Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Under normal circumstances, I support free trade.  Under normal circumstances, I support open immigration.  We are a nation of immigrants.  My grandparents on my mother’s side immigrated to the United States.  However, these are not normal times.  We are at war with terrorists and they want to destroy us.

I also support the laws of the United States when they do not violate GOD’S commands and will.  An illegal immigrant is any immigrant who came into this country in violation of our immigration laws.  

They may not like those laws.  Some citizens of this nation may not like them.  However, they are the governing rules passed by freely elected members of Congress and approved by the President of the United States.  They are the laws of the land in relation to immigration.  Immigrants do not have the right to rewrite the laws by illegally entering and staying in the United States.

A hot-button issue is immigration.  Illegal immigrants are demanding changes.  On the front page of the Peoria Journal Star today (5/2/06) is a picture of a sign declaring “We are WORKERS Not CRIMINALS!”  WRONG!  WRONG!  WRONG!  By definition, if they crossed over into this country illegally, they may be workers but they are also criminals.  

Another sign (page A6, Peoria Journal Star, 5/2/06) proclaimed “No human should be ILLEGAL!”  And they are not.  Being a human does not make one illegal.  However, actions taken by that human are sometimes illegal.  A human who murders another human has probably violated a law.  The human isn’t illegal; the action taken by the human is illegal.  The human who crosses our border illegally has violated our laws.  It has nothing to do with him being human.  Such nonsense demonstrates the ignorance of their position on the issue.

One proposal being discussed is to establish a method to allow illegal immigrants to obtain citizenship.  What utter drivel!!!
The proposal would reward people who deliberately and knowingly violated our laws.  (In some other countries such violations would more likely get the people shot rather than reward them with citizenship.)  

If this proposal becomes law, one situation is almost certain to occur.  More illegal immigrants will come to the United States hoping to achieve the same results.  Government should not reward illegal acts!!!

It is similar to the following scenario.  A home owner does not lock his doors or windows.  An individual walks into the owner’s home, takes a few things as his own, washes the dishes, and hides in the attic for a period of time.  After awhile, he leaves the house.  Later, he returns.  He takes a few more things, washes the dishes, and again hides in the attic.  

This goes on for a few years and then one day he hears the home owner suggest to his family that the family should begin to lock all doors and windows.  Upset, the home invader begins to picket the home owner and his family.  He declares that the home owner is unfair, prejudice, and not treating him properly.  

Soon after, he knocks on the owner’s front door.  He announces to the home owner and his family that he has decided to live permanently in one of the rooms.  He has a court order which allows him to do so.  Of course, the home owner graciously allows him to take up permanent residency in his home since he has been unofficially living there for some time and now he has government approval for the arrangement.  

Makes sense to me!  NOT!!!



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