Friday, June 23, 2006

Evolution, today's alchemy

At one time, some people believed that common metals such as iron could be turned into silver and/or gold.  The belief was said to have originated in ancient Egypt.  It was continued to be believed by some and was believed by some at least through the Middle Ages.  If true, it would be of great benefit to those who could accomplish the feat.  Gold, since it was rare compared to other commodities, was worth much more than the common metals.  Turning common metal into gold meant the possibility of great wealth.  Today, of course, we know that scientifically no metal can be transformed into gold.

The question then is this: How did all the different chemical elements that we know of today come into existence?  My dictionary lists 106 different chemical elements.  It has been awhile since I had a chemistry class.  However, if I remember correctly, each one is distinct and different.  The correct mixture of hydrogen and oxygen produces water.  But, hydrogen just is.  Oxygen just is.  So, where did they come from?  Did they evolve from something else?

But wait.  The chemical elements can be broken down into atoms.
Atoms can be broken down into_______.  No need for a chemistry lesson that I’m not qualified to teach.  The point is: Something had to exist to lead to something else to lead to something else.  These things are not simple one cell organisms.  In fact, simple one cell organisms are not simple one cell organisms.  

So, where did the first something come from and how did it go from step A to step B to step C?  Evolutionists attempt to explain the many different and varied life forms by evolution over billions of years.  But, no matter how they attempt to explain the theorized process they always have one problem that they can’t explain.  Where did the original matter come from?  

How did we get 106 different chemical elements?  How did we get the first atom?  How did we get the first nucleus?  Where did we get the first proton?  Where did we get the first neutron?  Wait!!!   Not just one.  Rather, so many that you and I couldn’t possibly fathom the number.

I know.  One original something evolved into an uncountable hoard and then they just magically got together in just the right combinations to produce 106 chemical elements.  Do you actually believe such absolute nonsense?  Yet, evolutionary scientists expect you to.        

Evolutionists ridicule the concept of a creator.  They point out that ancient societies had different and sometimes comical explanations of how the universe was created.  However, they ignore the obvious.  Right or wrong in relation to their explanation; one constant was present in each explanation.  The societies were smart enough to come to this conclusion.  The universe was created.  They knew the obvious.  It had to be.  Scientifically, you can’t get something from nothing.  The universe is too complex not to have been created.  These societies knew this basis truth even though they had no concept of how complex the universe really is.

Ask any evolutionist: “Where did the first matter come from?”  The honest ones will tell you that they don’t know.  Some will hedge and say we don’t know yet.  The truth is: They will never know scientifically.  They will only understand and know when they admit the following:



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