Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I feel sorry for the editorial staff of the Peoria Journal Star.  Like little children, they seem to think that if they rant and rave often enough and loud enough they will eventually convince others of the rightness of their arguments.  When their arguments are immoral and when they fly in the face of experience, that is difficult to do.  Keep ranting, keep raving.  Prayerfully we are in the process of ending the immoral direction this country has taken over the last thirty five years.  It is well past time to demand an end to immorality as our guiding principle. We must return to making decisions on the basis of GOD given morality and ethics.

This is the third, fourth, fifth, actually I’m not sure I don’t count each time, editorial bemoaning the decision of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) not to allow an abortion pill to be sold over the counter like aspirin. (11/30/05, page A4)  The emphasis of the editorial is again to follow “science” and to not be influenced by ethics and morality.  One quote from the editorial declares “The supposedly objective FDA is treading a fine line if it caves to religious lobbyists and sets itself up as the nation’s morality cop, which is well beyond its charge.”  The concept is, of course, that ethics and morality should not be considered nor should any political influence be involved.

If they actually believe that garbage, they are really naive.  If they think we believe that garbage, they believe we are really naïve.  Let’s go back to the original Supreme Court decision that permits the murder of unborn babies by the mother.  That was neither a scientific nor a medical decision.  It was pure and simply a political decision.  A political decision by nine unelected men.  I don’t think they complained about that decision being political.  I don’t think they complained about that decision being unscientific or about it being contrary to accepted medical practice.  They certainly didn’t complain about it being ethical and moral since it was neither.  But, the medical system is permeated with ethical and moral issues.            

In fact, ethics, morals, science, medicine, laws, and administrative rules and decisions can not be separated into neat little boxes that are separate and distinct from each other.  They are all intertwined permanently and indelibly.  Every state has rules, regulations, and laws starting with who will be permitted to practice medicine, what training requirements must be met, and continuing throughout the whole practice of medicine.  Ask any doctor.  Our governor has by administrative decree demanded that pharmacists distribute abortion pills if they distribute contraceptives.  That has moral and ethical ramifications just was almost all decisions of a medical and scientific nature do.  

Does not the entire editorial demonstrate the ethical and moral values of the editorial writers?  What are their ethical and moral values?  Why don’t they believe there is a problem with 11 year old girls using an abortion pill?  Would they readily give their own 11 year old girl an abortion pill?  If they would not, why should the 11 girls of other parents have access to such pills against the wishes of the parents?  If they would, >>>>>>>>?  Think about that!!!    


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