biological and scientific fact that life begins at conception! It is not wise for her to try to bring science into this! But then, she is not wise! Wise people do not support MURDER! Wise people do not go against GOD!my addition).’

‘It also follows a dangerous trend we are witnessing across the country. In just the first three months of 2015, more than 300 bills have been introduced in state legislatures—on top of the nearly 30 measures introduced in Congress—that restrict access to abortion (Good! Because each of them restricts access to MURDER!my addition),’ the Clinton spokeswoman added.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton sent out a tweet opposing the late-term abortion ban and supporting Roe v. Wade (Which is unconstitutional and they know it is unconstitutional!my addition), which allowed for virtually unlimited abortions up to the day of birth in the United States.

Never mind that doctors have indicated there is no medical reason for killing unborn babies in late-term abortions (There are no medical reasons for ever murdering an unborn baby!my addition) and they are done on healthy babies for reasons of birth control. Hillary Clinton has a long history of pushing abortion, even on a global scale (She does! Her husband does! The Democrat Party does!my addition). Most recently, Hillary Clinton pushed abortion at a fundraising event in March. One year to the date after she received an award from the radical pro-abortion group Emily’s List, likely presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave the keynote address last night at a fundraiser for the organization.


Clinton’s speech came at the Emily’s List 30th Anniversary Conference and Gala in Washington, D.C. and she applauded the work of the abortion activists, who strongly support taxpayer funding of abortions and strongly oppose banning late-term abortions.

‘When I look at this room, I see leaders (Hitler was a leader too! And they have more blood on their hands than Hitler did!my addition),’ Clinton said, encouraging the pro-abortion activists gathered to redouble their efforts.

Last year, Clinton said that to be pro-woman is to be pro-abortion (Liar! How many females NEVER get to the woman stage of life because they were MURDERED in the womb? Never get to see their mom and dad! Never get to see a flower or a butterfly! Never get to ride in a car or a plane! Never get to hear about GOD and HIS son JESUS! Never get a chance to live outside of the womb!my addition). Clinton, at a pro-Braley rally, told voters in Iowa, ‘It’s not enough to be a woman, you have to be committed to expand rights and opportunities for all women.’ Because Joni Ernst (who defeated Braley) thinks unborn babies should be protected, she isn’t committed to expanding rights and opportunities for women?

National Right to Life’s Carol Tobias said in response: ‘Pro-abortion advocates like to say abortion is a woman’s issue, but only pro-abortion women should voice their opinions. Indeed, they come very close to saying it is illegitimate for a woman who is pro-life to speak on abortion. The voices of pro-life women just don’t count. The hypocrisy, or should I say the gall, of people who think you have to want to kill unborn children in order to be pro-woman is stunning (And truly EVIL! And a LIE!my addition).’

Meanwhile, Clinton launched a new partnership with the Gates Foundation, that supports abortion. The Gates Foundation operated by Bill and Melinda Gates supports abortion and the Planned Parenthood abortion business.(Yes they do! Although they try to cover it up and lie about it!my addition)

Clinton says she admires Margaret Sanger, the racist founder of the Planned Parenthood abortion business (Yes, she was!my addition).

In her role as Secretary of State Clinton pressed for abortion on an international scale. As recently as June 2012, she was upset the document the United Nations adopted at its Rio+20 conference did not promote abortion by inserting terms like ‘reproductive rights’ into he language of the text (Not content with MURDER at home, she wants MURDER to be worldwide! And she wants to be President of the United States?my addition).

A diverse group of countries rallied together with the Holy See to successfully remove any mention of reproductive rights (Leftist code for abortions/MURDERS!my addition) or population control from the final outcome document produced during the last round of UN negotiations at the Rio +20 conference. The UN Population Fund (UNFPA), along with Norway and Iceland, and Catholics for Choice and the International Planned Parenthood Federation, worked feverishly to take advantage of the Rio +20 conference on sustainable development in order to promote both an international right to abortion and population control.

