Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I was not planning on writing on this but I just have to.  This letter is so indicative of the mind set of the libertines in this country.  Actually, there were two letters that were asininely ridiculous but I’m only going to quote the shorter of the two.

This letter was in Time (November 28, 2005) which I received today.  In my defense, I do not personally subscript to Time.  Someone in the 1990’s anonymously subscripted for me.  The subscription runs out next year and I’m certainly not going to renew it.  Time is one of the many libertine, biased publications of the mass media.    

Here is the letter in its entirety.  The writer is from California.  “Libby’s indictment points to the arrogant and ruthless behavior of the people the President values as loyal public servants.  It makes little difference whether Libby is found guilty.  He is emblematic of a culture of deceit.  Americans deserve better.”

Libby, of course, was an advisor for Vice President Cheney.  He was investigated along with others of possibly illegally identifying a CIA agent.  Here are the facts at the present time.  He has been the only one indicted so far from the administration in relation to that supposed leak of identity.  He was not indicted for leaking the identity.  (He was indicted for lying to the grand jury and obstruction of justice, if I remember correctly.  I didn’t actually go back and check and, of course, I have not read the actual indictment.)

This is how the letter writer has interpreted the situation.  He categorically knows (How; he doesn’t say.) that the people (not just Libby—his alleged actions are symbolic for the entire administration) of the President’s administration are arrogant and ruthless.  He knows this because of the indictment.  He doesn’t need the silly, little requirement of Libby actually being found guilty of any illegal act.  An indictment of one individual is sufficient to prove the corruption of the entire Administration.  Why?  Because he knows the Administration is ruthless and arrogant.  He knows the Administration is a “culture of deceit.”  How?  Because Libby was indicted.  Indicted although not yet found guilty.  Being found guilty doesn’t matter!  In his thinking (or lack thereof), an indictment of one individual is sufficient to prove the corruption of a whole administration.  Please!!!  

While I was a member of a school board, one of our male teachers was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with a couple of male students.  By the reasoning of the letter writer, the entire school board is therefore corrupt and guilty of inappropriate sexual misconduct with students.  How utterly preposterous!!!  

This is not guilty by association with a criminal.  This is mass guilt by one indictment.  It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so irrational and if he wasn’t serious about what he wrote.      


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