Thursday, January 26, 2006

Supreme Court nominee Judge Sam Alito has been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee by a straight party vote.  The ten Republican members of the committee voted for his confirmation while the eight Democratic members of the committee voted to oppose the appointment.  As I predicted (twice), Illinois Senator Barack Obama has joined Illinois Senator Dick Durbin in saying that he will vote against the nomination on the Senate floor.

This is a quote from an article in the Peoria Journal Star on January 25, 2006, page A6.  “’Yet in examining Judge Alito’s many decisions, I have seen extraordinarily consistent support of the powerful against the powerless, for the employer against the employee, for the president against the Congress and the judiciary, and for an overreaching government against individual rights and liberties.’ Obama said.”

Of course, this is Senator Obama’s expressed opinion.  It may or may not be the truth of the matter.  One must always remember that this is from an individual who like Senator Durbin believes that a mother has the “right” to murder her unborn child.  When he speaks of individual rights and liberties, he is speaking of the “right” and “liberty” to MURDER!  How utterly and completely sinful!  How utterly and completely obscene!  How utterly and completely depraved!

What is conspicuously missing from the quote and missing in the entire article is any mention of actually following the United States Constitution as written.  That is the major problem with the libertine Democrats.  They believe that the Court should be a policy making body.  Of course, they only believe that when they have a majority on the Court.  Now that they are losing their majority, they will do anything to try to get it back.  Be prepared for campaigns filled with lies, half truths, and statements that demonstrate they believe the voting public is gullible idiots—because they do!

Praise be to the LORD!  Pray that the murder of the unborn ends!

Do not stop now!  Rely on the LORD’S power and majesty!  Praise be to the LORD!  



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