However, nations like Nicaragua, Chile, Russia (Russia more righteous than the United States! I never thought I would see the day!my addition), Honduras, Syria, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Egypt all rejected the introduction of ‘reproductive rights’ into the Rio +20 outcome document.

Responding to the resounding defeat, Clinton said she was disappointed, according to a CNS News report.

‘While I am very pleased that this year’s outcome document endorses sexual and reproductive health and universal access to family planning, to reach our goals in sustainable development we also have to ensure women’s reproductive rights,’ she said. ‘Women must be empowered to make decisions about whether and when to have children. And the United States will continue the United States will continue to work to ensure that those rights are respected in international agreements (EVIL!my addition).’

Clinton personally urged Obama to veto a State Department funding bill over cuts to groups that perform and promote abortions.

In 2010, she testified before a Congressional committee where two pro-life members of Congress presented her with a long lecture on abortion and how it hurts women.

Congressmen Chris Smith, a New Jersey Republican, and Jeff Fortenberry, a Nebraska Republican, both addressed pro-life issues during the hearing.

Smith, who had frequently led the fight against abortion on an international scale, made his full remarks with Clinton sitting as the lone witness at the witness table.

‘Secretary Clinton, the most persecuted and at risk minority in the world today are unborn children,’ Smith said. ‘Pregnancy is not a disease (No it is not!my addition). The child in the womb is neither a tumor nor a parasite to be destroyed (No they are not!my addition).’

Smith said he is troubled by President Barack Obama’s decision to overturn the Mexico City Policy and open the door forcing taxpayers to fund abortions in other nations.

‘I am deeply concerned that with the elimination of the Mexico City Policy by executive order last year, NGO implementing partners may actively seek to integrate abortion with the many necessary and noble undertakings funded by the Global Health Initiative,’ he said.

‘I respectfully ask that the administration consider that for many of us, all abortion—legal or illegal—is violence against children and poses significant, often underappreciated risks to women and even to children later born to post-abortive women (She does not care! Leftists do not care!my addition),’ Smith added.”

Every abortion is MURDER! Everyone!

Sign petition to defund Planned MURDERHOOD on site:



Planned MURDERHOOD is the undisputed leader in MURDERING boys and girls in the United Statesthe American holocaust!

Every abortion is MURDER! Everyone!

The abortion/MURDER method used after 13 weeks to MURDER a baby in the womb:



Dilation and Extraction (D and E): Used after 13 weeks - The cervix is dialated and the unborn child is dismembered with plier-like forceps. Force is needed to pull the baby apart. The instrument is used to seize a leg or other part of the body and then, with a twisting motion, tear it from the babys body. The babys spine is snapped and the skull crushed. After the baby parts are removed, they are reassembled outside the womb to be sure all are removed. Frequently baby parts are left inside the mother’s womb. This can cause serious complications and sometimes death.”

After 13 weeks: The babys limbs are pulled from his/her body! His/her spine is snapped! His/her skull is crushed! And the Left complained about waterboarding prisoners of war? Are you serious!


Abortion is government sanctioned torture and MURDER!

Life begins at Conception!

Personhood begins with Life!

Having an abortion MURDERS a person!


Galatians 6: 7-8 (NIV)

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.”

Victory through JESUS the Christ is complete! The question is how many will join the FAMILY of GOD and how many will be lost?

Lets make 2015 a benchmark year in protecting all human life from conception to natural death. It can be done. It will not be done if we do not try, pray, work, and put our faith and trust in GOD, JESUS, and the HOLY SPIRIT and THEIR power!

Planned MURDERHOOD is the most prolific MURDER organization in our nations history! Without question! And the federal government gives it money! And the federal government gives money to worldwide organizations that MURDER unborn babies! Why are we funding MURDER?

2 Corinthians 5: 10 (NIV)

For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad.”

Romans 8: 28 (NIV)

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”


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