Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yesterday (4/25/06), I posted a list of suggested readings as provided in the book The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel.  Lee Strobel is not and does not pretend to be a scientist.  According to the book, he was an atheist who had been a newspaper reporter and who has a law degree.  

One of the arguments proclaimed in the evolution-intelligent design (My position is that the intelligent design can only be from GOD.) debate is that no reputable scientist supports the argument that the universe and all that is within is the result of intelligent design.  (Of course, the people who argue this define a reputable scientist as one who supports evolution.)  My belief is that Christians should not “fear” any true scientific study.  Since GOD is the first and greatest scientist as creator of the universe, all truly accurate scientific research must point to GOD as the CREATOR.

In the book, Lee Strobel discusses eight interviews he had with individuals who all have at least one PHD with scientific training.  He interviewed one individual twice and one interview was with two individuals at one time.

He gives the academic training of each of the eight individuals.  For my purposes, I will briefly highlight three of these individuals.  The conclusion that must be reached is that it is absolutely incorrect to declare that no reputable scientist supports the concept of intelligent design.

Stephen C. Meyer has degrees in physics and geology.  He has a “master’s degree in the history and philosophy of science” from Cambridge University focusing “on the history of molecular biology, the history of physics, and evolutionary theory.”  He also earned his PHD from Cambridge University.  “… His dissertation analyzed the scientific and methodological issues in origin-of-life biology….” (Page 71)

Guillermo Gonzalez graduated summa cum laude from the University of Arizona with degrees in both astronomy and physics.  (I selected him as one of the three because I am from Tucson and attended the University of Arizona—astronomy is an important and prestigious department within the university.)  “… He later earned his master’s degree and doctorate in astronomy from the University of Washington at Seattle.  Now an assistant professor at Iowa State University, his research centers on low and intermediate mass stars and theories about stellar and planetary evolution.”  (Page 159)

Michael J. Behe “received a degree in chemistry with honors from Drexel University and a doctorate in biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania.  After post-doctorate research at the University of Pennsylvania and the National Institutes of Health, he joined Lehigh’s faculty in 1985.”  (Page 195)

Are there reputable scientists who support the concept of intelligent design?  Yes.  Are there reputable scientists who support the concept of evolution?  Yes.  However, only one or the other concept is correct (or they are both wrong).  The Bible declares that GOD created all things from the universe to man.  I have no doubt that HE did.  All true science declares the same thing.  The ORIGINAL SCIENTIST—GOD—is the CREATOR of all things!!!      


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