Sunday, June 18, 2006

I keep coming back to the immigration issue and for good reason.  The attempt of the Senate to grant citizenship to those who have deliberately and knowingly violated our laws is a continuation of a major change in how we perceive the rule of law in this country.  It rewards people who mocked our laws.  It conveys the message to those who attempt to gain citizenship as required by law that their efforts were of little benefit.  All they really had to do was to enter our nation illegally and they would have received citizenship anyway.  It scoffs at the responsible action and rewards irresponsible and illegal behavior.  

Individuals including libertine Democrats and the editorial staff of the Peoria Journal Star who were so insistent on the rule of law in the Terry Schiavo “death by starvation” case are suddenly silent about the rule of law in this situation.  It seems the rule of law is only relevant when it seems to serve their direct purpose.  It seems to be a continuation of their ever present philosophy of “many truths” and they are allowed to pick and choose the particular “truth” of the moment that suits their agenda.  The rule of law is only relevant when it suits their purpose.  Otherwise, they seem to have no problem rewarding those who deliberately violate our laws.

The other night, I was channel surfing.  I stopped at a C-SPAN2 program.  (It may have been C-SPAN—I’m not certain.)  Former California Governor (1991-1999) Pete Wilson who is a Republican was giving a speech at The Hudson Institute.  The speech was in relation to the present immigrant bill that was just passed by the Senate.

By federal mandate and court decisions, States have been required to educate the children of illegal immigrants, provide free medical care to illegal immigrants, provide free social services to illegal immigrants, and, of course, to cover the cost of incarcerating illegal immigrants when they violate State law.  In 1994, California citizens by a 59% vote passed Proposition 187.  Proposition 187 was intended to reverse the above mandates.  It declared that California should not provide free education, medical care, and social services for illegal immigrants.  

Naturally, the libertines challenged the legality of Proposition 187 in court.  The result was that the Proposition was not enforced and California, as well as other States, continues to shoulder the burden for the increased costs necessitated by the growing illegal immigration population.  Of course, changing the status of illegal immigrants to legal citizens will not suddenly end the problem.  More likely, the costs associated with illegal immigration will continue to increase as the dream of citizenship will actually encourage more illegal immigration not decrease it.    

Pete Wilson also stated that when he was Governor one in every five members of the California prison population were illegal immigrants.  These were individuals who were imprisoned for violating California laws not because they were illegal immigrants.  Being an illegal immigrant is a violation of federal law.  Today, he said that one in four of California’s imprisoned inmates are illegal immigrants.
He also pointed out a changing pattern in illegal immigration.  In the past, most illegal immigrants were adult males.  Adult males are still the largest single percentage of illegal immigrants—48%.  However, more illegal immigrants are composed of women and children than in the past.  According to Mr. Wilson, for every illegal woman immigrant who has one child who was born in her native country; once living illegally in the United States, she will have two children here who by Constitutional Amendment automatically become United States Citizens.  (I did not take notes while watching Pete Wilson’s speech.  I believe the information given is essentially and conceptually correct although it may not be specifically correct.  For example, the percentage of male illegal immigrants might actually be 49% instead of 48%.)

It should be apparent that the United States must stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States.  It is just as apparent to me and I believe a majority of our citizens that the government should not, must not reward illegal immigrants who violated our law with American citizenship.  It has been stated before that illegals have come to expect amnesty and expect it to continue in the future.  Granting American citizenship to illegal immigrants will reinforce that view.  More illegals will attempt to enter the country if citizenship is granted as a reward for illegal acts.  Granting citizenship is wrong, wrong, wrong and will be counterproductive in the future.  The Senate needs to wake up to reality and end this nonsensical concept of rewarding illegal behavior!!!



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