Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sunday in the Peoria Journal Star the following headline was at the top of page A10, “Pennsylvania teens’ relationship was closely guarded secret.”  The article dealt with the tragic circumstances that resulted in the death of the parents of a 14 year old girl.  The supposed secret, 18 year old boyfriend of the 14 year old girl has been accused of murdering her parents.

As I have said, I vehemently believe in the concept of an individual being innocent until proven guilty.  This is true for this accused 18 year old as well as anyone else.  Also, I do not know if what is reported in the article is true or not.  I am using what is reported but, of course, I can not verify that what was reported is true.

Here is some of the information given in the story.  The 14 year old girl and the 18 year old adult male met in August and were secretly getting together contrary to the wishes of the girl’s parents.  According to a friend of the male, according to the story, it was a sexual relationship.  The parents were shot by the 18 year old male according to the police.  The male then kidnapped the 14 year old girl and was captured the next day.  The male’s lawyer is arguing that there was no kidnapping which, if true, would seem to indicate that the 14 year old female left willingly after her parents were murdered.  It seems apparent that murder was involved.  One parent killed may have been accidental or, at least, not premeditated.  Both parents killed would seem to indicate that at least one of the killings was a premeditated murder.

Here is a quote from the story from a friend of the girl’s family who also knows the male’s mother.  “They were good kids and they were brought up very well.  What I see is; they just made some bad choices.”  Repeat that please, “… they just made some bad choices.”  If the information in the article is true that may be the understatement of the century.  If true, those “bad choices” include disobeying the parents of the 14 year old girl, having sexual relations when one person is a 14 year old minor and one is an adult—in most states that is a felony.  The “bad choices” continue with at least one murder and quite possibly two murders.  The other “bad choices” are followed by either a kidnapping or running away together.  “Bad choices,” indeed!

Could this be a whole series of selfish, self centered choices?  I’m 14; I know better than my parents what’s right for me.  I can’t wait four years, I’m in love!  I’m old enough at 14 to have intercourse with whomever I want!  I don’t care if she’s 14, I can have intercourse with whomever I want.  If I don’t get what I want, I’ll just remove the obstacles—that will solve the problem!  I want this!  I should have this!  I deserve this!  Isn’t that the new add slogan?  “You deserve ___________ (whatever it is that you want—fill in the blank).”  The “I” world almost inevitably leads to the sin world!                  


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