Sunday, November 13, 2005

On my October 31, 2005 post entitled Evolution and God (part 2) I was asked, “Where can I find more information?”  After making inquires, I have the following suggested list.  I have not been able to check all these out personally but I have confidence in the people who suggested these references.  (I checked this briefly.  I started at “decisive designs” which presents numerous articles with each covering just one part of GOD’S design.  I checked out the one on human skin.  I am amazed at how HE has designed us!)  (I heard John Clayton, the main force behind this, speak at the University of Arizona.  He was an atheist who after studying science became a Christian.)    

The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel  (This was recommended in the comment section by Lee Keele.  I intended to check this out but circumstances prevented it.)

Darwin on Trial by Intervarsity Press, 1991

Evolution and Faith by J.D. Thomas

The Evolution of Man Scientifically Disproved by William A. Williams

(If this is not sufficient, I can always send out more requests for sources.)

This Peoria Journal Star headline is not misleading.  It is an untrue headline!  This is the headline: “Dark day for GOP.” (10/10/05, page A3)  The elections covered in the article included all of the following.  The Democratic governor candidates in both New Jersey and Virginia won.  The State of Maine, it seems in an initiative vote—the article didn’t say, “… voted to preserve the state’s new gay-rights law.”  That is, the law had previously been approved by the legislature.  The mayor of Detroit was reelected.  The article did not give the political affiliation of the candidates in the Detroit election.  However, in some city elections one can not run under a party label—I don’t know if that is true or not for Detroit.  Given that Detroit is a large, urban Michigan city; the mayor is probably a Democrat whether or not he is listed as such.

In contrast, the GOP mayor of New York City easily won reelection in a predominately Democratic city.  “Texas voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional ban on gay marriage.”  This becomes a new amendment to the Texas Constitution and the vote is not surprising given the conservative nature of Texas
voters.  Finally, a Republican won the election for mayor of San Diego.  (I am guessing it was for the mayor’s office but the article doesn’t actually say what office it was for.  Isn’t that a strange way to report the news—not identify the office involved in the election?)      

According to the same article, the Governor’s office in both New Jersey and Virginia were won by the Democrats in
2001.  Therefore, they did not win a new office but maintained control of the offices that they controlled after the 2001 election.  The article did not say which candidates would win the election according to the mass media’s vaulted public opinion polls.  My guess is that the polls had predicted the Democratic victories or the article would have mentioned that the win was contrary to the polls.  (That’s my guess.  Since the article does not say, one can’t actually know unless they were following the campaign.)

Here then are the actual facts as actually given in the article.  The Democrats controlled the governorships of New Jersey and Virginia after the 2001 election.  The Democrats continued their control of the governorships after this election.  They did not gain any additional offices as far as the head of state government is concerned.  The mayor of Detroit won reelection.  His party affiliation is not given but he is probably a Democrat.  The voters of Maine confirmed an existing law.  

The Republican mayor of New York City was reelected and a Republican won in San Diego—the article did not say which party controlled the mayor’s office before the election.  Texas banned the marriage of homosexuals.

So, to any rational thinking individual, where is the “Dark day for GOP???”  The logical conclusion to be drawn from the results of the elections covered in the story is that the status quo was maintained.  How in the world can the maintaining of the status quo be defined as a “Dark day for the GOP?”  Who writes these headlines?”  Kindergarten students!  Either that, or they are  people who don’t think we are bright enough to actually read a news story and draw our own conclusions.  

The mangers of the Peoria Journal Star should be ashamed of themselves for such a biased, lying headline!  The owner of the newspaper should be ashamed of himself for having such biased people on staff!        



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