Saturday, May 20, 2006

The problem with the proposal by President Bush is that it rewards criminals living in this country.  The rewarding of criminals for past actions is paving the way for more illegals to come into this country.  Years later, the politicians will again provide a method for the criminals to stay.

There are thousands of skilled people in the world that are not criminals who would quickly accept such a proposal as this to live in the United States of America.  How does one reconcile this discrimination?  Our elected politicians continue to ignore the responsibility of managing the government.

Placing military on the border is a good start.

What about a medical checkup?  According to the news, we have increased diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, etc. which has been attributed to people from other countries.

I do support a “temporary worker” plan which congress should have put in place fifty years ago.  However, all illegals should be returned to the home country.

I believe that people from many countries come across our borders.  I have been involved in mission work in the Bahamas for the past fourteen years.  There are many Haitians (legal and illegal) living in the Bahamas.  Periodically, the government captures illegal aliens and returns them to Haiti.  I have talked with Haitians who tell me of their future plans of going to Mexico so they can easily cross the border into the United States.  They feel that is safer than the more common method of being dumped in the Florida surf hoping to make it ashore.

What about the Northern Border?  Canada has an open immigration policy which makes it easy for terrorists and criminals to come into their country.  Therefore, it is not difficult for them to cross the border into the Unites States.

The “illegal aliens” in our country are a problem and our federal government refuses to act.

Their method of solving the problem is changing the law to match the situation.  Children know how to do that.  Adults are supposed to stand up and do the right thing to protect the United States of America.

Frank Sarver


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