Friday, December 09, 2005

I probably could not have definitively told anyone what a Grammy Award was until I read the article in the Peoria Journal Star (12/09/05, page B5) today and my memory was refreshed.  It seems that Barack Obama, the junior senator from Illinois who was first elected in 2004, has been nominated for one for “Best Spoken Word Album.”  The article also listed the other nominees.  The only other political name I recognized was libertine Al Franken who is not an elected official but a libertine personality.

The story further stated that two other politicians have previously own a Grammy Award for “Best Spoken Word Album.”  Any guess as to who those two previous winners are?  Here is a real surprise.  The first is Hillary “We are the President” Clinton in 1997.  And the second political winner?  Another shocking selection!  Why, it was former President Clinton.  Talent must run in the family.  Do you think maybe the liberal bias of the entertainment world might be apparent in the selection of the nominees and the winners?



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