Saturday, June 10, 2006

“Atencion: (Isn’t that cute?—my addition) U.S. can’t deport 11 million immigrants” reads the headline for an editorial by the editorial writers of the Peoria Journal Star. (March 31, 2006, page A4)  “First, anyone believe we can round up 11 million people and deport or imprison them at a reasonable cost?” (Peoria Journal Star, March 31, 2006, page A4) This fallacious argument is another argument used to justify granting citizenship to illegal immigrants.

The gist of the argument is this: We have not enforced our laws in relation to illegal immigration for so long that it is now impossible to realistically enforce our immigration laws.  What!

What if we said the same thing about our laws against murder?  We have so many people who have gotten away with murder that we should just forget about all the murders that have happened in the past and concentrate on murders that will happen in the future.  Isn’t that a ridiculous argument?  And so is the argument of not being able to rid the country of illegals!

First, even if it were impossible to remove even one illegal immigrant from the country, why does that lead to granting citizenship to them?  Quite simply, it does not!!!  Granting citizenship rewards people who have deliberately and knowingly violated our laws!

Furthermore, we don’t have to deport or imprison all 11 million of them.  Why are they in this country illegally?  They are here to earn money, one way or another, and in many instances to send some of that money back to their original country and their families.  If we would actually enforce our laws and increase the penalties that penalize employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants those illegal immigrants who can’t find work would most likely leave the country.  In short, if they don’t have jobs they don’t have any reason for staying.  Also, we should not allow illegally obtained money to be sent out of the country.  Dry up the job market for illegal immigrants and stop the deportation of money to other countries along with selective imprisonment for the worst offenders, it doesn’t have to be everyone but there has to be a reasonable possibility that one could be imprisoned, and many (of course not all) will leave and not return.  Illegal immigrants come to the country and stay in the country because the risks are far less than they should be.  Exponentially increase the risks and the number will decrease.

This also must be pointed out.  Live in Arizona for awhile and you should soon learn that the Mexican government encourages their citizens to enter the United States illegally.  The Mexican government does this for at least two reasons.  It helps to decrease unemployment in Mexico (11 million illegal immigrants in the United States means ??? million Mexican citizens who don’t have to be employed in Mexico).  Also, some of these illegal immigrants send money back to families in Mexico.  

“Mexico’s economy, society and political system are built around the assumption that migration and amnesties for undocumented (illegal—my translation) migrants will continue—and that the $20 billion (That’s billion with a B—my addition and my underlines) they send home every year will keep coming, and almost certainly grow.

In fact, the government is counting on continued cash from a Mexican-born U.S. population it predicts will rise from 11 million to between 17.9 million and 20.4 million by 2030.

‘There have been amnesties and reforms before, and they will continue to occur periodically,’ said Jesus Cervantes, director of statistics for Mexico’s Central Bank.

President Vicente Fox is one of many Mexicans who consider the (illegal—my addition) migrants ‘heroes,’ because they send money to their impoverished home villages, and in some cases risk death walking into America in the pitiless desert sun.

Many families give their babies ‘America’ names, figuring it will help them fit in when they make the inevitable (my underline) trip north.  In one central Mexican village, men on a dusty side road knowingly discuss which Long Island towns are best for day-labor work.

Cervantes avoids using the common metaphor of migration as an escape valve for Mexico’s social tensions, but says the country would be in trouble if 11 million (illegal—my addition) migrants returned en masse.” (Peoria Journal Star, April 24, 2006, page A9)

Reread that quote again!!!  Reread it a third time.  Please tell me how granting citizenship to illegal immigrants is going to be beneficial to the United States!!!

“Immigration reform

Highlights of immigration and border security bills passed by the Senate (my underline):

  • Allows illegal immigrants who have been in the country five years or more to remain, continue working and eventually become legal permanent residents and citizens after paying at least $3,250 in fines and fees and back taxes and learning English.

  • Requires illegal immigrants in the U.S. between two and five years to go to a point of entry at the border and file an application to return.

  • Requires those in the country less than two years to leave.”  (Peoria Journal Star, May 26, 2006, page A10)

“This plan (the Senate Immigration Reform bill—my addition), which is a huge incentive for the sort of traffic in fraudulent documents that is already pandemic, is to be enforced by a government that will not or cannot enforce existing immigration laws.” (George Will, Peoria Journal Star, June 1, 2006, page A4)

“’You can see how it has the earmarks of a political compromise,’ former Immigration and Naturalization Service Director Doris Meissner told NPR, ‘but from an implementation standpoint, it’s essentially unworkable.’ (my underline)

Almost by definition, illegal immigrants don’t create a paper trail when they come into the country.  Hence, proving how long they’ve resided here presents a real challenge.  It also creates massive opportunities for fraud and opens the door to a truly extreme bureaucratic expansion where immigration officials will have to study everything from ATM receipts to soccer team photos to figure out how long each immigrant has been here.  The extreme liberal position of blanket amnesty and the extreme conservative position of blanket enforcement both make a lot more sense intellectually and practically.” (Jonah Goldberg, Peoria Journal Star, June 4, 2006, page A4)

If you were an illegal immigrant who has been in the United States for less than two years, would you pack up and leave the country because the new Senate Immigration Reform bill requires you to leave the country?  Why?  You came in illegally in the first place.  Why do you care if the bill requires you to leave?  The Senate bill can only cause more difficulties than we now have.  And most importantly, it will encourage more people to illegally come to the United States hoping that at some point in the future they too will have an opportunity to become United States citizens.  The Senate needs to wake up or we need to wake them up!!!


(to be continued)


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